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US shoots down Iranian drone in Syria

A U.S. aircraft shot down an armed Iranian drone advancing on coalition forces in southern Syria on Tuesday, Fox News confirmed.

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Fox News Krauthammer: Iran Aims to Fill the ISIS Vacuum in Syria

WEB Notes: So now the mainstream media puts forward the idea that Iran launched rockets into Syria at ISIS so Iran could take over the portion of Syria that ISIS has. He continues saying, but Iran “really, really” wanted to send a message to Saudi Arabia.

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Iran fires missiles against ‘terrorist bases’ in E. Syria in retaliation for Tehran attacks

WEB Notes: No official word has come from Iran concerning their missile strikes in Syria. This is all coming from the Iranian news agencies at this point.

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Iran, China hold joint naval drill in Persian Gulf

Iran’s navy has conducted a joint exercise with a Chinese fleet near the strategic Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf.

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U.S. Quietly Admits Covert CIA Role in Iranian Coup

WEB Notes: Many of us have known about this for years. Now it is public knowledge. This is nothing new for the United States, they have done this over and over again throughout time.

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Kerry: Mideast Leaders Urged US to ‘Bomb’ Iran; ‘We Chose a Different Path’

WEB Notes: Just as the Brookings Report titled, “Which Path To Persia” states. Global Powers will have made is appear as though they tried all diplomatic measures before they were forced to attack Iran.

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Iran’s supreme leader calls US fight against ISIS ‘a lie’ as allegations intensify

WEB Notes: Maybe Khamenei watched our video. I jest. Many nations in the middle east know this is true. We can document that with our own eyes alone. ISIS becomes stronger even though several nations are supposedly attacking them in Syria. That makes no sense.

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Islamic State Supporters: ‘Soon We’ll Attack the Snake’s Head and Destroy Iran’

WEB Notes: This sounds like a bunch of propaganda. Regardless, the stated goal seems to be obvious as we just pointed out. All indicators are pointing to Iran, that it will become the next target of “ISIS”, the proxy army of the so called “West”.

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Iran Accuses US of Alliance With ISIS, Claims To Have Proof

WEB Notes: Iran is a little late to the party. There is plenty of proof out there that the US and other Global Powers are supporting ISIS in an effort to rid the world of nations who are not a part of the globalized world.
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Iran sends warships to Oman amid Gulf tensions

The Iranian Navy has dispatched a flotilla on a mission to Oman, local media report, and will enter international waters.

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ISIS Proxy Army of the West Attacks Iran – Video

Who funds ISIS and why do they always attack the people when they are being attacked by the governments of the world? Why did ISIS attack the Iranian government instead of the people as they do in the West? Join us for this timely discussion of world events.

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U.S. Says It Shot Down Drone That Attacked Fighters in Syria

WEB Notes: We are being told the US, Britain, Russia, Iran and Syria are all fighting against ISIS, but they just cannot win. Take off your tin foil mainstream media hat for a moment. How on earth can the biggest super power the world (US) has ever seen not be able to defeat ISIS who runs around in their Toyota pickups? Then throw in Britain, Russia, Iran and Syria. You would have to be a complete fool to believe the official narrative. You have multiple nations fighting with their trained troops against a bunch of so called terrorists. The official narrative is trash, it is a lie. The war in Syria rages to remove Assad from power as his regime will not go along with the globalist agenda. We talk more about this here; “ISIS” Attacks Iranian Government: Global Powers Escalate Their One World Agenda.

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