WEB Notes: Here we go folks, silencing free speech. Many people would say, ‘hey they are racists we do not want to hear that’. Free speech is free speech. If you do not want to listen to a fool walk away or close your browser window. It is that simple. Banning speech you do not like is not the answer, it closes the door to other thoughts and silences our mind and moves us in a direction of defined thought. One day they will ban Christian’s who call Satan the anti-Christ. Those banned Christians will be right in their condemnation, but the world will not realize it. This is all a stepping stone for that event. Stay alert and awake, we have some time yet, but these are examples for us of what many of us will face during that time…

Reference Articles:

Apple and PayPal are taking aim at websites that sell apparel glorifying white nationalists and support hate groups.

Apple has disabled Apple Pay support for several websites that sell sweaters and T-shirts with Nazi symbols and “white pride.” The move comes on the heels of the violent white supremacist protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, which culminated in the death of a woman on Saturday.

Apple confirmed it pulled support from the sites, noting that their activity violated long-standing Apple Pay community guidelines. Apple CEO Tim Cook was quite vocal about his feelings in a tweet Monday, calling the terror of white supremacists and racist violence “an affront to America,” adding, “We must all stand against it.”

Source: Apple Pay, PayPal cut off sites linked to white supremacists – CNET


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