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ISIS Barcelona Attack Killed 13 And Injured Over 100

WEB Notes: In a separate “attack” a house blew up over 100 miles from this location. At this moment I cannot find any good video footage of this vehicle assault. I do see a vehicle towed away with a tarp over it and I always have to question the point of that. Is something being hidden from the public?…

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Austria Deploys Troops to Italian Border to Stop Migrants from Coming In

WEB Notes: You mean to tell me all the illegal immigrants are taking their toll on the nation? Who would have guessed that!

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Poland Loses 111,000+ Acres Of Trees In Worst Disaster On Record

Poland’s forestry authority said Wednesday it will take until 2019 to clear away trees that were broken and felled last weekend by extremely heavy winds in the northwest and central part of the country.

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UK: Children as Young as Five Expelled from School for ‘Sexual Misconduct’

WEB Notes: Of course the schools are teaching our children about modern day’s sex-ed in preschool. Let the children be children, but where are the parents? If you know the school is going to teach your children at such a young age about sexual content why do you allow it? Have you too been brainwashed into believing it is okay? Kids should be playing on swing sets and getting dirty, not government indoctrination on sex at such a young age. With today’s iGadgets I hear more and more about families being in their own room either watching TV or droning out to some iDevice. Then there are some families who do that, but all in the same room. What happened to moderation people? How many families actually sit at the dinner table and eat together these days? Probably not many, but I certainly would encourage you to do so.

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Paris Attack: Police Make Motorway Arrest After Car Driven Into Soldiers

WEB Notes: Europe has been plagued by terror attacks for the last few years. Why? How about the ongoing and raging war taking place in the middle east… Continually, “coalition forces” led by the U.S. are destroying the infrastructure in the middle east and all of those people have to go somewhere. Of course they could be directed to other Arab lands, but that is rarely the case. Instead we see a mass exodus from the middle east and that exodus arrives in Euro in a great clash of cultures. This is no accident. This is a part of the children of Satan’s agenda to finish destroying what is left of the nation state and Christian nations.

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UK Ready To Pay Eu Up To $47 Billion Under Brexit Divorce Bill

The United Kingdom is ready to pay the European Union up to 36 billion pounds ($47 billion) in accordance with London’s financial obligations which are a result of its EU membership, local media reported Saturday citing government sources.

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Church Of England Minister Criticised For Homosexual Pride Service

WEB Notes: God does not approve no matter what this so called teacher said. He is a liar and he has brought abominations into the house of God.

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Britain To Ban Sale Of All Diesel And Petrol Cars And Vans By 2040

WEB Notes: First it was France, now Britain.

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“Daddy, Daddy, I’ve done a bad thing.” 5 Year Old Fined £150 For Lemonade Stand Without License

WEB Notes: We live in a world that has gone completely insane. How many of you had stands when you were a kid? I did many times and I recall selling other snacks as well. It was fun as a kid to go shopping and figure this is my cost, this is my mark up, this is my profit. Big brother really was not missing out on a lot. This poor girl might have made $5-20 bucks in one day. The best part is the “officers” had to turn “on their mobile camera and began reading from a big script explaining that she did not have a trading license.” Were these officers fresh meat? They couldn’t even get their lines right. B rated movie “stars” do better than this.

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UK’s First State-Funded Muslim School Taken Over by Gov After Pro-Rape Books Found

WEB Notes: So this has been going on since 2001 no doubt, right under the nose of the government. Who would have guessed those from another nation saturated in this type of culture would do such a thing?

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‘Huge increase’ in female genital mutilation in Germany

WEB Notes: You remember we are always told bringing in all of these people illegally is fine. “We need to embrace the rich culture of others”. Well this is some of that “rich culture”. People are people, but some people have a culture that is far distant from yours. This is why there must always be controlled immigration.

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Malta Legalizes Same-Sex ‘Marriage’

WEB Notes: Only 1 Maltese government official voted against it out of 67. That sounds about right considering the hour we find ourselves in. We are out numbered in our beliefs, the world is at odds with us. But you know one thing? All we need is our Father on our side and we win no matter how many stand in our path.

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