WEB Notes: Are you scared yet? That is the goal of the constant media coverage of this event. Now the CDC says if you have been in contact with someone with Ebola they are going to take you away. And how will they find out before you have been in contact with others? This is one of the most absurd policies I have ever heard. More fear tactics and the populace falls for it each time. If there was a true concern to stop the spread of disease not just Ebola our southern border would have been closed a long time ago. 

CDC Expands Ebola Risk Factors For Forcible Quarantine 
(Source: Infowars) – The Centers for Disease Control has expanded the list of risk factors for Ebola that increase the federal agency’s power to forcibly quarantine individuals suspected of being exposed to the virus.

Under the new guidelines, issued on Monday, individuals are subject to “movement restrictions” if they have briefly been in the vicinity of an Ebola victim.

Previously the CDC outlined how, “Brief interactions, such as walking by a person or moving through a hospital, do not constitute close contact.” However, the new guidelines state that “brief proximity,” or “being in the same room for a brief period of time” with an Ebola victim now constitutes enough of a risk factor for consideration of mandatory quarantine. – Read More – Infowars

WEB Notes: Where is the common sense? Again if there is a true risk of exposure simply do not allow those flights into this nation. What good is quarantining someone going to be after they have been on a plane for hours on end with all of the other passengers? This is insane. I suppose California will quarantine the one person and the CDC will quarantine the rest of the passengers who had “brief exposure.” Now where will these individuals be taken if such measures are acted upon? Any ideas…

California issues quarantine policy for Ebola exposure
(Source: LA Times) – Anyone arriving in California from an Ebola-affected area and who has had personal contact with a person infected with the deadly virus will be quarantined for 21 days, according to an order issued Wednesday by the state’s public health director.

The order provides a more nuanced set of guidelines to assess the risk associated with people returning from regions afflicted by an Ebola outbreak — currently Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea — than the controversial blanket quarantines in New Jersey, New York and Maine.

In California, county health officials will have the ability to screen passengers arriving from Ebola-stricken regions in West Africa, or who have worked with infected patients, to determine if they’re at risk for the disease and if they should be quarantined for the virus’ three-week incubation period. – Read More – LA Times


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