Image Courtesy: Pixabay

Image Courtesy: Pixabay

In an effort to make the “Resources” section of our site more useful we have created this page that will provide you with the latest volcano news and eruptions. This page will be linked directly under the “Resources” link at the top of our site for quick and future reference. We hope you enjoy it.

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Latest Volcano News

Fly Over a Spectacular Volcano Eruption

National Geographic - 3 days ago
Fly Over a Spectacular Volcano Eruption Feb. 24, 2017 - Piton de la Fournaise: French for “peak of the furnace,” an apt name for one of the world's most active volcanoes. Located on the...

Guatemala's Volcano of Fire erupts, Americas News & Top Stories ...

The Straits Times - 1 day ago
GUATEMALA CITY (AFP) - Guatemala's Volcano of Fire erupted Saturday (Feb 25), spewing lava and sending up plumes of ash that rained down on...

Sex Is More Likely To Kill You Than A Volcanic Eruption

Forbes - 1 week ago
Volcanoes are known for being extremely deadly, and fair enough, they really are. They don't discriminate between any kind of living creature when they erupt – if you're standing in the...

Volcanic Eruption May Have Plunged the Maya into a "Dark Age ...

Scientific American - 2 weeks ago
A new study of ancient ash links an El Chichón eruption to a time of inexplicable cultural upheaval in Maya history.and...

India's Barren Island volcano active again - 6 days ago
New Delhi (CNN) India's only live volcano is active again, say Indian scientists who witnessed the mountain spewing lava and billowing clouds of black...

20 years ago, the Piparo Mud Volcano erupted

Trinidad & Tobago Express - 4 days ago
TWENTY years ago today, the Piparo mud volcano erupted, burying homes, vehicles, and property, and triggering an emergency response effort that lasted for weeks. The village was declared a disaster...

The US Needs to Seriously Beef Up Its Volcano Monitoring | WIRED

WIRED - 1 week ago
Earlier this month, Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Maria Cantwell of Washington introduced a bill to establish a National Volcano Early Warning and ...and...

Can You Solve The Mystery Of The Eruption Without A Volcano?

Forbes - 3 weeks ago
Hey, could you do me a favor and just have a rummage around, maybe look under your bed, or outside in the backyard? Maybe just peer down the road from your house? See anything particularly tall and...

Busy Alaska Volcano: Seawater, Magma Figure in Eruptions

ABC ... - 3 weeks ago
Alaska's remote Bogoslof Island is only 169 acres, a third the size of the average American farm. And its highest "peak" is just 490 feet, half as tall as the...

With Bogoslof volcano's continuing eruptions, island has tripled in size

Alaska Dispatch News - 1 week ago
The volcano, which rises from the sea west of Dutch Harbor, began erupting in December for the first time in...

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Latest Volcano Eruptions

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