WEB Notes: This is far beyond peace talks. This is the discussion of uniting the world in order to fight a common enemy. We have discussed this for several years and mentioned this would be one way to rally the world together. Recall the “Charlie Hebdo” terrorist attack several months ago and recall the 40 world leaders who were all photographed holding hands in unity. This is where we are going and read our notes on that article linked above.

Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev called on both the West and East to unite against terrorism, saying it has declared war on the civilized world. Medvedev lashed out at the West’s short-sighted efforts to isolate Russia in light of this “global and real” threat.

“My deep conviction is that we must unite in this struggle,” Medvedev told journalists on arriving in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, for the annual Asia Pacific Economic…

Source: ‘War on civilized world’: Medvedev urges powers to unite after Russian plane bombing, Paris attacks — RT News

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