WEB Notes: Problem, reaction, solution (Hegelian Dialectic). The children of Satan have made strides merging the world together and not many seem to be taking notice. The wars in the middle east have served many purposes. One, bring nations into the global structure to create a one world government. Two, destroy the cultures of not only those nations through war, but destroy the Christian nations through illegal immigration and the refuge crisis we are now witnessing. None of this is by accident or chance. When you destroy a nations culture and erase their borders there is nothing left of that once sovereign land. Immigrants (refuges) of a nation hold no alliance to it, with that the only option left governmentally will be a global system.

In this video you will see a lot about Mooslims invading Christian lands etc. You see the pitting of two religions against one another, but they always leave out that third one don’t they? You never see the good from the Mooslim people, but it is there. Never close your mind and demonize one group of people. One thing is certain at this rate our world will be drastically transformed within the next 10 years. The children of Satan cannot allow this to go too far or they too will loose control themselves.



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