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U.S. Aircraft Carrier & Bomber ‘Under Attack’ In Doctored N. Korea Footage

WEB Notes: All I can say is wow after watching that horribly chopped together video. Watch the video below. This is from the government of North Korea. No wonder these guys cannot build a decent missile, look at the quality of the video. This is horrible and you want to tell me North Korea is going to nuke us? These guys are saying if the U.S. attacks this is what will happen to the U.S. attackers. Then they show you a repeat of the same missile launch a time or three. High tech stuff here folks. “Be afraid, be very afraid“.

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President Trump Threatens Kim Jong U.N. In Tweet

WEB Notes: Trump acts just like a child (Isaiah 3:4). He shoots out his little irate tweets when no one else will listen to make sure that he is receiving the attention his ego needs. Have we ever seen a President like this before? I do not think so. The amount of people who suck up this stuff is amazing to me. Look how many “hearts” his tweet received…

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North Korean Minister Says Trump The One On Suicide Mission

WEB Notes: Listen to what the North Korean Minister said here. He is absolutely correct. Who is the one conducting military drills just a few miles from whose coast here? The US is conducting military drills right off the coast of North Korea. We do not see North Korea off our coast performing drills do we? Of course not. We hear their rhetoric and that is it. If Trump and the rest of the admin just shut their mouth this would all go away. But it is not about that. So what is all of this about then?…

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U.S. Jets Drop Bombs in ‘Show of Force’ Against North Korea

U.S. jets, along with aircraft from Japan and South Korea, dropped live ammunition in the Korean Peninsula as part of a show of force against North Korea Sunday in response to North Korea’s missile launch over Japan last week.

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ChinaAid: Christian Academy Banned For ‘Brainwashing’ Children

WEB Notes: Had these kids been learning about some heathen god it would have been okay. That is something that should always make you think…

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North Korea Fires Missile Through Japan’s Airspace Into Pacific Ocean

WEB Notes: The missile flew over the northern region of Japan known as Hokkaido. If this is a true report, North Korea is signing its own death warrant…

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South Korea Trade Deal: ‘It’s Like NAFTA on Crack’

WEB Notes: It would not be that hard to have controls in place that would halt trade if it started to become unequal. They just choose not to do that. Meanwhile, the nation continues to go into debt on a local and global level.

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US Threatens To ‘Cut China Off’ From Dollar If It Does Not Uphold Sanctions Against N. Korea

WEB Notes: Considering the same group of people control financial policy for the US and China this is very unlikely.

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War On Cash Backfires On India’s Economy

WEB Notes: I am going to take a guess and say no one is surprised by this. This was never about crime and removing fake money from the street. This was and is about control of the people

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China’s Xi Jinping Tells Donald Trump That North Korea Nuclear Issue Must Be Solved Via Talks

WEB Notes: Nearly the entire world is war weary and ready for peace. Russia and China have both said they want to end this diplomatically. This goes against their words a couple years ago when they threatened direct war with the United States over Syria…

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Chinese Government Bans Children From Attending Church

WEB Notes: Think about that for a moment. It is extremely tough to be a Christian in China and many other countries around the globe. Really think about that. You are able to exercise your Christianity in this nation no problem. Well, now we are being told it is racist, but Christians in this nation need to stand up in full force and shout that rhetoric down or we will end up like China. Do not take what little bit of freedom we have left for granted or it will disappear.

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Cashless Society: China’s KFC Introduces Facial Recognition Payment System

Step by step, facial recognition has been accepted by the general public for security; its appearance is proliferating at airports and at train stations around the world. With that acclimatization in full swing, facial recognition is also becoming a preference in the name of convenience as it is being adopted for conference check-ins and other events. Logically, the next incarnation purports security and convenience in the form of biometric payments using facial recognition.

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