WEB Notes: The “touching” commercial shows two men with a baby. Now what is wrong with this picture people? The last time I checked it took a man and a woman to make one of those little babies. This in itself should define for everyone what a family consists of. Two woman or two men cannot make a baby, period. I know this is not news to most of you, but apparently it is for some people.

Source: OUT | The touching commercial directed by award-winning filmmaker Dustin Lance Black depicts gay, lesbian, and biracial families, and follows in the footsteps of last December’s “Norman Rockwell family” campaign, which reimagined some of the painter’s masterpieces with more diverse subjects.

The new ad will air on television next week, and will be part of a three months campaign during which 10 real families will be filmed in series of “docu-shorts,” all to be housed on a microsite, HowWeFamily.com.

According to Ad Age, actress Gabrielle Union and psychiatrist and columnist Gail Saltz will serve as spokeswomen for the program. Manoj Raghunandanan, senior director of marketing for J&J’s McNeil Consumer Healthcare, expressed pride in the brand’s move to push the movement. – Read More – OUT

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