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North Korea Missile Test “Explodes Within Seconds” of Launch as Tensions Simmer

WEB Notes: At first the headlines were reading that North Korea had their missile aimed at Japan and that it exploded within seconds of launch. So common sense kicked in and they scrubbed that headline. Obviously, there would be no way to tell who the missile was aimed at if it blew up within seconds of launch. Oh leave it up to the mainstream media to hype an event. We have said it before and let’s go ahead and say it again. The North Koreans are no threat, they cannot even get a missile off of the ground. But the mainstream would have you believe they are going to nuke the US or EMP was a big headline a few years ago. Hey whatever sounds good and gets the people excited for war. When in reality these guys are about as harmful as a toothless puppy.

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Trump says North Korea dictator ‘is acting very, very badly’

WEB Notes: The commander in tweet had to send the update via twitter as well, that will show ’em. What day and age do we live in people when the president updates the nation via a social media account? Anyone can hack or speak through that channel. This is really crazy. Crazier yet is that it is a crime for North Korea to test a rocket engine now.

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China: Wiping out crime: face-scanners placed in public toilet to tackle loo roll theft

WEB Notes: Come on, this is one of the worst excuses I have ever seen. Well folks we have to scan your face before you use the restroom. How about they actually tackle the problem which they know exists.

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China to ax military corps of disgraced generals amid downsizing of world’s biggest army 

China’s People’s Liberation Army will reportedly disband five of its 18 army corps, including two that served as the power base of two disgraced generals, sources with knowledge about the ongoing shakeup told the South China Morning Post.

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Moscow and Beijing join forces to bypass US dollar in world money market

WEB Notes: They have been working on this for years. This is what the BRICS was all about, this is just another level of it. Notice the “Central Bank of Russia,” this would be a globalist bank, just as China’s. They are not doing anything the children of Satan do not want them to do.

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US Sends Attack Drones to South Korea Ahead of Simulated Invasion of North

WEB Notes: The Korean escalation continues. B52s are in place, THAAD missile system, aircraft carrier and now drones.

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Rex Tillerson: Military action against North Korea is an option ‘on the table’ – Video

WEB Notes: Watch this guy read his script. They all read from scripts and teleprompters. They all use the same tired line, “all options are on the table”. He goes on to say North Korea must essentially stop producing military power to be seen as a good guy. Of course the entire reason North Korea is even in the news is due to the nation not being a part of the current global structure which includes its financial system. Notice other nations around the world test ballistic missiles all the time, yet you never hear a word about those nations committing a crime. Why? Those nations are already on board the global ship.

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Tillerson says diplomacy with North Korea has ‘failed,’ time for new approach

WEB Notes: While tillerson did not specifically say what the new approach was the US has moved the THAAD missile system into South Korea along with B52 bombers. On Wednesday, the USS Carl Vinson Aircraft Carrier arrived in South Korea “for joint military exercises in the latest show of force against the North“. tillerson would go on to call North Korea’s supposed weapons program “dangerous and unlawful”.

This is the pot calling the kettle black. It is the US who continually breaks their own laws in an effort to snoop on their own citizens. It is the United States that is policing the entire world and going bankrupt in the process. They are performing the work for the children of Satan and enslaving the people along the way.

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US deploys drones in South Korea capable of striking North Korean targets

WEB Notes: First it was B52s and now it is drones.

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Japan mulls first-strike capability against North Korea

WEB Notes: The only nations pushing the war envelope are those who would fight against, North Korea, Iran and Syria who are not a part of the global financial system.

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South Korea president Park Geun-hye ousted by court

WEB Notes: Why? She is corrupt and was caught. Too bad she was not in office in the US. You can lie cheat and steal and the people will love you to death and vote for you over and over again. It is almost like the people love the abuse.

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Trump Says US Uses Whole Spectrum of Military Capabilities to Deter N. Korea

WEB Notes: This whole North Korean issue has been going on for at least 20 years as well. When they get hungry they start wanting to play war and in the past the US always gave them aid. That seemed to stop a few years ago, so why the change? It is certainly possibly that we are nearing the time when US military force will be used against North Korea. The trump administration has a lot of players on their side that are war hawks. Time will tell. One thing for certain, North Korea is not a part of the Global Financial System so they must be brought into “compliance” by the Global Powers we discussed in Chapter 2 of “The Timeline of the Tribulation“.

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