WEB Notes: How many people do you know that actually talk about the “war on terrorism” in the middle east? How many people actually care? No one I know talks about it unless I bring it up. Yet, we continue to allow this for what reason? So more of our soldiers are killed and maimed? So the citizens of those nations can be killed and maimed? I never hear calls to end this madness, only justifications that it must continue from the mainstream media and so called government leaders. We have allowed this to continue on for far to long without objection.

During the first three days of the ongoing military operation to win the Iraqi city of Mosul back from Daesh control, the coalition carried out airstrikes at a rate of one bomb every eight minutes.

Iraqi security forces, assisted by the US-led coalition, the People’s Mobilization Forces (PMF) and Kurdish fighters are currently focused on liberating Mosul, the second largest city in the country and the last bastion of Daesh militants there.

Source: Mosul Offensive: US Drops One Bomb Every Eight Minutes

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