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Man Deported 20 Times Sentenced to 35 Years for Sexual Assault

WEB Notes: Ol Trump was supposed to lock down the borders, ohh about a year ago now. But who is counting? Instead our ridiculous laws allow a clown like this to comeback to our nation 20 times over and hurt your family again and again and again.

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Jared Kushner Failed to Disclose He Led a Foundation Funding Illegal Israeli Settlements Before U.N. Vote

WEB Notes: “Whoops”.

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Black Friday mayhem begins as stores open their doors early

WEB Notes: I suppose I will never understand some people, same thing year after year all for a bunch of junk that will be forgot about in a couple months. To each their own.

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California Gunman Failed To Access Elementary School Classrooms In Shooting Spree, Authorities Say

WEB Notes: The people are becoming crazy, I mean that quite literally. What does it take to make someone do something like this? Our prayers are with all of those involved.

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France To Reassess Child Sex Laws After Controversial Cases

France is to consider a change to its laws around sexual consent, according to the minister for gender equality.

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Why Bringing A Gun To Church Is A Pretty Good Idea

Mistake By U.S. Air Force May Have Allowed Texas Gunman To Buy Weapons

Another mass shooting rocked America when a gunman opened fire Sunday inside a church in the small town of Sutherland Springs, Texas. At least 26 were killed and 20 were injured.

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Chicago Close To Recording 600Th Homicide For Only Second Time Since 2003

WEB Notes: Remember this article, “Pro 2nd Amendment” Trump Sends In Feds To Confiscate Guns In Chicago“? Apparently that did not work.

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Models Lured Women to Wall Street Sex Dungeon

WEB Notes: Another article indicates Rubin has worked with George Soros and we know his background. You should look at the background of Rubin. More and more from this ilk are being thrown under the bus it would appear, very interesting. It is also interesting why so much of this sexual perversion is coming out in the news all at one time.

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Red Cross: $6 Million In Ebola Funds Went Missing From Fraud

WEB Notes: With respect to the wildfires that hit our area, we almost made a second post to cover the help the community received. I can only tell you what I saw in and around my area, maybe other things took place I am not aware of, but this is what I saw…

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Boy, 14, Held Over Acid Attack On London Delivery Driver

WEB Notes: One of the attacks was to steal the guys moped. Throw acid at someone and permanently damage them so you can have a moped for 15 minutes. What is wrong with this world? The lack of our Father in their lives that is the problem.

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Another Person Attacked By Group Of Teens In Baltimore

WEB Notes: Chicago and Baltimore are constantly in the news with either beating attacks or gun violence by low lifes. No one has much regard for the well being of others, that becomes more apparent by the day.

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