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Lips Service: Trump “Decertifies” Iran Nuclear Deal, Slaps Sanctions On Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps

WEB Notes: This basically means nothing as of right now. Trump “decertified” the deal, but the deal still stands. You figure that one out…

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Trump To Make Announcement On Fate Of Iran Nuclear Deal Friday

President Trump is expected to announce his decision on the fate of the Iran nuclear deal in a speech on Friday, according to Republican lawmakers briefed by the administration.

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Trump Expected To ‘Decertify’ Iran Nuclear Deal Next Week

Mossad Chief: Iran Closer ‘Than Ever Before’ To Israel’s Borders

WEB Notes: Israel and the US are the ones who have attacked Iran, not the other way around. Let’s keep that real straight right off the bat. How many times have we heard about an airbase or nuke factory attacked in Syria or Iran over the years? They are not doing it to themselves, that is for certain.

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Iran Tests New Medium-Range Ballistic Missile

WEB Notes: Mainstream media is carrying this story as well, but about all you get is a title from the site in question these days…

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UN Nuclear Watchdog Defends Iran Deal

WEB Notes: Make note of this. Iran is compliant with the nuclear deal. Though next month Trump may cancel the agreement calling Iran “non-compliant“…

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Trump Says, ‘You’ll See’ What He Plans To Do About Iran Nuke Deal

WEB Notes: What rhetoric. We should be reminded, it is the U.S. who has applied sanctions to Iran, not the other way around. It is the U.S. who has military troops pointing at Iran from all angles including the sea…

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Iran Condemns Pyongyang’s Nuke Tests, Says War ‘Imminent’ Without Talks

WEB Notes: Even Iran is getting in on the action. Unfortunately for them, they still do not realize the world stands against them as well.

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Ambassador Nikki Haley: Trump ‘Has Grounds’ to Find Iran Noncompliant on Nuclear Deal

WEB Notes: Yeah Nikki, we know, we know. You and your buddy John Bolton will come up with anything to drop a bomb on Iran. The fact of the matter is there are no grounds to find Iran non-compliant, as they are in fact compliant. Even Trump admitted that recently which we posted about. Warmonger, warmonger, warmonger…

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Amb. Nikki Haley: Iran Shows ‘True Colors’ By Providing Arms To Hamas

WEB Notes: All you have to do is be the first one to point the finger in today’s world and everyone will believe the guy you are pointing at is the bad guy. Forget the fact the US has supported terrorism for years and still does today.

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IAEA: Iran Complying With Nuclear Deal

WEB Notes: Just remember that if the US comes out in October and says they are not compliant as alluded to by Trump.

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IAEA Doesn’t Check Iran Military Sites for Nukes Because There’s ‘No Reason To’

WEB Notes: Iran said their bases are off limits anyway. Of course they are going to say that, it is their military bases. Would the US allow the IAEA to inspect their bases? Of course not.

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