WEB Notes: There would still be gun violence with confiscation. Who commits all of the crimes? The criminals and do you think they will turn in their firearms? Do you think the government even knows criminal X has a firearm? This is pure garbage and fascism coming directly from the media in order to change peoples position on this extremely important topic. The right to bear arms is your Constitutional right. More importantly it is your GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO DEFEND YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!

On January 13 The Washington Post observed that President Obama’s executive gun controls do not portend a substantial reduction in gun crime because they lack the one key element–gun confiscation.According to WAPO, confiscation “is likely the only policy that would dramatically reduce gun violence in the United States.” They cite the possibility of disillusionment with the executive actions Obama put forward on January 5, based on the fact that Obama admitted the actions “might have only a modest impact” at best.

Source: Washington Post: Obama’s Gun Controls Not Enough, Confiscation Needed – Breitbart

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