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“Jewish People Shine As A Light To All Nations” President Trump Hanukkah Celebration At The White House

WEB Notes: Trump displays a complete lack of knowledge of Biblical principals and other forms of reality in this video. The 12 Tribes of Israel are not called “Jews”. Naturally, 12 Tribes means, 12 separate Tribes and Judah was merely one of them. God made an “everlasting covenant,” a promise without end to Abraham that his children would become many nations and a people who number as the stars of heaven and the sand of the sea. That promise by our Father was not fulfilled with the tiny and single nation of Israel…

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Woman Becomes ‘Engaged’ to Chandelier

WEB Notes: Yes, you read the headline correctly. This lady lost all of her marbles, she needs folks to help her, not encourage this behavior.

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UK: 1 In 7 Adoptive Couples Now Same-Sex

WEB Notes: Children who will be indoctrinated in sin and who knows what else. How were the children created? They were created between a man and a woman, therefore they belong with a man and woman, not a man and man, or woman and woman. This should be common sense, but we know common sense is no longer common.

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Military Needs Sex Workers To ‘Relieve’ Soldiers: Army Captain

WEB Notes: Is this army captain actually a “madam”? Note, she wants to bring in men and woman sex workers, you know what that means… Sodom.

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Kentucky Supreme Court to Decide Whether or Not Christian Screen Printer Has Right to Decline Order for ‘Gay Pride’ T-Shirts

WEB Notes: These are frivolous lawsuits at this point. It is a Christian by name business and a homosexual group wanted them to print Gay “Pride” shirts. We all know why they made the request to a Christian organization, so they can try to sue. If they win, then maybe Christians need to ban together and order “Homosexuality Is a Sin” Shirts from homosexual companies. Two can play the same game, just how stupid do we want to get here?

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Supreme Court’s Cake Case Pits Gay Rights Versus Christian Faith

WEB Notes: This is absolutely ridiculous, these are the headlines of the final days of this age of flesh. Common sense is flipped upside down. A business has the right to refuse service to anyone. Especially someone wanting to violate the business owners beliefs. This cake shop is not the only one in town, there are plenty of other places that will bake these boys a cake. Not that it should matter anyway…

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Girl Guides Told: ‘Don’t Thank God Before Meals’ 

WEB Notes: Pray to our Father anyway or leave the organization. I could not care less if someone is offending by me praying. That is an absurd notion. Stop conforming because someone tells you too. If you do not pray to our Father and thank Him for your meal, you may not offend the person sitting next to you, but you will offend Him. Be-careful with that decision and on another note, you do not have to pray out-loud for our Father to hear you. He is a heart knower, meaning He knows what you are thinking (Acts 15:8).

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Report: Single Men from Afghanistan to Be Resettled as Refugees in U.S. After Trump Fails to Halt Australia Deal 

WEB Notes: Great, more illegal immigrants coming to our nation from a part of the world ravaged by war. I wonder how many of these individuals lost everything they had via US intervention in their country. I wonder if that upsets them?

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Church Of Sweden To Stop Clergy Calling God ‘He’ Or ‘The Lord’ In Bid To Crack Down On Gendered Language

WEB Notes: If I said the people have lost their mind it would be cliche at this point. This is coming from a so called “House of God”. Do you see how rapidly this is all coming to pass?

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Maine School Reverses Course After Employee Reprimanded for Telling Churchgoing Coworker ‘I Will Pray for You’

WEB Notes: Make sure to read through the third paragraph. It is okay to say, “God bless you” and “I am praying for you” if you are not within ear shot of the students. This is utter insanity! Yet, we can have drag queens read to our children at the library? Have the people lost their minds? Parents, pull you kids out of the school if they will not change their stance.

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California Christian University Under Pressure to Adopt “LGTB-Inclusive” Policies

WEB Notes: Apparently the people at the school were right, this person is a trouble maker. I do not know about you, but if I was not accepted at some place I would simply find another place. There is no need for lawsuits, but I forgot that we live in the snow flake generation and it is A okay to sue someone until your hearts content…

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White ‘Transracial’ Man Identifies as Filipino

WEB Notes: Now we are hearing about “transracial” people. I am sorry, but your DNA does not change. I want you to listen to the short video below and pay attention around the 50 second mark. He said, ‘he wanted to make sure it was not just me, otherwise there might be something wrong’. So he founded an online group and other confused individuals reached out to him which enabled him to continue with the thought that he is okay…

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