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China And Iran Firms Sign First Nuclear Plant Redesign Contracts

WEB Notes: The amount of false news out there these days is truly astounding. Other reports which are false are claiming China is now in charge of Iran’s nuclear facilities. That is absolutely not true.

China and Iran have signed a deal which will see the redesign of this Iranian nuclear facility which will remove its ability to make nuclear bomb material. You will note that China and the United States are both working on this project together.

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Iran shows off newest long-range missiles at Army Day parade

WEB Notes: Iran showed it off at a military parade in their own nation. The US on the other hand shows off live military off Iran and North Korea’s coast while giving Syria a full display of some of its capabilities. Now which guy is worse here I ask?

Iran is certainly not doing any favors for itself with rhetoric toward Israel.

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Iran shows off its elusive new fighter jet – but not in flight

WEB Notes: How about that, a mini fighter jet that does not fly. This is the best piece of hardware I have seen so far from them, but had it been able to fly they surely would have displayed it. The Iranians are a proud people, but they need another 100 years to catch up.

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CIA Director Says Syria Missile Strike a Message for Tehran

WEB Notes: The guy goes on to say Iranian aggression continues to grow. Is he living on planet Mars? That is the pot calling the kettle black. Who is the one invading the middle east? The United States. Who has Iran surrounded? The United States and it is the United States who has been funding the terrorists in Syria.

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In surprise move, Iran’s Ahmadinejad to run for president

WEB Notes: Talk about a perfect setup. They called this guy “the hitler of our time” years ago in efforts to demonize him. Of course “jews” actually meet with and presented him with honors for his respectful nature toward them. Of course you will not catch that on the mainstream media, as that is not a “fact approved” news story.

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Iran and Russia threaten US after ‘aggression’ in Syria

WEB Notes: Same old song once again. Meanwhile, other reports say Russia and Iran are planning to hit back at the US. The amount of theater being put on display is astounding. Iran is not going to do a thing. They know the US would use the opportunity to strike the heart of their nation if they did so. Russia, they are simply playing good cop, bad cop.

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U.S. Strike in Syria Raises Tensions With Iran

WEB Notes: Of course it does. Iran is the true target, but Syria’s Assad must be removed from power as well. It would seem unlikely that Iran would step up militarily at this point, they never have to date. If so they risk an attack on their nation as well. That will happen regardless, but they probably do not think so.

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Iran rejects US claims of ‘harassing’ warships, urges Washington to ‘change behavior’

WEB Notes: This is not the first time Iran has said the US was lying and should it surprise anyone? Of course not. We know the US would love to take out the Iranian regime and install a power that is controlled by the globalists. I will say Iranian and US skirmishes have been going on for years in these waters.

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U.S. carrier confronts two sets of fast boats in Strait of Hormuz

WEB Notes: “Fast boats”? They are speed boats, literally. Look at the photos from the source, I think an Iranian’s water ski just fell off.

In all seriousness, how does an enormous aircraft carrier confront a speed boat? They will do anything to keep Iran in the news in a negative light.

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Iran successfully test fires a naval missile, Tasnim reports

WEB Notes: Other news sources lead with the headline of “defiant Iran”, because hey anyone who tests a missile besides the US is breaking the rules.

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Iran accuses US, UK of seeking ‘to create crisis‘ | The Times of Israel

A senior official in Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards on Wednesday accused the United States of provoking tensions after two separate incidents in the Gulf last week.

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U.S. Navy ship changes course after Iran vessel interaction

WEB Notes: This has literally been going on for 20 years now. This is not a breaking news update. However, it does keep Iran in the news in a negative light. Remember, it is US ships near their waters, not Iranian ships near US waters.

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