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111 terminally ill patients took their own lives in first 6 months of California right-to-die law

A total of 111 people in California took their own lives using lethal prescriptions during the first six months of a law that allows terminally ill people to request life-ending drugs from their doctors, according to data released Tuesday.

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Noisy cities disrupt heartbeat and could trigger disease, study suggests 

WEB Notes: God instructed us not to build house upon house,  let us hear it from His Word.

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California Assembly stalls universal health care bill

Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon put the brakes on a sweeping plan to overhaul the health care market in California Friday, calling the bill “woefully incomplete.”

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In just one year, nearly 1.3 million Americans needed hospital care for opioid-related issues

The coast-to-coast opioid epidemic is swamping hospitals, with government data published Tuesday showing 1.27 million emergency room visits or inpatient stays for opioid-related issues in a single year.

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UN: World population to hit 9.8 billion by 2050, despite nearly universal lower fertility rates

WEB Notes: What they call, “2030 Sustainable Development Agenda” means “population control” among other things. Notice, in the poor nations there are 4.3 births per woman while in the Euro nations it is at 1.6. With uncontrolled immigration, Europe will not be Europe much longer.

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Survey finds that U.S. anxiety level over security rising fast

WEB Notes: This is absolute propaganda. What people do you know that are concerned about war and terrorism? People really could not care any less about what is going on in Syria. I see the evidence in the online world and in my daily walk. Peoples concerns are over the latest movie, social media he said she said, the latest sale of online retailers and anything else that is superficial. Then you have another sect of people who are just trying to survive and their focus is on that. We as a people have been corralled into these groups and we keep our mind there which allows us to be controlled. Dare you venture to speak a little truth and someone is offended as it goes against the party line of the R or the D. So they shut down and the conversation returns to the meaningless things of life. Games, movies and anything else that diverts attention from truth.

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Oregon Senate votes to allow dementia patients to be starved to death

WEB Notes: We are starting to see this popup all over the country. This is in fact a part of population reduction, just one small step of many.

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Why dads matter, according to science

WEB Notes: Do we really need a scientific study to realize father’s are an important part of the family unit? They helped create the children, so it is common sense, they are needed not only for that, but to raise the child as well. In our world we see TV shows where the father is played by a fool placing into the minds of our children the father is a buffoon rather than a figure to help our children mature.

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Amazon is Buying Whole Foods Market For $13.7 Billion

WEB Notes: The global consolidation continues. I continue to hear more and more people using services like Amazon Pantry where food is now shipped to your house. We live in amazing times, the digital age has and continues to connect us in ways we never thought. It will only continue. Think about local business however, they are being devastated by things like this. When we shop online, local retailers lose out. This will dry up local jobs and instead create large hubs where employment will be based out of these factories and shipping facilities ie: cities instead of towns. It will be interesting to see what our world looks like in just five years. 2017 is on pace for a record amount of store closures. Part of it is due to the economy, but I feel a major part of it is the reasons just outlined. Everything about our world is changing.

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Dow Chemical is pushing Trump administration to ignore studies of toxic pesticide

WEB Notes: Forget the fact that pesticides are dangerous to humans.

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Doctor Says Insurance Companies Declined to Pay for Patients’ Treatments, But Offered Assisted Suicide Coverage

A doctor in Nevada says that insurance companies have now twice declined to pay for patients’ life-saving treatments, but offered to cover assisted suicide.

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Syrian Children Get Polio from Oral Polio Vaccine

WEB Notes: The oral polio vaccine has caused much damage over the years and is the most common form of polio today. Learn more about vaccines here.

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