WEB Notes: This is called indoctrination and it is brainwashing our children. Did anyone have to teach you to look at a girl and say hey, I think she is kind of cute? Of course not. When you became of age it just kicked in. It is natural. Teaching our children about homosexuality and transgenderism is confusion. It is not okay with our Father and it never will be okay with our Father. Period. These so called teachers need a steel toe boot to the rear end and cast out of our schools along with any staff promoting this.

An organization of teachers in the U.K. has argued that homosexuality and transgenderism should be taught to young children starting in nursery school.

Members of the National Union of Teachers group voted for a measure at a conference in Cardiff to “campaign to ensure a comprehensive age-appropriate content including promotion of LGBT+ matters for all schools from nursery throughout all phases of state education,” The Evening Telegraph reported on Tuesday.

Annette Pryce, a NUT executive member from Buckinghamshire, claimed that the U.K. government hasn’t been doing enough to promote inclusion.

Source: Children Must Be Taught Transgenderism, Homosexuality Starting in Nursery School, Teachers Say

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