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Date: January 31, 2018

Friday: Bible Question and Answer

Trump Says It Will Be Hard To Unify Country Without A ‘Major Event’

WEB Notes: I find these words a tad creepy and they remind me of Rahm Emanual’s words (see video below).

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State Of The Union: Trump Extends ‘Open Hand’ To Dems, But Is Met With Glum Stares, Scant Applause

President Trump appealed for unity in his first State of the Union speech, declaring a “new American moment” even as many glum Democrats in the audience sat on their hands and refused to acknowledge economic gains or calls to honor veterans.

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Drug Companies Flooded West Virginia Town Of 2,900 With 20.8M Pain Pills

WEB Notes: Remember articles like this when drugs are prescribed to you unnecessarily. You all know what I am talking about, you go to the doctor’s office right? You go in for a hang nail and they want to prescribe you something when all you needed was a trim and maybe a bandaid…

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The State of Our Union: A House Divided, Enslaved & Mired in the Mistakes of the Past

John W. Whitehead

Source: The Rutherford Institute – History has a funny way of circling back on itself.

The facts, figures, faces and technology may change from era to era, but the dangers remain the same.

This year is no different, whatever the politicians and talking heads may say to the contrary.

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US National Debt Will Jump By $617 Billion In 5 Months

WEB Notes: There is no pullback in spending, all I hear are calls to spend more of our hard-earned tax dollars. This is not how a nation succeeds, this is operating on borrowed time.

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Mayon Volcano Eruption: Almost 70,000 In Overcrowded Shelters

Tens of thousands of evacuees displaced by the eruption of Philippines’ Mount Mayon are filling up dozens of temporary shelters, with concerns mounting over congestion, poor sanitation, and livelihood.

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