Image Courtesy: Pixabay

Image Courtesy: Pixabay

In an effort to make the “Resources” section of our site more useful we have created this page that will provide you with the latest volcano news and eruptions. This page will be linked directly under the “Resources” link at the top of our site for quick and future reference. We hope you enjoy it.

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Watch This Volcanic Eruption Produce A Terrifying Sonic Boom

Forbes - 4 days ago
We've all heard a sonic boom before. It's kind of like an explosion, a sudden shattering of the eardrums as a supersonic plane flies directly above us. However, if you're a particularly...

Fiery eruption of Mexican volcano captured on video - 3 days ago
19 (UPI) -- A fiery nighttime eruption of the Colima, Mexico, volcano shot ash and smoke over 6,500 feet into the air and could be heard 50 miles away, officials said. The eruption Wednesday on the...

Bogoslof volcano settles down after sending ash over Alaska Peninsula, Kodiak Island

Alaska Dispatch News - 3 days ago
After the eruptions, the volcano's aviation color code had been raised to red and its alert level to warning β€” AVO's highest indicators of potential activity β€” but they were lowered to...

Explosive Eruptions Continue to Rock Alaska's Bogoslof Volcano ...

WIRED - 2 weeks ago
A few updates on volcanic eruptions at the start of 2017: Alaska The biggest volcanic news of the last month has been the surprising and vigorous eruptions...

Victims' Families Sue Japan for Failing to Warn of Eruption

WIRED - 4 days ago
Some updates from the world of volcanoes this week: Japan. This news isn't about new volcanic activity in Japan but rather the results of one of the most tragic volcanic events in the last few...

North Korea MEGAVOLCANO could blow and spurt deadly sulphur that will cause GLOBAL catastrophe

The Sun - 2 days ago
Dr James Hammond, lecturer in geophysics in Birkbeck's Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, said: β€œThis paper shows how important it is to study volcanoes no matter where they are. This...

Photographs show how Alaska volcano's eruptions have changed island

CBS News - 1 week ago
ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- A volcano in Alaska's Aleutian Islands has sent up two more ash clouds but neither reached 20,000 feet, the height as which ash becomes a major concern for intercontinental...

Huge volcano eruption could trigger 'year with NO SUMMER'

Daily Star - 1 week ago
Now boffins have discovered the Paektu blast, known as the "Millennium Eruption" in 946, spewed far more sulfur into the atmosphere than previously thought. New research suggests the sulfur...

New eruption at Bogoslof Volcano - 3 weeks ago
A volcano in the mid-Aleutian Chain erupted again Tuesday night. The Alaska Volcano Observatory said seismic data from nearby islands detected a...

ERUPTION WARNING: North Korean supervolcano could blow and cause WORLDWIDE devastation - 4 days ago
The deadly Mount Paektu, which straddles the borders of North Korea and China, is responsible for one of the deadliest eruptions in human history, and scientists fear that it could blow again. Nearby...

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Latest Volcano Eruptions

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