WEB Notes: This is absolutely laughable. This fool should be booted off the set and banned from television. This man is a racist, a stone cold racist. Too bad his mother was not around, maybe she could have grabbed him by the ear and drug him off set herself. I would be ashamed to have a fool like this in my family. Stop calling people racist because you do not like their political persuasion. If Trump is racist that is his deal, but no one has proof of that. Instead this clown on TV is stirring up the race debate like the fools of the NFL. Call them for what they are. God’s Word uses fools and fools they are.

MSNBC political contributor Jason Johnson said on “AM Joy” Saturday that President Trump’s reaction to Puerto Rico was the result of “white nationalist” policy.

“This is what white nationalism looks like as policy. We’ve been talking about this all along. When you have a policy, when you have a belief that only white people are true americans, Puerto Rico are Americans, Donald Trump doesn’t care about that, therefore he is attacking people and distracting from the fact that our response there, to fellow American citizens, has not been adequate,” Johnson said.

Source: MSNBC Analyst Has INSANE Reaction To PR | The Daily Caller


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