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Israel-Palestinian Peace Summit: What Happened? Nothing.

WEB Notes: So nothing happened at the Israel-Palestinian Peace Summit that neither of them were a part of, imagine that! No, Israel was not divided and the world did not fall a part. This should not be a surprise to anyone, we wrote, “January 15th: 70 Nations Will Meet At The Israeli-Palestinian Peace Summit” stating as much would happen. Do not be one of these people who falls into the traps laid by those in the media, mainstream or not. Nothing was going to happen at this Summit as it was not on the agenda. It was not possible to divide Israel as some stated would happen. Use common sense folks and learn to think for yourself.

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Hollande At Peace Conference: World cannot impose peace deal on Israel, Palestinians

WEB Notes: So Israel was not divided at the peace conference today, imagine that. We covered this subject in our article; “January 15th: 70 Nations Will Meet At The Israeli-Palestinian Peace Summit“. You really want to ensure you understand the events of our time, by using God’s Word, common sense and critical thinking. Many are quick to jump onto headlines that scream of doom and gloom.

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Syrian Army warns Israel it will respond after military airport bombed near Damascus

WEB Notes: Israel is being blamed for this arial bombardment though they have not admitted to it. This would be of no surprise as Israel has repeatedly attacked Syria during the last several years alone. In addition, a terrorist attack also took place in Damascus.

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Police in Israel actively preparing for Messiah’s arrival

Old City Jerusalem, Israel - Dome of the Rock

Old City Jerusalem, Israel – Dome of the Rock – Wikipedia


WEB Notes: They have been preparing and will continue to prepare just as we are. What is important to understand as there are two rocks, there are two messiahs. The false messiah who is Satan will appear first in Jerusalem claiming to be Jesus Christ. Have you read?

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January 15th: 70 Nations Will Meet At The Israeli-Palestinian Peace Summit

Jaffa Gate Wall Israel

Jaffa Gate Wall, Israel

By: Brandon T. Ward

Much fear and hype is being placed around a Peace Summit that will take place on January 15th. This summit will feature 70 nations from around the globe who will meet in Paris, France to discuss the issue of a two state solution between Israel and the Palestinians. This certainly is not an unprecedented event, these so-called meetings of peace have been taking place for years now and as Christians we understand there will be no peace until our Lord and Savior returns (1 Thessalonians 5:3).

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Tel Aviv trims $6mn off UN contribution over ‘incitement and anti-Israel propaganda’

WEB Notes: 2017 is going to be a very interesting year, there is no doubt about it. Israel is pulling money out of the UN and the US Congress is working on a bill to pull out of the UN. Will that happen? Doubtfully and if it does it certainly means the destruction of the current world order as we have and will discuss in “The Timeline of the Tribulation“. We discussed the UN Resolution in our article titled, “The UN Resolution Against Israel And The Truth Of The Nation“.

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3 Myths about Israeli Settlements – Video

Israel declassifies 200,000 pages of documents on 1950s ‘kidnapped babies’ scandal

After decades of silence, Israel has moved to bring some closure to the hundreds of parents whose children went missing under mysterious circumstances. Some argue the database on the so-called “Yemenite Children Affair” has only been partially declassified.

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The UN Resolution Against Israel and the Truth of the Nation

Dome of the Rock – FlickrCC License

By: Brandon T. Ward

Israel has temporarily suspended “working” ties with the 12 nations who voted in favor of a resolution condemning Israel for building on Palestinian land. Of course this “suspension” really has no bite, just as the United Nations Resolution has no bite.

However, what many do not realize is Israel continually has no regard for their neighbors. Israel has demolished thousands of Palestinian homes and other settlements in order to clear the land so Israel can build settlements on land that is not theirs. This illegal and devastating action by Israel was recently at a five year high and many do not realize that Israel has an economic blockade against Gaza that has been in effect since 2007. The truth be told this aggression by Israel has been taking place since the onset of World War II.

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Kerry: ‘Israel Can Either Be Jewish Or Democratic. It Can’t Be Both’ – Netanyahu Fires Back

WEB Notes: It is okay for Israel to be a “jewish” state, but according to obama the US in not a Christian nation any longer, but multi faith. Regardless of what he says, this nation was founded a Christian nation and that is where our roots are. It is worth noting, in Israel one does not have much freedom when it comes to spreading Christianity. Imagine in the US if we blocked jewish beliefs, the world would be outranged. However, with Israel that outraged is silenced and suppressed with respect to the teachings of Christianity there.

Israel intensifies battle with U.S. over U.N. resolution on settlements

The Israeli government stepped up its running battle with the Obama administration on Tuesday, saying it had proof that the United States had orchestrated a U.N. Security Council resolution condemning settlement activity.

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Israel to re-assess U.N. ties after settlement resolution, says Netanyahu

WEB Notes: Numerous Christian websites are touting this as some horrible knock against “God’s chosen people”. The notion that God’s chosen people are so called “jews” is a lie, it is the biggest lie placed upon Christians today. Have you ever asked yourself, chosen for what? Chosen to spread God’s Word, the Bible to the world. God’s chosen people the Twelve Tribes of Israel, not just Juda. God is not a respecter of persons (Romans 2:11), meaning He does not place one person or group of people above another. He simply had a “chosen” group of people that He could count on to deliver His Word down throughout the generations and share it with the world. Those living in Israel are predominantly not believers in Jesus Christ. Yet no one ever questions this. Remember, God Himself promised Abraham his children would be as numerous as the stars of heaven and they would be many nations and they would bless the earth (Genesis 22:17-18). Israel accepts handouts from the US, that is not blessing the world, but taking from it. The sooner you start using common sense and asking questions the better off you will be.

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Israel on defensive after landmark UN settlements vote

WEB Notes: Let me get this straight. Israel is upset, because the UN says Israel should not build more homes on the little bit of Palestinian land that is left. Israel is breaking the law and crying about it. Let us not forget the US just renegotiated an aid packaged with Israel in September. The US will now provide $3.8 billion tax payer dollars a year to Israel. This has enabled Israel to gain the F-35 aircraft, the most advanced in the world while trump is asking about F-18s due to the cost. So Israel who accepts governmental welfare can have the latest and greatest while the producer of the F-35 may have to settle for less. Welcome to the Manipulate States of America run by the children of Satan.

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Israel will be ‘destroyed’ if Trump sparks war in Middle East – Iran defense minister

Israeli rockets strike Damascus military air base

A Syrian military source has said Israeli rockets hit an air base near Damascus. No casualties have been reported, however.

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IDF strikes ISIS compound in Syria after militants’ 1st cross-border attack

The IDF ordered an airstrike on Islamic State’s facility in the south of the Syrian Golan Heights after militants opened small arms and mortar fire on an Israeli patrol on Sunday. Local media said it was the first encounter between the two sides.

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As Wildfires Rage, Israel Suggests Arson and Asks for Foreign Help

WEB Notes: I am sorry they had fires in their nation, but these guys never can seem to fix their own problems without asking for help. That certainly is not a sign of a people who are supposedly God’s Chosen.

More pictures.

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Trump floats son-in-law as key to Israeli-Palestinian peace

Donald Trump believes that his sonin- law, an Orthodox Jew, may help further peace between Israelis and Palestinians, the President-elect told reporters with The New York Times on Tuesday.

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