WEB Notes: It is not just Trump, he is simply doing his part just as the President’s before him. Only with each year and each election cycle we receive a lower level President than the time before. What is the last article we penned? It was titled, “The Division Of A Nation Escalates“. Everyone is seeing the division, no matter who you wish to pin the blame on, it exists. Who is behind it? …

The children of Satan.


It keeps the nation from working together. This is how the children of Satan operate. They divide the nation which in turn divides the world. They only want those entities working together who will help them with their goal of world government. Anyone else is outside of their “family” if you will.

Christ told us about this division in Mark 3:25.

Never ever allow yourself to be divided from your Christian brother and sister. Now is the time to support and lift one another up. We need to work together to help one another see clearly through the dark world we are faced with.

There is a PDF document here with more details.

President Donald Trump faces deep challenges on international and domestic issues alike, with a job approval rating mired in historic lows, a broad sense he’s done more to divide than unite the country and a high level of public distrust that he’ll act responsibly in dealing with North Korea.

Views on North Korea underscore trepidations about Trump on the global stage. Even as a record number of Americans see North Korea as a threat, the public by a wide 62-37 percent does not trust Trump to act responsibly in handling the situation. Compare that with trust in U.S. military leaders; at 72 percent, it’s about double the level of trust in their commander-in-chief.

Source: Trump seen by most Americans as doing more to divide than unite country (POLL) – ABC News


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