By: Brandon T. Ward

Without a doubt, we are living through some of the most difficult times in the history of our planet. Not just a single country but the entire world is gripped by the economic collapse that has yet to crest.

The governments and media of the world continue to tell the masses that things will be ok. We’re told over and over that unemployment will take a turn and we’ll see jobs coming back. Yet unemployment continues to climb at an alarming rate. We are told the recession is over by the Federal Reserve, yet sales for 2009 were at their worst level on record, foreclosures also set records for 2009. Why? Because the jobs are not coming back!

Since mid to late 2007 world events have taken a major shift, especially for the United States. It was unthinkable that this country would have something known as a “bailout.” (The words of II Timothy 3:1-7 truly come to life now more than ever.) Now this word is commonplace. Our country has taken the path toward socialism. The blame can’t solely be placed on Barack Obama and the Democrats. Obama is just continuing the same moves George Bush and the Republicans made. This is a game played by people on a higher level, a game played by people behind the curtain…

It’s now common to hear the phrase New World Order or Global Government from the mouths of world leaders. The European Union’s new president Herman Van Rompuy called 2009 “the first year of global governance.” World leaders call for nations to join this new global government (or financial order) to pull the world from the financial apocalyptic scenario it now faces. World leaders continue to try and sell the falicy of man-made climate change as another way to unite the world as one. We saw this recently as leaders met in Copenhagen just last month. Whether or not you believe the world is headed for global governance is irrelevant because they believe it, and they are the ones in control.

So how can we come to understand the events of today? We can turn to the Lord and ask him for wisdom and understanding, times like these reinforce this thought. The book of Revelation tells us about a Global Government before the end of this age. Come to realize we are, in fact, approaching that hour…

How can we come to understand that the events of today are in fact spelling out the end of this age and the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ? By reading with understanding the letter God has sent you, the Bible. In Matthew 24, Jesus tells us about the events that will consummate the end of this age which precede His coming. In verse 32 he teaches a parable, “the parable of the fig tree.” It is by this parable we can come to understand that we are in that final generation. This generation started on May 15th, 1948 with the planting of Israel once again as a nation. The first time in nearly 2,500 years, since the captivity of the tribe of Judah. (We will be covering this topic in depth in the future.)

So what can you do about the events of today? Talk to your friends and family about what is going on in the world. Make sure you are stocked up on food, water and other essentials in case of any catastrophic emergency. You should always have at least a couple weeks worth of these items in case of any emergency. Maybe you’re not up to date on the situations of the world. Take a look around the site and educate yourself and your friends.


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