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Trump pulls trigger on Nafta negotiations

WEB Notes: Considering this administration has signed a climate pact, it is most likely they will re-work NAFTA, but not “kill” it.

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Death spiral for cars. By 2030, you probably won’t own one

WEB Notes: This goes right in line with the article we posted in December titled, “Welcome To 2030. I Own Nothing, Have No Privacy, And Life Has Never Been Better“. When you own nothing you become reliant upon everything and everyone else around you. That is not freedom. When you own nothing, the masters become those with the things you need. The fiascos on the airlines lately should be a great example of this. They sell out their flight. Too bad for you paying customer you get the boot. Owning property, cars, etc is a part of your freedom and you should enjoy and cherish that.

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G7 nations to agree joint fight against cyber attacks

WEB Notes: Notice how every “cyber attack” and “terrorist” event brings the world closer together? That is not an accident, it is called globalism.

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China Vice Premier Sees `Unstoppable Momentum’ of Globalization

WEB Notes: Contrary to some reports, globalization is alive and well. It will be reformed when the world merges into a truly new world order government ruled by Ten Clay Kings.

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Russia Calls For New World Order As NATO Sends Troops To The Baltics And Poland

Earth from Space

WEB Notes: I remember at one point in time it was a very rare moment to hear a world leader call for “a new world order”. Now it is so common we think nothing of it. Psychology.

In 2015 world leaders were jumping all over themselves calling for the world to unite. It is a growing trend that will continue as we move forward.

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World Government Summit in the United Arab Emirates

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres (shown above), a Socialist Party politician and bureaucrat, similarly promoted statism and globalism in his keynote speech. Specifically, he argued that national independence was a relic of the past, while lamenting the fact that people no longer trust their rulers and the globalist organizations they established. “In a world in which everything is global, in which the problems are global — from climate change to the movement of people — there is no way countries can do it by themselves,” said Guterres, who helped spread socialism and engineer the tsunami of Islamic immigration into the West before taking his current post. “We need global responses, and global responses need multilateral institutions able to play their role.”

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Trilateral Commission Member Appointed To National Security Council

WEB Notes: Do you need a global takeover if you invite them into your cabinet? This seems to be a conflict of interest, but hey the guy is probably some millionaire and they know best after all. What nerve this surf has questioning that.

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One income for all: far-fetched, or future fact?

WEB Notes: This is a concept that is being pushed by the media very hard. We have posted about this a few times this year already. Finland, the Netherlands, Canada, Scotland and Brazil are all evaluating the idea right now. Common sense tells you the money has to come from some where and that is the tax payer. Finally, looking at this from a larger scale, those who control the world are not going to keep around a bunch of “useless” people. They have a goal to set the global population at 500 million people, down from the 7 billion of today.

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Mikhail Gorbachev: ‘It All Looks as if the World Is Preparing for War’

WEB Notes: See how easily these folks can get the world all worked up? It certainly does not look like the world is preparing for war. But when global leaders say that people take notice. Instead his message is about unity and wiping out terrorism by working together. What we outlined in, “Signs, Seasons and the Escalation of Events in 2015” when world leaders vowed to work together to destroy the common enemy of mankind, called terrorism. He goes on to say wars must be outlawed because they are not going to solve the global problems of today.

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Trump Foiled Soros’ Master Plan to Impose New World Order 

WEB Notes: Ol’ Feierstein says trump foiled them globalists and says they were soros and clinton. No this news does not come from Comedy Central, but the mainstream media. When they tell you, you were successful in taking down their plans for global government, but nothing changes and they name the wrong characters and blood was not spilled. You might want to re-evaluate your thought process of the world.

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Dictator Alliance Demands UN Tax Agency for “New World Order”

The world’s largest alliance of Third World dictators and governments, known as the Group of 77 (G77) plus China but composed of more than 130 regimes, is launching a fresh bid to establish a United Nations tax agency. It is all part of what the totalitarian grouping calls a “New World Order.”

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EU Populists: “We Are Experiencing The End Of One World And The Birth Of Another. It’s A Return To The Nation States.”

WEB Notes: We live in fantastic times! They admit that we have a global order and they now tell us it is coming a part. As we just discussed, does anyone really believe the globalists are losing control?

2017 is already shaping up to be a big year. One of mass lies and deception that is dragging in the entire world. I find it astounding how the events that are unfolding line up with our study, “The Timeline of the Tribulation“. We are not close to a Deadly Wound at this point and there has been no Deadly Wound yet.

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