WEB Notes: World leaders have been calling for a change to the global structure for years and years now. The US is the primary power, there is no way around it. If it were not for the United States there would be no NATO, UN or many other global entities. We have documented that several times on our site…

While globalization has certainly taken root in our world there is a major imbalance, one the nations wish to rectify. This is why we should understand while globalism is surging, it will not be absolute until the sixth kingdom has full control over the earth.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov sharply criticized the United States for being a destabilizing force in the world, saying Washington was provoking North Korea into a military confrontation and attempting to derail the Iran nuclear agreement.

Despite the Kremlin’s attempts to rebuild bilateral relations with Washington, the United States continues to push an anti-Russia agenda aimed at undermining Moscow’s emergence as a global power in a multipolar world, the foreign minister said during his annual press conference.

Source: U.S. must accept a new, multipolar world order, Russian foreign minister says


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