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‘Arsonists’ Are Blamed For Fires In Spain And Portugal

A man who drove through raging wildfires in Portugal says luck was on his side after he filmed himself escaping the deadly blazes ravaging the region.

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Boys Who Identify as Girls Allowed to Wear Skirts, Be Addressed as ‘Zie’ at Surrey Boarding School

A boarding school in Surrey will let boys who question their identity wear skirts and sleep in girls’ boarding houses.

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Czech Prez Calls For A European ‘Second Amendment’ For Self-Defence Against Terrorists

Czech president Miloš Zeman has said Europeans should “have the courage to invest in our own guns” in order to guard against international terrorism, like millions of U.S. citizens have.

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Cars Burned, Dozens of People Arrested at Anti-Labor Reform Rally in Paris

Another anti-labor demonstration in France has resulted in the acts of vandalism as tensions over the bill signed into law by President Macron in the country simmer.

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EU To Ban Business Ties With Pyongyang Over Nuclear Tests

WEB Notes: This is a trade war.

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British Couples Too Stressed To Sleep In The Same Bed, Study Finds

WEB Notes: Heck, in the old days men and woman did sleep in separate beds which I found crazy when I learned that as a child. Do I agree with it? No.

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UK: Now Schools Are Ditching AD And BC In RE Lessons

WEB Notes: Did you know the term B.C. (Before Christ) is soooo offensive they have to remove it from the UK school system? Yeah, this is news to me as well. It is a nice gesture to have concern for others. It is quite another thing to take it to the level of buffoonery…

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Catalan Referendum: Catalonia Has ‘Won Right To Statehood’

WEB Notes: 89% voted in favor of independence.

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France: Police Kill Terrorist At Marseille Train Station

WEB Notes: Another terrorist attack in a Western nation. This used to be unheard of, but with today’s mass immigration policies it is nearly a daily occurrence. All by design.

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Spanish Riot Police Crack Down On Banned Catalan Vote

WEB Notes: Let freedom ring.

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Millions Of Ballots Seized By Police Ahead Of Catalan Vote

Police on Thursday seized more than six million ballots and envelopes and 100 ballot boxes in a Catalan town, in the latest bid to block a banned independence referendum, a police source said.

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Theresa May Threatens Us With Trade War Over Bombardier Row

WEB Notes: If this moves forward, this too is a trade war. This is the problem with the governments of the world today for the children of Satan. They do not have absolute control of the world’s governments. Yes, they control the UK and US though many means, but that control is not absolute and we discuss how they will obtain this in Chapter 3 of “The Timeline of the Tribulation“.

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