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Month: May 2010

The Issue of “Illegal” Immigration… Part 1

By: Brandon T. Ward

Let’s talk about immigration, or better yet “illegal” immigration. First let’s define the two.

Immigration: The process of entering the country by means of the legal system, following the laws that are in place.

Illegal” Immigration: Breaking the law, bypassing the legal system and entering the country without permission.

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Come to the Father

Come to the Father - Sunset over the Ocean

By: Brandon T. Ward

For many, it’s very difficult to seek out God, come to know Him and learn about His Word. Why is that? In today’s society we are distracted from the Bible. It’s not at the forefront of our minds and we often forget about God until we need Him in our lives… We have TVs in every room, computers, video games, iPhones, social networking to do and shows to watch. If you’re a parent, there are the kids to teach and support. In today’s world many families have two working parents which makes spending time with each other very difficult.

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State of the Union – Written about 3500 Years Ago

By: Brian McCurdy

For a snapshot of where our nation is at and headed, read the curses of Deuteronomy 28:15-68. We’ve brought these upon ourselves. See how these line up with our current state of affairs…
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A Nation Out of Control

By: Brandon T. Ward

By now everyone has heard about the attempted car bombing in New York City. And once again we are seeing a push by “Big Brother” to try and take away more of our freedoms under the guise of “security.” New York officials are already planning on expanding their enormous camera project in an attempt to catch the bad guys in the act…

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