WEB Notes: This whole good terrorist, bad terrorist notion always cracks me up.

‘See those terrorists, those are the good ones and those guys over there, they are the bad terrorists and they all want to blow you up and destroy Syria. Got it? Perfect.’

Terrorism is at unprecedented levels despite years of supposed intervention by the US and other Western nations. They intervene all right, to provide funding as we have documented on this site. Common sense alone tells us when we combat a problem it will go away, but not in this case. It is the world’s first instance where bombs actually create more terrorists. I mean those big ol craters you see from the bombs are actually portals and more terrorists come jumping out of there. They are like roaches!

The leader of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) is in talks with Al-Qaeda about a possible alliance, Iraq’s Vice President Ayad Allawi said, citing information from Iraqi and other regional sources.

“The discussion has started now… There are discussions and dialogue between messengers representing Baghdadi and representing Zawahiri,” Allawi told Reuters, adding that it is currently unclear how exactly the two groups may operate together. Abu Bakr Baghdadi is the current leader of IS, while Ayman Zawahiri is the head of Al-Qaeda. A

l-Qaeda disaffiliated with the previous incarnation of IS, Islamic State of Iraq, in February 2014, saying the group was no longer responsible for its actions. The two rival terrorist organizations have since been vying for recruits, funding and the laurels of global jihad.

Source: ISIS in talks with Al-Qaeda, Iraqi vice president warns | From the Trenches World ReportFrom the Trenches World Report

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