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Iran Warns Israel is ‘Biggest Threat’ to World Peace

WEB Notes: Back and forth we go. Iran is in the news far more in recent weeks than we have seen in a long time painted in the colors of the enemy. This is starting to signal a building trend, conditioning the minds of the people that Iran is the enemy and they must be dealt with.

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Record number of Palestinian homes destroyed by Israel in 2016 – rights group

In 2016, Israeli authorities had sped up demolishing homes of Palestinians in the occupied territories, rights group B’Tselem reported. The number was the highest in 12 years, during which the group kept systematic statistics of the demolitions.

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Trump accuses Iran of seeking nuclear weapons – Video

US President Donald Trump has once again accused Iran of seeking to develop nuclear weapons, arguing that he would prevent Tehran from ever gaining nukes.

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Burger King Is Now Putting Sex Toys in Its ‘Adult’ Combo Meals for Valentine’s Day in Israel

WEB Notes: What is the world coming too?

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Israel passes contentious Palestinian land-grab bill in late night vote

WEB Notes: Now imagine that Mexico in a late night governmental session decided to pull a “land grab” and they said San Diego are now ours. How long do you think that would last before the US intervened?

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Israeli PM Netanyahu urges all ‘responsible nations’ to sanction Iran, during protest-hit UK visit

WEB Notes: The only one conquering the Middle East are Global Powers led by the United States. Not Iran. Yet, the show must go on and it includes Iran. Years ago ol bibi told us how Syria wanted to attack Israel, but all I ever saw was Israel attack Syria. I guess if you say it the people will believe it, no matter what their own eyes witness.

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IDF jets strike 3 more Hamas posts in response to rocket fire | The Times of Israel

Israeli aircraft targeted three Hamas sites in the northern Gaza Strip on Monday afternoon, hours after tanks shelled one of the terrorist group’s positions in the coastal enclave in response to a rocket attack earlier that morning, the army said.

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Trump warns Israel: Stop announcing new settlements

The White House warned Israel on Thursday to cease settlement announcements that are “unilateral” and “undermining” of President Donald Trump’s effort to forge Middle East peace, a senior administration official told The Jerusalem Post.

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Israel approves additional 3,000 houses in occupied West Bank

Palestinians Protest the Destruction of Their Homes by Israel – Video

WEB Notes: We have already documented what Israel is doing is illegal, but hey they continue on anyway and have now announced the expansion of their construction project in the West Bank by 2,500 homes.

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US in ‘early stages’ of discussing embassy relocation to Jerusalem

WEB Notes: Let’s add more debt by building a new embassy in Jerusalem in an effort to “support” a people that do not follow Christ.

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Israel approves 560 new illegal homes in E. Jerusalem as Trump takes office

WEB Notes: Just a week ago people were all up in arms that the UN was going to divide Israel and how the US was going to suffer God’s Wrath. We discussed this in our article, “January 15th: 70 Nations Will Meet At The Israeli-Palestinian Peace Summit“. Of course there was no danger of any vote or division as it was not on the agenda, but hey scaring the people is fun for some folks apparently. What everyone needs to understand is there is a huge different in the geographical location of Israel and God’s True people Israel. Why is this important? If you understand who true Israel is, then you can start to understand what Christ was talking about in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9. Have you read?

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