WEB Notes: Here is a note from the Washington Post, “President Obama warned Tuesday that Americans and people around the world “are going to have to guard against a rise in a crude sort of nationalism, or ethnic identity, or tribalism” taking root amid the populist movements that are gaining currency around the world.”

All of the mainstream media and most of the alternative media believe overnight, in elections controlled by the children of Satan the world changed with the election of one man. Suddenly there are “populist movements” taking power from global government ideals. I hope question marks are popping up in peoples heads when they hear this.

We have entered the next stage and if the US does try to remove itself from the little bit of globalism we face today, it will certainly bring about its instant destruction and of course this is the plan for the world. To destroy the nation state and give rise to the new world order government led by 10 Clay Kings who are the kings of the earth (we will discuss in our upcoming study The Timeline of the Tribulation). We saw the “Brexit” vote earlier this year, it is also a sovereign move supposedly by the people of Britain though no move has been made to leave. Obama’s point here is and as we have said in the past, when the nations try and leave the globalized world this will bring its downfall. The globalized economy will collapse along with everything else. Why? The children of Satan control it, period. Do not lose sight of the fundamentals. It is far too late down the road to get shaken up by some feel good acts and false reports of the world suddenly breaking free from the shackles. Nothing has changed. Stay in the Word my friends the hour grows late.


With globalists facing a series of devastating defeats and mounting global outrage over their agenda, Obama complained that President-elect Donald Trump “tapped into” what he called a “troubling” strain of public opinion that threatens to unleash war, genocide, and death. Obama’s divisive comments acknowledging but then dismissing Americans’ rejection of the globalist assault on self-government and nationhood were made in Athens, Greece, during his final official trip abroad. The misleading remarks confirm that, despite escalating public fury worldwide as expressed in Brexit and Trump’s election, the globalist establishment is not ready to surrender its radical internationalist agenda without a dirty fight.

Speaking at a press conference alongside totalitarian-minded Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, Obama lashed out at what he described as “anger and fear in the American population” over globalization. Sounding oblivious to reality, Obama also suggested that much of that “anger and fear” was based on inaccurate rhetoric from politicians rather than the truth. In the real world, of course, successful politicians such as Trump and Brexit engineer Nigel Farage are giving voice to the pre-existing concerns of the electorate, rather than the rhetoric fueling the concerns.

Source: Obama: Submit to Globalism or Face War, Death, Destruction


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