Image Courtesy: Pixabay

Image Courtesy: Pixabay

In an effort to make the “Resources” section of our site more useful we have created this page that will provide you with the latest volcano news and eruptions. This page will be linked directly under the “Resources” link at the top of our site for quick and future reference. We hope you enjoy it.

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Latest Volcano News

The Mystery of 'Venus's Hair' After a Volcanic Eruption

The Atlantic - 2 days ago
How do long, white filaments grow out of barren...

Underwater volcano eruptions allow new bacteria to take over seafloor

New Atlas - 8 hours ago
What happens when Nature decides to push the "reset" button on an ecosystem? The answer can be found in the aftermath of the submarine volcanic eruptions that took place off El Hierro in...

PNG volcano eruption alert level raised | Radio New Zealand News

Radio New Zealand - 2 days ago
Evacuation warnings have been issued again for Papua New Guinea's Manam Island as the island's volcano continues to rumble and spew...

A Costa Rican Volcano Sees Its Biggest Blast in Years

WIRED - 5 days ago
On April 13, Poás in Costa Rica had its largest explosive eruption in years. The explosion was mainly driven by water heated at the summit crater lake/vent area, generating what is called a...

Venus' hair found growing on the surface of underwater volcano ...

Phys.Org - 1 day ago
(—A team of researchers affiliated with several institutions in Spain and Italy studying the aftermath of the eruption of the Tagoro underwater volcano...

Researchers fly camera drones over erupting volcanoes with ...

Fox News - 5 days ago
Flying a drone into the flying rocks and ash of an erupting volcano seems like a guaranteed way of ensuring you'll never see it again, but a team of researchers ...and...

How scientists hope to predict volcanic eruptions

CBBC Newsround - 6 days ago
Land volcanoes better watch what they're up to, as scientists are going to be keeping a very close eye on them. A new project is starting that will see scientists, led by UK experts, monitoring...

'Goddess of fire' seen in dramatic Hawaii volcano eruption photographs

Metro - 1 week ago
Photographs taken of a volcano eruption appear to show the face of the goddess of fire. In Hawaiian mythology Pele, the Fire Goddess is responsible for fire, lightening, wind and volcanoes....

NASA Uses AI to Detect and Snap Images of Volcanic Eruptions

Live Science - 4 weeks ago
When a volcano in Ethiopia erupted in January, volcanologists hoped a NASA satellite would be able to train its eyes on the explosive event and capture photos. It turned out that a satellite was...

Volcanic eruption captured by drones in Guatemala

BBC News - 2 weeks ago
A team of scientists from the Universities of Bristol and Cambridge flew the unmanned vehicles 3,700m (12139ft) over the Volcan de Fuego, which erupts every three to four weeks. The plumes of ash and...

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Latest Volcano Eruptions

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