WEB Notes: This year’s flu shot has a 10% effectiveness rate. Yet, the companies selling these drugs rake in 100% profit. How long do you think you would be employed if you only completed 10% of your work? Or if your work was only 10% effective toward completing goals… Well my friend, you would not be around very long. But hey, forget about that, run out and get the ol jab because 10% is 10%. On a more serious note, learn about vaccines.

For many weeks now, the media has been reporting that this influenza season, which began in October 2017, may be the worst in recent history or, at least, one of the worst. The stream of alarming media reports focus on the number of people in the United States hospitalized for influenza-like illnesses (ILI), the number of reported influenza cases, and the number of deaths reportedly associated with influenza.

Many media reports offer projections about trends in influenza infection rates and comparisons with past years. Almost all of them include an urgent call for people to get vaccinated. “It is late and so do not walk, run. Run to your provider’s office or pharmacy to get the vaccine,” warns William Schaffner, MD of Vanderbilt University. His ominous warning comes on the heels of media advisories last fall informing the public that the 2017-2018 influenza vaccine everyone is being urged to get is estimated to be 90 percent ineffective.8

That’s right—the flu shot only works 10 percent of the time against the type A influenza going around this year.

Source: The Vaccine Reaction


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