WEB Notes: They note one of the biggest things affecting this age group is finance and these people admit to spending more money than they make…

I read some quote yesterday and the gist was, stop trying to live like everyone else, tune out negativity and the tv set and you will be much happier. That is a pretty true statement and it is a good start for these people.

The next step is to start budgeting. Now is a good time to realize money does not grow on trees! I would encourage everyone, even people in good financial standing to listen or read Dave Ramsey’s book/audio, “The Total Money Makeover”. You can find it on YouTube as well.

He talks about how to balance a budget, save and get out of debt.

If you do not have the cash, put it back on the shelf. Further, just because the latest device comes out does not mean you have to shell out for it. I am willing to bet you either do not need it or your’s works good enough.

Remember, that “new” device in the store will be an old device in a few weeks.

Six in 10 millennials claim to be going through a “quarter-life” crisis, according to a new study.

Many of us are familiar with the trope of a mid-life crisis – a person in middle age who is feeling stuck in a rut, and who reacts by indulging in erratic behaviour like making spontaneous career decisions or buying a motorbike.

But now it seems more and more of us are evaluating our existence far earlier as a new study reveals more than half of millennials are experiencing a “quarter-life crisis.”

The study, carried out by First Direct bank and psychologist Dr Oliver Robinson, aimed to look at how people can use a crisis as a spark for change, but in the process discovered a huge number of 25 to 35-year-olds are struggling to cope amid financial, career and personal pressures.

Analysing 2,000 Brits, the study found that financial difficulties were the biggest single cause, with more than half (53 per cent) of people going through a quarter-life crisis admitting they spend more than they earn each month.

Source: More than half of millennials are going through ‘quarter-life crisis’, research finds | The Independent


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