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Date: October 3, 2015

Obama Administration and UN Announce Global Police Force to Fight ‘Extremism’ In U.S.

WEB Notes: More one worldism front and center. This is a major escalation.

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Our Confusing World: The Theater at Hand

By: Brandon T. Ward

The governments of our world and institutions for that matter are all working toward the same goals, knowingly or unknowingly. I think most people get stuck in this whole thought of two sides. They pick this side or that one. The only side we should be standing on is our Father’s and anyone who supports Him. If your two choices do not stand with our Father you should not stand with them either in my opinion.

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Putin Has His Own No-Fly Zone in Syria

WEB Notes: What has the West been trying to do in Syria for months now? Establish a no-fly zone. Now Russia has done it. Whether you realize it or not they are all working together toward the goals of the children of Satan. This is Satan’s world and his children are preparing his way.

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Obama claims Russian airstrikes ‘strengthening ISIS’

WEB Notes: ISIS has become stronger over the course of the last year due to being financed by the West. Now Russia is stepping in to play their part. All in all we are seeing the destruction of Syria by world powers.

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Syria urges Russia to send troops to protect Assad from ISIS

The Syrian government formally invited the Russians on Friday to send in troops to save their tottering dictator from the murderous Islamic State militants. Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem said dropping bombs, which Moscow has already been doing for three days, is not enough.

“Terrorism cannot be fought only from the air, and all of the previous operations to combat it have only served its spread and outbreak,” al-Moallem said at the United Nations General Assembly.

Source: Syria urges Russia to send troops to protect Assad from ISIS – NY Daily News

PM says Obama, Hollande, Cameron support ‘safe zone’ in Syria

WEB Notes: They have been talking about this for months and what has Russia done? Essentially created a no fly zone. Working toward the same goals.

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India to begin largest military exercise near Pakistan border in October

India is preparing to begin country’s largest military exercise in Rajhastan region near to border with Pakistan to test the readiness of world’s second largest standing army in October.According to Pakistani officials New Delhi has formally informed Islamabad about the military exercise as part of ‘prior permission’ protocol that exchanged with neighboring countries ahead of any major military movement in no-war days.
Source: India to begin largest military exercise near Pakistan border in October – Daily Pakistan Global

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