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China Unveils Minority Report-Style AI Security System

WEB Notes: How one is not creeped out by this is beyond me. It is just too much at this point. Technology is at amazing levels and it appears we are simply entering the next stage.

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GM Sells 70% More Vehicles in China than the US

WEB Notes: Globalism. This headline is not that surprising since China has over a billion people within its borders.

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US Sends F-22s To Join Hundreds Of Fighters For North Korea War Games

WEB Notes: Kim plays with his missiles and the US plays with their military hardware. I think most Americans have been brainwashed to attack North Korea by now, just for the mere fact of the guys hair do. In all seriousness, we continue to see escalations concerning North Korea. There are many war theaters raging in the world today and they all involved nations who are not a part of the globalist agenda (Global Powers).

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Family in India Receives Notice to Stop Christian Gatherings in Their Home

WEB Notes: This is persecution and Christians living in lands like these face it every single day. Unfortunately, we are starting to see this type of persecution in our own nation. Christians can no longer refuse service to someone based on their heathen request to bake a homosexual inspired cake. We are asked not to pray to God during meals and the list goes on and on. If we all stay silent and allow it to happen, we will escalate this decline. Holding your peace is not such a good idea.

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U.S. Warns North Korean Leadership Will Be ‘Utterly Destroyed’ In Case Of War

WEB Notes: Same song, new day. In the meantime the US administration is looking to impose drastic sanctions on North Korea calling all nations to halt trade with the nation.

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Trump Administration to World: Sever All Ties With North Korea

WEB Notes: This is called a trade war and it is very detrimental to a nation just as a standing army would be. Trump also advised major sanctions would be imposed on North Korea (NK) today. Trump even asked that China cut off oil NKs oil supply. We just may have a new escalation in this ongoing saga.

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New Missile Test Shows North Korea Capable Of Hitting All Of US Mainland

WEB Notes: Sure it can Kimmie, sure it can. Earlier this year these guys could not get a missile off the ground, then their missiles were bent. Fast forward a few months and now the backwards nation can deliver a nuclear missile via ICBM to the US with a bow on it just in time for Christmas! It gets better and better all the time. For those who have forgotten, there is one nation and one nation alone who has ever used a nuclear bomb and it was the US. Of course the fear mongers would have you believe everyone wants to blow up the US with a nuclear tipped missile…

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China To Deploy Troops To Fight Alongside Assad In Syria

WEB Notes: This is not the first time China has entered Syria. We see the entire globe concerned and involved with the events taking place there. It is obvious as day we do not have a true world order, while the children of Satan control most of the world, they do not have absolute control over every move by the nations. That will change when the sixth kingdom becomes finalized.

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Vietnam Court Jails Blogger For Seven Years For ‘Propaganda’ Over Spill

WEB Notes: All across the globe people are being denied their right to free speech. In the “freedom” countries we have government “cracking” down on social media in and effort to silence speech that does not go along with the mainstream narrative.

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Japan Wants To Push A Million Tons Of Radioactive Water Into The Pacific Ocean

WEB Notes: This event and others like it have shown that man is not ready to possess nuclear power. When used safely and responsibly it is a great alternative. Yet, with the waste it produces and accidents like this it shows how bad it is for our planet.

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Trump Declares North Korea State Sponsor Of Terrorism

WEB Notes: Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. It amazes me how brainwashed the public is concerning terrorism. The US has funded terrorism longer than any of us wish to admit. The US by their own admission has performed “false flag” operations in our own nation in order to support an agenda in another nation. The recent JFK documents provided yet another glimpse into that realm. Yet, we think a nation that holds parades with bent missiles can destroy our nation? Give me a break already, wake up and smell the coffee people it is burning!

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Chinese Media Reveals New Multi-Nuke Missile to Strike ‘Anywhere in the World’

WEB Notes: Moral of this news story is you should be terrified. You should become overwhelmed with dread. I hope you all sense my sarcasm and maybe I should not use it so often. All this is about is fear and hype, keeping the people in a constant state of fear. China is a part of the Global Powers that we spoke of in Chapter 2 of “The Timeline of the Tribulation”

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