Image Courtesy: Pixabay

Image Courtesy: Pixabay

In an effort to make the “Resources” section of our site more useful we have created this page that will provide you with the latest volcano news and eruptions. This page will be linked directly under the “Resources” link at the top of our site for quick and future reference. We hope you enjoy it.

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Latest Volcano News

Signs of an Ancient Volcanic Eruption Found 3,000 Miles Away ...

Atlas Obscura - 6 days ago
It was summertime when the Ksudach volcano erupted on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia's Far East 7,000 years ago. The violent explosion propelled its ...and...

Glass Spheres Forged by Volcanic Lightning Offer Clues About Eruptions

Scientific American - 1 week ago
Studying volcanic eruptions in person can be dangerous, and scientists have died trying. Volcanic lightning—yes, volcanoes make lightning!—by contrast offers a safer opportunity to examine what...

Mount Etna LATEST ALERT: 'Unusual activity' recorded as Trump and G7 meet below volcano - 2 days ago
... flows and ash spews from one of the world's deadliest volcanoes. And the huge volcano, which is currently erupting and on a red alert, is experiencing some of its most unusual behaviour which...

Where were you the day a deadly volcano erupted on Shortland ...

The Spinoff - 3 days ago
Births, deaths, fake deaths, reunions, vomit, sperm and a massive bloody volcano – there was a lot going on in Shortland Street's 25th anniversary...

Campi Flegrei Volcano eruption possibly closer than thought

Science Daily - 2 weeks ago
Movement of magma three kilometres below the volcano has caused the episodes of unrest. An eruption becomes more likely when the ground has been stretched to its breaking point, because the molten...

Volcanic Explosions Rock an Alaskan Island as Etna Rumbles

WIRED - 1 week ago
Let's take a look at some volcanic eruptions going on around the globe this week! In Alaska, after weeks of relative quiet, Bogoslof had another big explosive eruption. This time, the plume...

2 Alaska volcanoes erupt just hours apart

Alaska Dispatch News - 2 weeks ago
Hans Schwaiger, a geophysicist at the observatory, said a pilot spotted ash from the eruption Tuesday night. Although Bogoslof's last previous eruption was March 8, Tuesday's blast is still...

Shortland Street's explosive 25th anniversary episode: could that really happen? - 3 days ago
Thursday's feature-length Shortland Street episode saw a volcanic eruption interrupt Chris Warner's 50th birthday party, shooting ash into the sky and showering Ferndale with rocks and toxic...

Guatemala volcano eruption subsides after hasty evacuations

Phys.Org - 3 weeks ago
The so-called Volcano of Fire lies 35 kilometers (22 miles) from Guatemala City. Authorities closely monitor its activity. On Friday, 300 people in the nearby village of Panimache were evacuated as a...

FACT CHECK: Did a Pink Volcano Erupt in New Zealand? - 3 weeks ago
Video purportedly showing oddly-colored smoke and steam rising from a eruption was digitally manipulated.and...

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Latest Volcano Eruptions

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