WEB Notes: The dynamics of our world are changing rapidly, yet there is still many prophecies that must come to pass before we see the Return of Christ and remember… Satan will appear first as the false messiah

I have to say, I am pretty proud of our readership base. I do not see people blathering on about 2018 and the final generation and how the end will be this year. That would be setting yourself up for a big fall and I see a lot of people doing that in other parts of cyber space.

You never want to be one of these people who always find some end times scenario and how “this is it”.

You know what?

It is “never it”.

The world just keeps on spinning and those folks lose their credibility even if they do not see it.

You do not want to be a “prophecy expert” who hunts and pecks. The hunt and peckers find interesting news items, but they never seem to align those events with scripture, much less what needs to happen prophetically.

President Donald Trump’s plan for face-to-face nuclear weapons talks with North Korea’s dictator isn’t his only bid for a historic diplomatic breakthrough. His administration has also been signaling recently that it’s about to unveil a plan to revive peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.

It’s certainly a worthy goal. But don’t get your hopes up. The barriers to success are so high, and the chance that Trump would be willing to surmount them so low, that it’s probably better not to even try. Decades of bitter history have demonstrated that a failed Israeli-Palestinian peace initiative is almost always worse than nothing at all.

Start with the easiest problem to solve: Jared Kushner. The president’s son-in-law and designated Middle East peacemaker just lost the top-secret security clearance he’d need for access to key intelligence. So he now lacks the tools needed to do the job, though that shouldn’t be too big a deal — there are obviously lots of better qualified negotiators who could lead a peace effort. For that to happen, though, Trump would have to acknowledge that putting Kushner in charge was a mistake.

Source: How Trump Could Restart Israel-Palestinian Peace Talks – Bloomberg


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