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Pedophilia Network of Cops Busted Raping and Filming Cadets to Make Child Porn

WEB Notes: These are always tough stories to read about. Instead of helping our youth they are abusing them. This is always a terrible thing to see, but when it comes from someone in an authoritative role, it makes it that much worse.

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Violent Crime In U.S. Rises for Second Consecutive Year

WEB Notes: Why is crime on the rise? The nation and its people have booted God out of our public lives. Then we make laws that keep lawful citizens from possessing firearms which protect them and their families.

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Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Requested Government Jet For European Honeymoon

WEB Notes: This is not the first time this has been attempted by a government employee. This happens all the time, we just never hear about it. They tipped you off in this article where Mnuchin a Goldman boy took a taxpayer funded flight to Louisville, KY with his wife. Just in time to catch the recent solar eclipse. I am sure he had some official meeting to attend.

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Knifeman Storms Church Attacking Three

WEB Notes: If you live in a state and/or county that allows you the ability to possess a concealed weapons permit, think about it…

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Man Kills Brother In Fight Over Internet Bandwidth

WEB Notes: Kill your brother so your download can be a bit faster. Do you see the world we live in today? These people have lost all sense of normalcy.

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Sacramento City Council Program Pays Gangsters To Stop Killing

WEB Notes: We have seen these reports in the past. Now Sacramento, CA is jumping on board. Foolishness. You do not reward criminals. You punish criminals and while they are serving time how about you offer these guys a Bible lesson for those who are willing to listen. You know why many become gangsters?…

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With Rising Homicides In Big Cities, Republican Governors Intensify Police Patrols

Sgt. Brad Sevier usually patrols an area of Missouri where there is one farm for every 20 residents. Now the Missouri state trooper commutes an hour to patrol the big city.

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