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Putin Warns North Korea Situation Has ‘Seriously Deteriorated’

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that the crisis over North Korea’s nuclear program is deepening after the issue dominated talks with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Moscow.

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Jehovah’s Witnesses banned as ‘extremist’ in Russia, property to be seized – court decision

WEB Notes: Jehovah’s Witnesses get a bad rap for their door to door knocking. But that is exactly what we are all commissioned to do, share the Gospel. Unfortunately, they have many, many false teachings as all of the other religions do. “Extremist” though? What makes them more “extreme” than any other religion? Regardless of denomination it is tough to see Christian brothers and sisters booted from nations like this.

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Putin sends troops to Russia’s border with North Korea

WEB Notes: What is Russia and China doing? Preparing for WW3? No. They are preparing for the refugee crisis that will ensue if the US performs a major strike against North Korea. This seems more like a coordinated effort than anything else and we know all Russia and China both recently meet with the US concerning this situation.

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Russia’s new Arctic Trefoil military base unveiled with virtual tour

WEB Notes: This base serves no threat to the US. Do yourself a favor and look at the map of where this base is located. Russia is far closer to the US than this base.

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Russian bombers fly near Alaska; Air Force scrambles jets

WEB Notes: Do not let anyone get you all worked up over this. This is a regular occurrence. The doomsdayers love to get people all excited.

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China, Russia send reconnaissance ships after U.S. aircraft carrier

WEB Notes: Meanwhile, the US and South Korea held military drills that included 1,000 US airmen including 500 Korean service members. It is interesting to note North Korea’s air force consists of many aircraft fighters from the 1940s and 1950s while some are more modern. In all from this source it appears they have 600 aged fighters which will be no match for the USs modern fleet including a Navy fleet more than capable of taking out these planes. Remember there is an entire carrier group in or near North Korean waters now.


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Russian Humanoid Robot ‘Fedor’ Learns to Shoot Using Both Arms

WEB Notes: Through automation and robotics more and more people are finding their jobs outsourced in one way or another. With robots capable of these tasks, after refinement many more will find themselves out of work in the future.

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Russia Says Evidence Growing Syria Chemical Attack Was Staged

WEB Notes: They continue to pay good cop bad cop, but the results are the same. Assad continues to be attacked. Theresa May of Britain says, “Syria ‘highly likely’ behind attack”.

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Putin: US Is Preparing To Bomb Damascus And Blame Devastation On Bashar-al Assad’s Forces

WEB Notes: The amount of propaganda being put out at this time is astounding. Do not forget US Secretary of State Tillerson is due in Moscow today.

Anytime you hear about Damascus being bombed your ears should perk up a bit. Isaiah 17:1 is one prophecy that must come to pass before the end of this age of flesh and that is Damascus becoming a ruinous heap. That prophecy is well on its way. Stay in His Word.

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Russia knew of Syrian chemical attack in advance, US official says

A senior U.S. official says the United States has concluded that Russia knew in advance of Syria’s chemical weapons attack last week.

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Tillerson, G7 ministers look to pressure Russia to reconsider Assad support

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, along with six other Group of Seven foreign ministers, aims to send Russia a “clear and coordinated message” in the wake of the U.S.’ response to a gas attack that left scores dead.

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Iran and Russia threaten US after ‘aggression’ in Syria

WEB Notes: Same old song once again. Meanwhile, other reports say Russia and Iran are planning to hit back at the US. The amount of theater being put on display is astounding. Iran is not going to do a thing. They know the US would use the opportunity to strike the heart of their nation if they did so. Russia, they are simply playing good cop, bad cop.

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