WEB Notes: Government can be a good thing, our Father has a Government and His will be established upon His Return. While His will be Righteous and Fair, the governments of men fail to reach the mark and this article is a great example of that…

Is it really the governments business to come up with taxes for things they feel are not healthy for you? This is not even a small fee, this is basically doubling the cost of a product.

In the end they really do not care about your health. They care about protecting their bottom line and that means if more people become ill they have to spend more of the money you gave them (taxes) to care for those people.

When this nation decided to go with a Federal Health program what exactly did the people expect?

I wonder when the lawsuits from the manufactures start….

Seattle has decided to impose a 1.75 cent per ounce tax on all sugary beverages within the city with the hopes of raising a $15 million revenue stream that it will use for programs to help people “have better access to fresh fruits and vegetables,” as Seattle station KIRO 7 explains. The price of Gatorade Frost Variety Pack at Costco, usually $15.99, with the $10.34 tax, shot up to $26.33, leaving customers with sticker-shock.

Source: Seattle attempts to impose morality with ridiculously high taxes on sugary drinks | Rare

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