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Trump’s Jerusalem Move Will Speed Up Israel’s Destruction, Unite Muslims – Iran’s Defense Minister

Last week’s decision by the US president to recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital is bound to backfire, hastening the demise of the Jewish state and banding Muslims together, Iran’s defense minister has said. And should conflict break out in the region, Washington will have to bear responsibility, General Amir Hatami said.

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Iran: Us Plan To Move Israel Embassy Sign Of ‘Incompetence, Failure’

The US intention to move its embassy to Jerusalem is a sign of incompetence and failure, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said today.

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Benjamin Netanyahu: ‘We Have To Act Now Against Iran’

WEB Notes: He sounds like one of those infomercial guys, “act now, dial 1-800-schmuck”. Israel has no business in Syria, neither do any of the other nations, but that is neither here nor there at this point. We know they are there for regime change, in order to bring Syria under the control of the globalists.

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Saudi-Led ‘Arab NATO’ Declares Total War On Terrorism; Iran, Iraq & Syria Not Invited

WEB Notes: You remember the glowing orb ceremony which kicked off the new “Global Center For Combating Extremist Ideology” right? 41 nations are making up this new “Arab-NATO” which have vowed to ‘wipe terrorists from the face of the earth‘. Just last week the new Saudi Crown Price called Iran’s Supreme Leader “the new Hitler of the Middle East”...

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Israel Vows To Destroy Iranian Positions Within 40 Km Of Syrian Border

WEB Notes: Nothing will be good enough for Israel and the Global Powers, Assad must be removed from power.

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Saudis ‘Don’t Give A Damn’ About Palestinians, Want Israel’s Help With Iran – Fmr Netanyahu Adviser

WEB Notes: This should be painfully obvious to anyone paying attention to world news. None of these nations ever try to help the Palestinians. Instead they continue on with the official narrative that Iran is the boogieman.

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The Iranian President Just Said ISIS Is Finished

WEB Notes: Everyone seems to agree, ISIS is finished. The globalists will need something else to work on if they feel Syria is finished. That was the entire goal of ISIS, to destroy Syria, to provide a real to invade that nation. Iran is on the chopping block, the only question is when it will take place.

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Israel Is Ready To Share Intelligence On Iran With Saudi Arabia – IDF Chief

WEB Notes: This is exactly what the children of Satan have been waiting for. A united front in the middle east against Iran. This is the only way a conflict with Iran can be successful, an absolute buy in from the rest of the Arab region. Think about that, the children of Satan are so cunning they have been able to turn brother against brother…

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Netanyahu Threatens Israel Will ‘Act Alone’ Against Iran In Syria

WEB Notes: I have been hearing this for at least 15 years now. Iran was supposed to have been able to nuke the world by now as well. On and on it goes. A conflict with Iran will emerge when it is time.

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War Between Iran & Saudi Arabia Could Send Oil To $300 Per Barrel & Impoverish The World

WEB Notes: Whatever it takes to break the current global structure and bring the sixth kingdom to a full.

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Emerati Minister: ‘Iran Is A Greater Threat Than Al-Qaeda, ISIS’

WEB Notes: What I find extremely interesting is now that we are hearing ISIS is defeated or near defeated, immediately we are hearing of escalated tensions with Iran. Now we have quotes from middle east leaders as the title indicates that paint Iran in the colors of the enemy. We all know how Saudi Arabia feels about it. A new precedent is beginning to form that points toward conflict with Iran. In today’s world, calling one a terrorist or a supporter of terrorism is a globally supported reason for war. We live in interesting times!

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Tension Mounts In Lebanon As Saudi Arabia Escalates Power Struggle With Iran

WEB Notes: In years past when we heard about war with Iran, it always focused around the US and Iran. Today, we are seeing that expanded to the entire region, something I think many of us knew was needed to have a true conflict with Iran. “Buy in” was needed in order to make it real and acceptable to the world. It would appear that “buy in” is taking place right now…

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