WEB Notes: Take a look at the photos of these people in the source article. Do they look like terrorists? They are fleeing their lands that have been destroyed by Western powers. Can you really blame them for seeking a better life? We posted this video last week of refugees and what is transpiring in European nations. The important thing to understand is the media is going to twist this both ways to confuse the masses and I believe it is working very well. Going back to the article here. While I am certain these people are really looking for a better life after their nations were destroyed it is very clear someone is helping them come to the European nations. Look at the new life vests in piles in the background. In a war ravaged nation I highly doubt new life vests have been salvaged to make such a voyage.

I have a very bad feeling that many Americans are starting to hate Mooslims and this is a very drastic mistake. The children of Satan are masters at division and Christ told us a house divided cannot stand. If we want to divide ourselves from someone then we need to identify who the true enemy is and it is not the Mooslims. Christians and Mooslims have lived together in peace for thousands of years in the middle east and they are even fighting together in Syria against terrorists. So the whole notion that Christians must hate Mooslims is very disturbing to me. If you hate or dislike someone because of their religion or belief you are making a tragic mistake and are potentially missing out on a great relationship with someone. I speak from my own personal experience and I will leave it at that. Remember, we have the Millennium. I personally do not believe God is going to send someone to hell who never had the opportunity to hear His Word. There are a lot of people out there with beautiful souls that are not Christians.

We find ourselves shocked that so many people would come to our nations, we act like it is some sort of surprise. The fact is the West has been bombing Mooslim lands for over 20 years now at least. Did we not expect their to be devastation at some point and an exodus? I have the feeling many do not truly grasp the war raging over there. This is an easy trap for us to fall into because we do not feel that war at home. We just read a news article or watch a video think how terrible it is then we turn off our monitor and go enjoy our family. Well the tragedy rages on for those people, it does not stop. There is no monitor to turn off. It is their life. Now the refugee crisis has started to become our life and we do not like it. Now we want to do something about it because now it is starting to affect us. We want to blame the refuges for the problem because it is them who we see. Yet, who caused this? The children of Satan caused these wars and conflicts yet we slap a “Proud to be a parent of a Marine” on the back of our cars not even understanding what it is we are fighting for. As Americans we have become desensitized to war it has been going on so long. The point I want to drive home here is understand who your enemy is. It is not the Mooslim people, it is the children of Satan who have set this whole show in motion. It is caused by them for their gain. To cause conflict between the Christian and Mooslim to keep both of our eyes off the true enemy so they can advance their one world agenda. The Mooslim people are not all walking over here and those that are have a lot of help. Who do you think is assisting them to the Christian nations? Think real hard who benefits from the destruction of the Christian culture… Do not be a pawn and fall into their scheme of hate.

In the aftermath of the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris last week, many Americans and U.S. politicians are demanding that somebody do something. What they want to be done and why they want it to happen, however, are more difficult questions.

A number of governors and GOP presidential candidates responded this week by recoiling in fear, arguing that our first step should be to take action against Syrian refugees. They want to deny entry to a group of people who, as far as we can tell, had nothing to do with what happened in Paris.
Source: These Are The ‘Dangerous’ Syrian Refugees You’ve Been Hearing About


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