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“Dreamer” Deal Collapses in Senate

WEB Notes: We need real immigration reform. Stop the illegals, stop the programs that help them.

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U.S. And Turkey Agree To Mend Ties; Turks Propose Joint Deployment In Syria

WEB Notes: Just the other day they tried to tell us Turkey was getting ready to start a war with the US. I think we all know better than that.

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Jordan Secures $6.4Bn Aid Package Despite Trump Threats

WEB Notes: You hear that sucking sound? Not only is it NAFTA, but a bunch of other freeloading countries in the middle east including Israel…

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National Debt Jumps $175 Billion After Debt Ceiling Suspended

WEB Notes: You remember yesterday’s article? “Feds Collect Record Taxes In First Month Under Tax Cut; Run Surplus In January“. Since when does the government have a surplus right? When they stop counting the debt. So as we can see from this article, once that tally started rolling again we see the debt numbers pile back up. How some in the media like to manipulate the numbers. Tax Cut + Increased Spending = Broke.

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Court Orders Full Restoration Of DACA Program

WEB Notes: This guy must be a communist. “He even used Mr. Trump’s own tweets as evidence that the DACA program was ended precipitously“. Who would have thought. Twitter used in a court of law. Notice the picture the article source uses. Respectible looking Mexican folks with a cross and reciting the pledge of alligence…

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Middle East Governments Are Cutting Their Military Budgets Even As Wars Rage Around The Region

WEB Notes: Sure, why not! The US is the world’s police force. They just upped the military budget for overseas entanglements.

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Trump Says U.S. Spent $7 Trillion in Middle East ‘Mistake,’ Now Iraq May Cost $88 Billion More to Rebuild

WEB Notes: Trump says many things the rest of us say. Now is the time for him to be “genuine” and remove our troops from the middle east. Since his election victory, he has increased troop numbers, not drawn them down. Words are sweet, but they are not works.

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Trump’s Education Department Will No Longer Accept LGBT Student Bathroom Complaints

WEB Notes: Perfect. It would be even better if he came out publically and said it. Enough with the non-sense already. You use the bathroom of the sex you were born with. This is not like trading up for cars.

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Israel Launches Heavy Strikes In Syria After F-16 Downed

WEB Notes: The details are in this post. Iran is saying they did not send a drone into Israel. It makes little sense for them to do so, what do they have to gain? Not a whole lot. Regardless, Israel did in fact attack more Syrian and Iranian positions within Syria…

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Justin Trudeau Corrects Constituent: It’s Not ‘Mankind,’ It’s ‘Peoplekind’

WEB Notes: Gender, gender. Gender, blender. This reminds me, starting in 2011 the NIV Bible went this route as well. Substituting he/she for people, etc. It ruins the identity of the people and blurs lines. Ol Justin came in on the wrong ferry and should go back to wherever it is he came from.

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House Committee Passes Bill Expanding Firearm Prohibitions

WEB Notes: Oregon continues to become extremely liberal. The rights of the people should be restored, not further removed from their grasp.

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Trump Signs Massive Spending Deal Into Law And Ends Year’s Second Government Shutdown

WEB Notes: You are going to love the Tweet below from the Treasury Secretary. They removed the debt limit and that protects the faith and credit of the US Government? Are you kidding me people? That is called wreckless spending. This is spending with a blank check with no oversight. Where are the adults in the room? Remember, this administration double spending over the previous Socialist President, so what does that tells us about the Republican one?
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