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Israel Is Ready To Share Intelligence On Iran With Saudi Arabia – IDF Chief

WEB Notes: This is exactly what the children of Satan have been waiting for. A united front in the middle east against Iran. This is the only way a conflict with Iran can be successful, an absolute buy in from the rest of the Arab region. Think about that, the children of Satan are so cunning they have been able to turn brother against brother…

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Netanyahu To Trump And Putin: Israel Will Continue Military Action In Syria

WEB Notes: He put them on notice? I find that funny since the US and Russia did all the heavy lifting already. There is not much left standing in Syria so of course that is the time Bibi is going to send in his boys…

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US Breaks Ground For New Permanent Base In Israel

WEB Notes: More US tax payer dollars going to another nation when we could be helping ourselves here at home.

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Iran Building Permanent Military Base In Syria – Netanyahu, “Israel Will Not Let That Happen”

WEB Notes: The horror of it all. Syria’s ally, Iran, just might be building a military base in Syria and “Israel will not let that happen.” I hope you realize Russia has a military base in Syria, a navel base to be exact. Of course they are not a threat to Israel as they are inline with the globalists as Israel is, so that is not a problem…

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IDF’s Largest-Ever Aerial Exercise Takes Off, With India On Board

WEB Notes: India has nuclear power, yet you never hear of them being painted in the colors of the enemy. They are a part of globalist structure. All of these nations are a part of the sixth kingdom.

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Israel Ready To Go Into Syria To ‘Protect Druze Village’

WEB Notes: Israel is looking to invade a sovereign nation. You can tell what is right and wrong with the world by seeing who cries out and who does not over certain actions. If Israel invades Syria there will be no outcry from the US that is for certain.

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‘State Terrorism’: Damascus Urges UN To Condemn Israeli Attack On Syrian Copper Factory

WEB Notes: Israel does this every few months or so and not a peep out of the international community. Had Iran bombed Israel, well the world would have come unglued! When you are a part of globalism (6th kingdom) you are a part of the good ol boys club and you become exempt to media reporting and condemnation.

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Loving My Country Means Holding It Accountable

WEB Notes: The author here has caught on to the conditioning of society. Society is conditioned to accept certain news stories. I have noticed the articles in the last couple days alone about an “Alien Asteroid” and “Apocalyptic photos” generated a ton of views. But articles far more interested and meaningful generated less…

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Netanyahu Forcefully Expels African Refugees To Third Country

WEB Notes: Now imagine if the US did this. These actions would be considered racist, but not in Israel. These guys can boot whoever they want out, build on land that is not theirs and Christians still will support them. Talk about being blinded.

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Israel Approves 176 New Jewish Homes In East Jerusalem

WEB Notes: This is nothing new, Israel has been doing this for years. They do not want peace, that is very clear.

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Texas City To Residents: Sign Loyalty Oath to Israel or No Hurricane Harvey Relief Funds

WEB Notes: This is absolutely crazy and it stems from a law by the Texas Governor. Texas do not go California on us, one is enough…

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Israeli Jets ‘Hit Syrian Anti-Aircraft Battery’ After Alleged Attack – Idf

WEB Notes: How many times have we been told over the years that the Russians have provided Syria with sophisticated anti-air batteries? I do not believe I have ever heard of anyone of these ever knocking a plane out of the sky. We have heard the same reports with respect to Iran as well. If the Russians really sold Syria and Iran anything it was a bill of goods not received.

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