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Putin Signs Decree Imposing Restrictions On N. Korea As Pyongyang Delegation Is In Russia

WEB Notes: The world working together to remove the last few rogue nations.

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More Than 40,000 Troops In Russian War Games

WEB Notes: No it is not the end of the world. Keep reading the article and you will see this particular war game has been around for awhile. Russia and nearly every other nation on the globe persons war drills.

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Russian Air Strikes Kill 2,000+ ISIS Terrorists In Syria In 11 Days

WEB Notes: As many reports as we have read like this over the years, enough ISIS guys have died to be resurrected and killed over and over again. They are like zombies, you “kill” them and they just keep coming back for more. Learn more about ISIS.

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U.S. Long Overdue Destroying Its Chemical Weapons, Putin Says As Russia Completes Disposal

Unlike Russia, the US is not observing its own pledge to dispose of its chemical weapons arsenal, the President Vladimir Putin said ahead of the destruction of the last batch of Russian chemical weapons on Wednesday.

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Russia, U.S. To Create New Space Station In Moon’s Orbit

WEB Notes: Working together, just like one big globalist family.

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Russia’s Sergey Lavrov Calls For ‘Pullout’ Of Us Forces From Syria

WEB Notes: Very unlikely to happen unless there is a backroom deal we will never hear about. We know many world leaders have called for Assad to be removed from power. That is what the entire war has been about. Removing Assad and placing a leader in Syria who will follow the global directive.

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Russian Air-Defense System Deployed in Central Syria

WEB Notes: Apparently this “air defense system” is worthless. Just just posted an article that documented the US dropped 5,775 bombs on one city in Syria last month…

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Putin Orders End To Trade In Us Dollars At Russian Seaports

WEB Notes: Several nations are removing their trade in some fashion away from the dollar. I feel this is all a part of the destruction of the current global structure that exists today. These things are needed in order to bring about a true unified world.

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85% Of Syria Liberated By Troops While Russia Begins Reconstruction Efforts

WEB Notes: You will have to excuse the mainstream media. Their headline should have said 85% of Syria has been destroyed. You have seen the photos and video footage. It is decimated in most population centers…

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Turkey Signs Russian Missile Deal, Pivoting From NATO

WEB Notes: Contrary to popular belief they are all controlled by the same Four Horns of power.

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Top ISIS Leaders Killed By Russian Forces

WEB Notes: As many times as we have heard reports like this you would think ISIS was wiped out. Not these guys they keep reproducing themselves over and over again.

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Putin & Xi Agree To ‘Appropriately Deal’ With N. Korea Test, Urge All Sides ‘To Show Restraint’

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, have agreed that it is important to prevent chaos on the Korean Peninsula and called for a diplomatic solution to the crisis, following news of the latest nuclear test conducted by Pyongyang.

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