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UK PM: Gay Marriage Is Not Enough, We Need LGBT Issues In Sex Ed

WEB Notes: This lady is a freak, promote the sin, yeah that is what we need. Embrace perversion lady, go ahead keep on embracing it. God is clearly against it, but what does He know. He is just the Creator of all and you are a bag of flesh and the temporary leader of a nation filled with illegals…

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Transgender Person Convicted Of Sexually Abusing 10-Year-Old Girl In Bathroom

WEB Notes: This saddens me to no end. These people who believe they are male when they are female, and believe they are female when they are male are sick in the head. They need help, they do not need to be encouraged to continue the sickness…

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Federal Court Rules World War I Memorial Cross Must Be Torn Down

WEB Notes: This is a bunch of trash. No one is stopping the atheists from their belief. To them a cross is just a piece of stone or wood as it is to us. It is simply symbology. To them it would be to a false god. How about these bums go into all the asian restaurants and demand all the Buddha statues be removed? Why don’t they demand all the Lenin statues removed in this nation? This makes me sick and backs up the point just made in this article. If it looks, acts or smells Christian it must be exterminated.

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‘LGBT Agenda Is Cultural Totalitarianism’, Says Columnist

WEB Notes: Of course it is. You can talk about homosexuality all day long in our society now. But you cannot do that with Christianity. Someone might become offended if you say… Wait for it… JESUS CHRIST!…

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California Legally Recognizes Third Gender Option

WEB Notes: Do you see how rapidly our world is being turned upside down? Unfortunately, the state of California always leads the way in our nation. There is no common sense or general thought here, only about their agenda. Where is the option for space alien or goat? If we are going to go crazy here, let’s go all the way.

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Collective Consciousness To Replace God?

WEB Notes: The “gods” will not be here in 100 years should the world keep on spinning. But our Father will always be here. These people really are in for a shock. They place their trust in scientists who tell them they evolved from slime, but they cannot quite figure out how the slime got there to begin with. Boy if you buy into that lie I have some ocean front property to sell you.

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Boy Scouts Will Admit Girls, Allow Them to Earn Eagle Scout Rank

WEB Notes: Last year the Boy Scouts made news when they decided to allow homosexual scout leaders. Now girls can join the Boy Scouts. Gender blender gone wild…

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WHO: 56 Million Abortions Per Year Worldwide’

WEB Notes: And we wonder why God has left us as a nation and a world? We do not hold onto His ways. Instead we cling on to heathenistic ideals and when some of us do not we are told we are not “tolerate”. Of course, there is never “tolerance” for the Christian faith.

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Blasphemous Minister Who Supports Polyamory Claims ‘Holy Trinity Is a Polyamorous Relationship’

WEB Notes: Alright, where is the Twilight Zone music? This guy is a Pastor, he even has a “doctorate” degree, but are you going to listen to what he has to say?…

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Homosexual Coffee Shop Owner Insults Christ And Forcibly Ejects Christian Customers For Their Beliefs

WEB Notes: This topic should be on every mainstream media news channel right now. But in the hour we live, instead, filth and perversion are glorified.

This article explains several Christians were handing out pantalets in the community concerning the subject of homosexuality. They were not handing them out in the coffee shop.

However, the coffee shop owner who is homosexual found one of the pantalets and proceeded to verbally assault the Christians who were enjoying their coffee they paid for in his shop. The homosexual owner continues to swear and insult our Lord and Savior in the most disgusting manner…

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Islamic Imam Delivers Prayer Before U.S. House Claiming God Is ‘Experienced Through Multiple Paths’

WEB Notes: This is what global religion is all about. Abdullah, you are sadly mistaken. Our Heavenly Father has already given us this speech…

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UK: Now Schools Are Ditching AD And BC In RE Lessons

WEB Notes: Did you know the term B.C. (Before Christ) is soooo offensive they have to remove it from the UK school system? Yeah, this is news to me as well. It is a nice gesture to have concern for others. It is quite another thing to take it to the level of buffoonery…

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