WEB Notes: Can you honestly believe this? We posted about this subject yesterday, but additional information is found here. ISIS “created” roads (now they are in the construction business) to Osama Bin Laden’s old “hideout“, you all remember. Bin Laden’s famous caves where he conducted terror for years from. I mean this guy was able to launch attacks from all over the place with these caves, these caves are top notch right here. Never mind the fact we have been told numerous times over the years the caves were destroyed. You are not supposed to remember that part. Or the fact the US supported the Taliban.

On Thursday, Sputnik reported that Daesh had made inroads into Al Qaeda mastermind Osama bin Laden’s old hideout in Tora Bora, a network of tunnels and caves in eastern Afghanistan. In addition to Daesh’s presence, the Taliban remains a major threat to stability in the war-torn nation.

The unnamed official who spoke with Stars and Stripes claimed that most of the forces would be deployed to train Afghan security forces and advise their top commanders. A “smaller number” of the possible 4,000 troops would engage in direct counterterror combat operations against Daesh and the Taliban, the news agency noted.

Source: US to Pour 4K More Troops Into Afghanistan as Daesh Takes Over Taliban Caves


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