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Trump’s China Trade Crackdown Coming Monday

President Donald Trump is ready to launch a new trade crackdown on China next week, an administration official confirmed.

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MIT Rocket Experts: ‘North Korean Missile Claims Are A Hoax’

WEB Notes: You mean to tell me the US government has been lying to us all? No… Yes! Have you already forgotten all the failed North Korean missile launches? Have you forgotten about their bent missiles? No nation will launch a nuclear weapon if they are not certain that it will be successful. Can you be deceived so easily? Ask yourself why Iran, North Korea and Venezuela are always painted in the colors of the enemy…

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US Has Been Conducting Back-Channel Talks With North Korea For Months

WEB Notes: So all of the back and forth words like North Korea saying 3.5 million volunteers are ready to retaliate against the US is Reality TV. Trump’s words are Reality TV. Who would have guessed! The only way this ends peacefully is if North Korea joins the globe.

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‘No War, No Peace’: India Raises Military Alert Level Over China Border Dispute

The standoff between China and India along the Doklam Plateau has shown no signs of de-escalating, as India continues to bolster its strength and increase operational readiness along the border.

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US, Japanese Troops Begin Joint Military Exercise Amid North Korea Threat

More than 3,500 American and Japanese troops kicked off a weeks-long joint military exercise Thursday against the backdrop of an increasingly belligerent North Korean regime.

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Poll: Here’s What Americans Want Done About North Korea

WEB Notes: Do you see how psychology is used on people? What they do is bring up one issue, and then present a couple different sides to it and then see what you think about the issue cornering you into a preconceived outcome. This leaves out the rational to opt out of the situation to begin with. With respect to North Korea they bring the thought of war to your mind. The threat that you and your babies will be blown to smithereens is disturbing to you. This of course causes you to fear and out of that you want to protect yourself. Of course there is no real threat, the US has already said the possibility of a bent North Korean missile actually hitting the US is nearly 0%. Of course they would have to get their missile off the ground to begin with, but do not let the facts dissuade you. Psychology is used against the masses on every scale imaginable and I do mean on every scale.

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US Warns North Korea Against Action ‘That Will Lead To The End Of Regime And Destruction Of Its People’

WEB Notes: The rhetoric is really flying now folks! The US is threatening to blow up the citizens of North Korea over a would be dictator. A dictator over a nation that is among the world’s poorest. A nation that is so backwards they think missiles fly with a bent nose cone. Yes, but now North Korea has mini nukes folks. Don’t look now the asian guy next to you could actually be a North Korean spy oh yes and that briefcase he has is not a briefcase at all. It is a mini nuke! The fear, the dread, the horror of it all!…

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Trump’s Reality TV: North Korea “Will Be Met With Fire And Fury Like The World Has Never Seen”

Donald Trump Pointing

WEB Notes: This has really turned comical at this point. Trump pipes up and then so does North Korea or vise versa. Ol bent missile North Korea responded saying, ‘we will strike Guam’. Really? Trump threatened “fiiire and fury” like the world has never seen and that is the best North Korea could come up with? Why? That is all the capabilities they have, if that…

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North Korea Strengthening Ties With Iran: ‘Tehran and Pyongyang Have a Common Enemy’

WEB Notes: Well how convenient is this? It is very convenient and simple to whip up headlines like this when the powers that be actually control the media. I mean you paint those guys in the colors of the enemy and the people will believe it. They will support your war and offer up their children to go fight it. We live in the modern age my friend where people believe anything on TV or in print, no matter how outlandish it is. ..

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Little Girls Model Lingerie In ‘Victoria’s Secret’-Style Show

WEB Notes: This is where incrementalism leads us. Many parents have no problem putting makeup on their 5 year old daughters. I personally find that detestable! Let the children be children, let’s face it makeup was designed to add an attraction element, that is why it exists. There is nothing inherently wrong with makeup, but it does not belong on a child, you do not want or need to make a child attractive. Nonetheless, look where we find ourselves today.

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U.S. National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster Prepared To Launch ‘Preventive War’ Against North Korea

WEB Notes: They have all sorts of reverse terms these days, “preventative war” actually means an “first response war and war to protect globalist interests”. When we hear about “humanitarian intervention,” that actually means “nation building and globalism”. Do not forget ol McMaster attended a globalist Bilderberg Conference. Not surprising right? Globalism has not stopped, it has just kicked up a notch. Let us not forget the sanctions that have already been imposed on North Korea, that in of itself is an act of war.

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North Korea Ready To Teach U.S. ‘Severe Lesson’, Says U.N. Abused Its Authority

North Korea is ready to give the United States a “severe lesson” with its strategic nuclear force if it takes military action against it, and will not put its nuclear programme or its missiles on the negotiating table, it said in a statement to a regional meeting on Monday.

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