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WEB Notes: Everyone has a script and a part in what is going on. The brainwashing has kicked into overdrive. The crybabies and those causing the division are the ones talking about racism and removing our historical icons. Did these clowns seriously forget we just had a black President for 8 years? Did they forget how over 50-60% of whites voted for Obama?…

Now these ladies on CNN show an interview of a so called “Ex-FBI agent“. I bet that guy could not sniff out a donut if it was in front of his face. “Culture” is now a keyword for “racism“. Alrighty then.

This guy is a disgrace to this nation and his own family. Stop talking about racism and fueling the fire. The same people talking about racism are the same people who support institutions that are racist by nature. What on earth am I talking about?

How about the African American College funds, “La Raza“, etc, etc. Then we have black history month and homosexual month. Do we have a white month? Do we have a Christian month? Of course not, why that would be racist. Give me a break already people.

I have talked to people of all shapes, sizes and colors and they have said the same thing I just outlined. So who are these racists telling whites they are racists just for breathing? Divide and conquer my friends, divide and conquer. The media would have you believe every neighbor is against the other, but from my experiences that is not the case.

Hate is being stirred up, do not become a part of it.

We are Christians and we all need to remember that. We are bound together through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Do not let the enemy tear you a part.

Additional Commentary on this subject can be found here:

On Thursday’s broadcast of CNN’s “At This Hour,” CNN Political Commentator Angela Rye argued that statues of slave owners, whether they’re of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, or Robert E. Lee should come down.

CNN Political Analyst and Daily Beast Editor-in-Chief John Avlon who had referred to comparisons between Washington and Robert E. Lee as “idiotic” and stated that Confederates tried to claim Washington. Avlon also argued that there is no comparison between the Confederacy and Washington because Washington tried to unite the country and the Confederacy tore it apart.

Source: CNN’s Rye: Statues of Washington, Jefferson, and Robert E. Lee ‘All Need to Come Down’ – Breitbart


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