WEB Notes: I wonder how much of this is due to video games and the constant usage of electronic devices…

My son told me another boy from his class (yes, in home school you can still go to class at times) asked him if he played games. My son said, not really, once in a while. The other boys thought that was “weird” and moved away from him. Before they did, he said he liked to play outside and ride his bike, “quad”, etc instead. They said, what is a “quad” (ATV)? Mind you these are 8-9 year olds.

One of the major problems with parents these days is they use electronic devices as baby sitters. That is not what they are for. If you did not want to parent then you should of never had children. Give the kids something really constructive to do. Let them… Dare I say it. Play outside! They will learn a whole lot more about the world than pushing on a piece of glass.

By the way, this “news event” did not make news headlines. My son was not “traumatized” because someone called him “weird”. No lawsuit was filed and no one died! Can you believe it folks! But I did give my son a high five!

As wall street analysts celebrate the coming of age of the millennial generation, a group of young people who were supposed to lead another revolutionary wave of consumerism if only they could work long enough to escape their parents’ basement, retailers like Home Depot are panicked about selling into what will soon be America’s largest demographic…but not for the reasons you might think.

While avocado resellers like Whole Foods only have to worry about creating a catchy advertising campaign to attract millennials, Home Depot is in full-on panic mode after realizing that an entire generation of Americans have absolutely no clue how to use their products.  As the Wall Street Journal points out, the company has been forced to spend millions to create video tutorials and host in-store classes on how to do everything from using a tape measure to mopping a floor and hammering a nail.

Source: Home Depot Panics Over Millennials; Forced To Host Tutorials On Using Tape Measures, Hammering Nails | From the Trenches World Report


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