WEB Notes: ISIS is spread all over the globe and their headquarters is in Syria in a secret location of Raqqa and no one seems to be able to bomb it for some unknown reason. Do you ever just stop to try and logically think through a problem in life or news? It just does not add up.

A massive suicide bomb ripped through a revered Sufi shrine in southern Pakistan on Thursday, killing at least 72 people and wounding more than 250 in one of the deadliest terrorist attacks in Pakistan in years, police officials said.

The blast occurred as devotees gathered for a dhamal, a dancing ritual central to the mystical Sufi tradition of Islam, at a renowned shrine about 100 miles north of the southern city of Karachi.

Witnesses said that at least 500 devotees were inside the shrine when an explosion occurred as they were performing the ritual.

Source: Islamic State claims responsibility for blast that kills more than 70 at Sufi shrine in Pakistan – LA Times

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