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No more ‘fighting ISIS?’ US to stay in Syria to prevent ‘win’ for Assad and Iran

WEB Notes: How many of you have been paying attention? We have said over and over again now that ISIS is supported by the US and what we have seen in Syria is a proxy war against Iran. What is outlined in this article proves this once again if you are paying attention…

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G7, Tech Giants Agree On Plan To Block Jihadist Content Online

WEB Notes: Their quote, “These are the first steps towards a great alliance in the name of freedom.” Right…

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George W. Bush Emerges to Bash Trump, ‘Nativism’: ‘We Cannot Wish Globalism Away’

WEB Notes: Yes, even ol retired GW is playing a role. Trump is a globalist, that should be obvious by now for every red blooded American. Out of Trump’s own mouth he said, “Hey, I’m a nationalist and a globalist”

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How Interlinked Corporations Rule the World

Globalism is just like the mafia, but with lot more complexity and respectability. If you have watched mob films such as The Godfather, you can understand how the world works. For example, in Godfather II, a bunch of mobsters get together in Havana, Cuba, to celebrate Hyman Roth’s birthday. As the birthday cake is symbolically cut into pieces and distributed, Roth tells the group how Cuba will be split up amongst the guests. Extrapolate this scene to the world, you can visualize how the world works.

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Russia, U.S. To Create New Space Station In Moon’s Orbit

WEB Notes: Working together, just like one big globalist family.

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Trump Admin Continues Obama-Era Tradition Of Giving Millions To Soros-Linked Groups

WEB Notes: This is not new news either. This is a continuation of what has already been reported. What do people expect from someone placed into office?

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U.S. National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster Attends Globalist Bilderberg Conference

WEB Notes: I hope no one is actually surprised by this. We had a post about it yesterday. There has been no draining of the swamp and there will be no draining of the swamp. It was simply a campaign catch phrase and it worked perfectly. Trump is surrounded by “snakes” if you have eyes to see you will understand what I mean. The tentacles of globalism continue to dig in.

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Bilderberg summit comes to Virginia and the top agenda item is Donald Trump

WEB Notes: Trumps boys will be in town for this one too. This event is small potatoes. The real global planning events, you will never hear about. But we all see them through the actions of the world. Trump is no enemy of these people, he is right in their stead.

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Mark Zuckerberg Tells Harvard Graduates To Embrace Globalism, ‘A Sense Of Purpose’

Harvard dropout Mark Zuckerberg returned to the university Thursday to give graduates a commencement address, filled with calls for building a connected world “where every single person has a sense of purpose.”

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Mark Zuckerberg: We Need a ‘Global Superstructure to Advance Humanity’

WEB Notes: Zuckerberg is essentially talking about what we covered in Chapter 2 and 3 in The Timeline of the Tribulation. The rise of the Ten Clay Kings. The rulers of today commonly rail on about a new world order government and this is what they are getting at. Everyone sees the current structure is not going to work as mankind continues its advancement. Our Father has told us all things, have you read about it?

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Trump pulls trigger on Nafta negotiations

WEB Notes: Considering this administration has signed a climate pact, it is most likely they will re-work NAFTA, but not “kill” it.

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Death spiral for cars. By 2030, you probably won’t own one

WEB Notes: This goes right in line with the article we posted in December titled, “Welcome To 2030. I Own Nothing, Have No Privacy, And Life Has Never Been Better“. When you own nothing you become reliant upon everything and everyone else around you. That is not freedom. When you own nothing, the masters become those with the things you need. The fiascos on the airlines lately should be a great example of this. They sell out their flight. Too bad for you paying customer you get the boot. Owning property, cars, etc is a part of your freedom and you should enjoy and cherish that.

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