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Iran complies with nuclear deal, slashes low-enriched uranium stockpile by half – IAEA

WEB Notes: Yet, the US recently said Iran broke the nuclear deal. The back and forth rhetoric will continue.

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Iran to Stage Military Drills in Defiance of US Sanctions

WEB Notes: The US can conduct military drills all over the world, but Iran cannot conduct their own military drills in their neck of the woods? Let’s use some common sense here folks. Anything and everything Iran is doing is being called a crime. Have they committed any crimes? Nope. But they are the enemy of the globalists so whatever the mainstream says goes and the people believe the lie.

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Iran Warns Israel is ‘Biggest Threat’ to World Peace

WEB Notes: Back and forth we go. Iran is in the news far more in recent weeks than we have seen in a long time painted in the colors of the enemy. This is starting to signal a building trend, conditioning the minds of the people that Iran is the enemy and they must be dealt with.

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Trump accuses Iran of seeking nuclear weapons – Video

US President Donald Trump has once again accused Iran of seeking to develop nuclear weapons, arguing that he would prevent Tehran from ever gaining nukes.

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‘Death to America’: Thousands rally in Iran celebrating Islamic Revolution – Video

WEB Notes: More fear and hype. This whole rally was not changing death to America and if they were I have never seen an Iranian in America try to kill me or anyone else. But I do see a photo of a young man at this rally welcoming American’s to his nation. There are both sides of this here folks. The US spends $11 billion fighting ISIS in addition to bombing other nations. But hey, Iran is the bad guy. Sure, they are. Any excuse will do for war.

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US And Other Global Powers Conduct War Games 50 Miles Off Iran’s Coast

As U.S. tensions with Iran rose last week, 17 ships from the United States, United Kingdom, France, and Australia launched a major war game just 50 miles from the Iranian coast.

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Iran announces major oil, gas discoveries

WEB Notes: All this means is the media will tell us Iran does not need nuclear power as they have oil they can burn for power. So if we play by that, then the US should not need nuclear anything either as we have the largest supply of coal on the planet the last time I checked, not to mention our oil fields. How ridiculous do you want to get here? No nation has the right to tell another nation what to do.

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Israeli PM Netanyahu urges all ‘responsible nations’ to sanction Iran, during protest-hit UK visit

WEB Notes: The only one conquering the Middle East are Global Powers led by the United States. Not Iran. Yet, the show must go on and it includes Iran. Years ago ol bibi told us how Syria wanted to attack Israel, but all I ever saw was Israel attack Syria. I guess if you say it the people will believe it, no matter what their own eyes witness.

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Russia Rejects Trump’s Charge That Iran Is Top Terrorist State

WEB Notes: Of course putin said that. Just like he supports Assad while at the same time bombing Syria into the stone age. In today’s world, the people listen to words and not actions. One of Christ’s basic tenants was to watch the works of individuals and that is how we would know them (Matthew 7:16). Ol trump claims Iran is sending money and weapons all over the place. Yet, it is the US who is thousands of miles from home bombing other sovereign nations, not Iran. Yet, the American people will still scream for Iranian blood.

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Iran is biggest state sponsor of terrorism – Pentagon chief Mattis

WEB Notes: We are once again hearing massive lies surrounding Iran. It is the US and other Global Powers who have funded the terrorists in Syria for years, not Iran and a US Congresswoman admitted as much just weeks ago. Do we need to worry about a conflict with Iran? No. Our Father is in control and He always will be. But you should know scripture will come to pass and you should understand who the players are. Once again we are hearing the war drums beat, just as we did when the US invaded Iraq. How short our memory is.

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Tehran ‘unmoved’ by US threats, will use weapons ‘only in self-defense’ – Iranian FM to Trump

WEB Notes: While the mainstream media continues to spew false headlines about Iran becoming aggressive here are words right from the horses mouth.

“Iran unmoved by threats as we derive security from our people. We’ll never initiate war, but we can only rely on our own means of defense.” – Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif

So why are we suddenly seeing the US become aggressive toward Iran? Iran will officially stop accepting US dollars for the sale of oil and switch to the Euro. This led to the downfall of Iraq and it will lead to the fall of Iran as well.

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Trump administration tightens Iran sanctions, Tehran hits back

WEB Notes: So now they admit Iran did not break the nuclear agreement, they just broke the “spirit” of it. These guys are like kids, saying anything they can to try and make an attack on Iran sound acceptable. The American people in large part are ready to murder more people in the Middle East while watching our own troops die in the process and for what? If Iran has not broken the nuclear agreement, then there is no violation. So why are they pushing more sanctions and pressing for war? Because it is prophecy and it is going to come to pass. They will find a reason no matter what, even a manufactured one.

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