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Top US General: ‘We Have To Entertain’ The Possibility Of Military Action In North Korea

WEB Notes: Look at these headlines today. These are all the headlines of a nation that is entangled in the affairs of other nations. This is daily and these are all indicators that this nation is controlled by the children of Satan. What is a child of Satan? Read our study to find out.

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Fishermen express fury as Fukushima plant set to release radioactive material into ocean

WEB Notes: But the US wants to launch a full scale war in Syria because they claim Assad used chemical weapons on his people. But to dump tons of radioactive water into the ocean? That is A okay. The ocean is a huge place, no doubt about it and much of it would be diluted. Yet, to think it will have no impact on the environment is foolishness.

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Malcolm Turnbull calls on China to take ‘strongest action’ against North Korea

The Australian prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, is calling on China to take the “strongest action” against North Korea as the risk of military conflict intensifies.

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‘Strategic Message’ for Beijing: US Leads Massive Navy Drills With India, Japan

WEB Notes: None of these guys including the mainstream media can get their stories straight. We posted an article two days ago titled, “Trump And China Agree To Military Exercises Over North Korean Threat As President Tones Down Tough Talk Against China’s Xi Jinping“. So how exactly is the US sending a message to China through military force if the US is already engaged in military exercises with China? The world is a stage my friends, the world is a stage.

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North Korea unlikely to have ICBM technology, South intel says as Kim celebrates launch

WEB Notes: The US says North Korea has nuclear weapons and ICBMs while South Korea hits that theory with a sledge hammer.

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Trump and China Agree to Military Exercises Over North Korean Threat as President Tones Down Tough Talk Against China’s Xi Jinping

WEB Notes: Just go type “China” into our search and look at the past articles from this year. China used to be an alley of North Korea, but it appears that has faded away. Back in April China threatened to bomb North Korean nuclear facilities if they crossed Beijing. Now we see the US and China entering military exercises aimed at North Korea. If you recall from years past, the North Korean issue would have blown over by now. As the days go by it appears more and more that this will stay in the news and we may in fact see military action taken on North Korea. This will be done in an effort to remove the government in power and replace it with one ruled by the globalists.

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U.S. Bombers Carry Out Exercise in South Korea in Show of Force to North

WEB Notes: Who is showing force? The United States once again. They have done the same thing with Iran. Many will point to North Korea testing missile technology. The United States does the same thing so where is the crime? Supposedly North Korea has said they want to blow up the US, but where is the evidence? Because the mainstream media said so? North Korea is no saint nation, but let us understand the real dilemma here.

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Trump in Poland: President calls on ‘all nations’ to confront North Korean threat

WEB Notes: Maybe he can tweet us up a solution to the problem.

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US Prepared To Go To War With North Korea

The United States toughened its military pressure and invective against nuclear-armed North Korea on Wednesday, conducting a missile maneuver with South Korea, hinting of a possible return to war with the North and proposing wider United Nations sanctions against “any country that does business with this outlaw regime.”

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Pentagon vows to protect US & allies after Pyongyang’s ‘escalatory ICBM test’

WEB Notes: Notice how Russia and China are both condemned North Korea. Nations that are not a part of the global agenda will be condemned by the nations controlled by the globalists. It has been a few weeks since North Korea has been in the news, so it was about time in order to keep this on the American peoples minds.

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Russia, China: N. Korea must freeze nuclear activities, US halt THAAD deployment

Moscow and Beijing have agreed that North Korea should freeze its nuclear and missile programs, while the US and South Korea should abstain from holding war games in the region, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

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Trump calls emergency meeting over North Korea missile

President Donald Trump called an emergency meeting on the Fourth of July to formulate a ‘measured response’ to North Korea’s first intercontinental ballistic missile test, amid fears it could reach as far as Alaska.

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