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Fukushima Steam a Catastrophic Sign: 89 Tons of Deadly Radioactive Fuel Could Reach US Soon

WEB Notes: We present this story with great caution. The final paragraph is very disturbing. However, if the particles were that “hot” more than just the West Coast of the United States would be affected. There is no doubt this is a dangerous situation, but we know our Father who sits on the Throne is in control.

(Voice of Russia) – Fukushima’s Reactor Building 3 exploded on 13th March 2011 as a result of a hydrogen buildup, breaching the building’s containment and emitting a huge plume of radiation. The reactor itself is in meltdown.

Now fresh plumes of steam have been seen coming out the structure. These have now been confirmed by the plant’s owner TEPCO, from 19th December onwards. The company believes the steam is coming from the fifth floor of the building.

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The Society Trap by Joe Rogan

The Lord never intended for our society to be what it is today. Satan’s children are the ones who have designed this system that we now find ourselves trapped in…

Video contains some adult language.

IMF paper warns of ‘savings tax’ and mass write-offs as West’s debt hits 200-year high

(Telegraph) – Much of the Western world will require defaults, a savings tax and higher inflation to clear the way for recovery as debt levels reach a 200-year high, according to a new report by the International Monetary Fund.

The IMF working paper said debt burdens in developed nations have become extreme by any historical measure and will require a wave of haircuts, either negotiated 1930s-style write-offs or the standard mix of measures used by the IMF in its “toolkit” for emerging market blow-ups.

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Protests Flare Against Rose Parade Same-Sex Marriage Float

WEB Notes: Such drastic changes are taking place for a group of people who count for less than 2% of the population. Obviously, homosexual actions are against God, even nature teaches us these are not natural acts. The point of life is to pro-create.

(Breitbart) – Some people are not happy that history will be made this New Years’ Day when the first same-sex couple will be married on a float at the Rose Bowl Parade.

On the float sponsored by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, “Living the Dream: Love Is the Best Protection,” The wedding—of Danny Leclair, 45, and Aubrey Loots, 42, will take place at about 9:30 a.m. Leclair said, “The honor means the world to me. Thousands of people have been marching toward the day that we have marriage equality. This day is just a momentous occasion where we get to celebrate those efforts and honor that achievement.”

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LA County Government’s Attack on Solar Powered Homes

(Video, From The Trenches) – Incredible. For residents of LA County who seek energy independence, you are a target

Antelope Valley is a significant stretch of desert on the fringe of LA County, and its rugged off-grid individualists are under attack. In the name of “code violations”, armed government ‘NATS’ goon squads are targeting solar energy homes with steep administration charges and fines – and in many cases, forcing lawful residents from their homes (see videos below).

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130-ft-deep sink-hole in UK caused by Christmas storms

(Independent) – Torrential rain over the festive period has caused a 130-ft deep and 160-ft-wide sink-hole to form in the Peak District.

The growing hole that was part of the old Mill Dam Lead Mine near Buxton in Derbyshire, caved in overnight after water eroded the earth underneath, causing the whole area to collapse.

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Obama To Americans: You Don’t Deserve To Be Free

(Forbes) – President Obama’s Kansas speech is a remarkable document. In calling for more government controls, more taxation, more collectivism, he has two paragraphs that give the show away. Take a look at them.
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Cameron and Merkel to Push for Peace in the Middle East

WEB Notes: Isn’t it interesting that Germany and England are now joining the United States in these peace talks. The other two nations which hold a major portion of the descendants of the 12 tribes of Israel.

(Israel National News) – British Prime Minister David Cameron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel will make separate visits to Israel in the second half of February as part of an international push for Israel to sign a peace agreement with the Palestinian Authority (PA), Channel 10 News reported on Tuesday.

According to the report, the two will arrive in Israel within a few days of one another.

For Cameron, it would be his first visit to Israel since being elected. Merkel will arrive in Jerusalem with several of her cabinet ministers, reciprocating a similar visit to Berlin last year by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and several government ministers.

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U.S. ushers in 2014 with record-low temps, snow

(Video, CBS) – The recent surge of arctic air in Wisconsin has led to record-breaking low temperatures in places like Owen, a Clark County town that hit minus 31 degrees this week. A La Crosse Tribune report says records were tied or broken in about half a dozen cities in the region.

The La Crosse airport hit a low of minus 17 degrees. That tied a record set in 1976. Friendship also tied a record with temperatures of minus 22.

Owen got down to minus 31 degrees, two degrees colder than the previous record set in 1963.

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Fast and Furious gun turns up after Mexican resort shootout

WEB Notes: Had your firearm been stolen and used in a crime you would be punished by the government. Yet, the government is the one who sold these arms to the criminals and allowed them to cross the border into Mexico where these arms have been used in crimes including murders.

(From The Trenches) – A dramatic shootout between authorities and suspected cartel gunmen at a Mexican seaside resort this month has ties to a botched U.S. gun operation.

A U.S. official said Tuesday that investigators have traced at least one firearm recovered at a December 18 gunfight in Puerto Peñasco, across from the Arizona border, to Operation Fast and Furious.

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Lakes Dry Up As Lack of Rain Continues

(From The Trenches) – It’s the driest year on record for most of Southern Oregon and Northern California.  Lakes and rivers in the area are drying up, and there is no help sight.

The Applegate Reservoir is usually filled to the brim with water, but right now it’s nothing more than a muddy desert.

“We’re praying for water, we’re praying for rain, it’s really really low,” said Applegate Reservoir visitor Bear Perrin.

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Mystery Steam Over Fukushima Could Be Sign of Another Meltdown

WEB Notes: Meanwhile the U.S. Government has ordered 14 Million Doses of Potassium Iodide.

(Gizmodo) – The newest update in the highly disconcerting series of devastating failures that is the Fukushima cleanup effort is troubling to say the least. Tepco has confirmed that (unexplained) plumes of steam have been rising from the mangled remains of Reactor Building 3. In other words, there’s a chance Fukushima could be in the middle of another meltdown.

The thing is, no one has been able to find out the exact cause of the rising, mysterious radioactive steam because the combination of physical damage and, more importantly, lethal radiation levels have made investigating the reactor impossible. Tepco has known that a followup meltdown was a severe possibility, though. The Reactor 3 fuel storage pond is still home to about 89 tons of plutonium-based mixed-oxide fuel according to the The Ecologist, and should that fuel storage pond dry out, the highly radioactive rods will melt down with devastating results.

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