WEB Notes: One day you read how the two are close to war and the next you hear about them working together. We have been posting articles about them working together for a year now. Nothing has changed. If there ever is a conflict between these two it will be short in nature and will be needed by the children of Satan to further their agenda, but right now I just do not see it. Look at the fruit, look at the actions and for the last year or more we see Russia and the U.S. working together in Syria. What is changing in Syria? Assad’s country is being destroyed and the terrorists seem to get stronger. That sort of pins down who is on who’s side.

The Kremlin says that both Russia and the US are ready to better coordinate efforts to eliminate radical Islamists in Syria, following a telephone conversation initiated by the Russian leader.

“Both sides have confirmed their readiness to increase military cooperation between Russia and the US in Syria,” said a statement from the Kremlin released on Wednesday evening. “It is also important to resurrect the UN-mediated peace talks to arrive at a political solution of the crisis.”

Source: Russia and US agree on closer military cooperation in Syria, after Putin calls Obama — RT News

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