The Obama Administration is not only giving $27 million of your tax dollars to the Syrian rebels, they are acknowledging this “council” as the “legitimate representatives” of Syria. This is absolute forced regime change.

RT reports, 

The Syrian Opposition Council’s offices in the US will become formal diplomatic missions after receiving approval from the Obama administration on Monday. This comes ahead of high-level talks between the US and opposition leaders in Washington.

The administration first recognized the Syrian Opposition Council as the legitimate representative of Syria in December 2012, but did not suspend the Syrian embassy – representing the Assad government – until this March. The opposition offices were considered informal liaison offices until Monday’s announcement, where they will become “foreign diplomatic missions” under US law, the Associated Press reports. 

Additionally, the above report from RT says the United States has given $278 million dollars to the foreign rebels in Syria.

While the US supports the side of the “opposition” in Syria, Russia continues their support of Syria. Ria Novosti reports the following,

Russia plans to send the initial batch of the Yakovlev Yak-130 jet trainers to Syria until the end of 2014, with further plans to fully complete the contract for 36 aircraft in 2016, the Kommersant newspaper wrote Monday, citing a source close to Russian arms exporter Rosoboronexport.

Damascus will receive nine aircraft until the end of this year, and in the next two years – 12 and 15 respectively, according to the informant.

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