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Same Sex Marriage May Be On the Horizon In Germany

WEB Notes: Since we live in the end times you should be able to document that for yourself with the events of our world and from God’s Word. In Luke 17:20 the subject is the Return of Christ, Jesus goes on to explain what it would be like, what would we see in that final generation? Turn your Bible with me to,

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Google Gets Record $2.7 Billion EU Fine for Skewing Searches

Google lost its biggest regulatory battle yet, getting a record 2.4 billion-euro ($2.7 billion) fine from European Union enforcers who say the search-engine giant skewed results to thwart smaller shopping search services.

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German Authorities Raid Homes of 36 for Social Media ‘Hate Speech’

WEB Notes: Anything that does not agree with the globalist agenda is consider hate speech. No one has a right to tell you what to think.

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Church of England Official Suggests Transgender Christians Can Be ‘Re-Christened’ After Undergoing Sex Change

WEB Notes: Just because a building says “church” on it does not make it a house of God. It is a house of God if His Word is taught there. Otherwise, it is just another building.

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Paris attacker ‘swore allegiance to ISIS’, was on terrorism watch list & had gun permit

WEB Notes: Now ask yourself. How can a known terrorist on the watch list no less also have a permit to own a firearm in the socialist nation of France? There terrorists are being supporting by the governments.

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Brussels station bomber was Moroccan ‘sex offender’

WEB Notes: Look a terror attack, hey there is another one and another. Everyone is now immune to the idea of it. It no longer seems odd, just the norm in the Western world. Perfect, now those governments can remove more of your rights. You will notice it was Belgium military troops that neutralized the terrorist. Not law enforcement. Military in the streets by definition is martial law.

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The London Inferno: Is a Human Life Worth No More Than $100? 

WEB Notes: This is a good example of greed. It is also a good example that was is allowable in your nation is known to be dangerous in others. There is a big world out there aside from your own nation. While not related, we also see this with vaccines. Many that are considered “safe” in the US are considered dangerous in other nations.

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‘I want to kill all Muslims,’ London mosque attacker said after ramming worshipers

WEB Notes: Who is surprised? I am only surprised it did not happen sooner. The paid mercenaries known as terrorists have been attacking the Western nations for years now without retaliation of the people. Now the people took action. Unfortunately, the people have the wrong enemy. This is exactly what the children of Satan enjoy. Divide and conquer tactics, then no one can work together to find out who the real enemy is.

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EU launches legal cases against Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic for not taking in refugees

WEB Notes: When these three nations decided to join the globalist EU they gave away their freedoms. They want to do the right thing here by keeping their nation safe, but global government is about destroying our once sovereign nations and destroying the culture within them.

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Massive fire engulfs London high-rise, leaves at least 6 dead

WEB Notes: What a horrible event. The cause is still unknown,  a firefighter with 29 years is saying this is an unprecedented event. I do want you to notice, the building never fell. Steel buildings do not fall due to fires.

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Hungarian PM Orbán: ‘The European Union Is on the Side of Terrorists’

WEB Notes: This guy better be careful with his words. The globalists do not like light shining on their agenda. His airplane just might have a “mechanical failure”, where have we seen that before…

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Islamic State calls for Ramadan attacks in US, Europe

WEB Notes: Go back in the memory banks of your mind for a moment. Does anyone else remember back in the Osama Bin Laden days they used to tell us they could not release audio or video footage for fear of “code words” in the videos that would signal a terror attack on our soil. What ever happened to that? These days the media is actually the mouth piece for the terrorists. They help spread the message and signal the call to action for the terrorists.

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