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Putin Makes First Visit To Syria, Lauds Victory Over ISIS And Announces Withdrawals

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday made a surprise visit to Russia’s Khmeimim air base in Syria, announcing an imminent drawdown of Russian forces in the wake of his declaration of victory in its intervention in the Syria war.

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Putin: Almost All Syrian Territory Freed, Including Historic Christian Regions

WEB Notes: Now those who left and comeback and rebuild which will take a lifetime.

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Russia Calls U.S. Threat To Destroy North Korea A ‘Bloodthirsty Tirade’

WEB Notes: Of course it is a true statement, but it is simply good cop, bad cop rhetoric just as we have seen in Syria.

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Moscow, Cairo Opposition Delegates Abruptly Quit Riyadh Meeting on Syria

WEB Notes: Russia will what? Support Saudi Arabia’s position to strengthen the “opposition” in Syria.

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Large-scale combat actions against terrorists in Syria nearing end — Putin

WEB Notes: Putin must be living under a rock. No humanitarian crisis has been avoided in Syria, the country is literally in shambles as their refuges marched on to the Christian nations in Europe.

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FBI Informant Gathered Years Of Evidence On Russian Push For US Nuclear Fuel Deals, Including Uranium One, Memos Show

An FBI informant gathered extensive evidence during his six years undercover about a Russian plot to corner the American uranium market, ranging from corruption inside a U.S. nuclear transport company to Obama administration approvals that let Moscow buy and sell more atomic fuels, according to more than 5,000 pages of documents from the counterintelligence investigation.

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Netanyahu To Trump And Putin: Israel Will Continue Military Action In Syria

WEB Notes: He put them on notice? I find that funny since the US and Russia did all the heavy lifting already. There is not much left standing in Syria so of course that is the time Bibi is going to send in his boys…

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Putin, Trump Call On Global Community To Boost Humanitarian Support For Syria

WEB Notes: After spending years and billions of dollars in an effort to destroy Syria, ie: “fight terrorism” now they wish to help the people of Syria. If you have been a reader of our site for any length of time you have seen the photos and video of Syria’s decimated cities. It will take years and billions to repair and Syria’s Assad will not be a part of that picture from what we hear from the mouth of the globalists.

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Syria Deal Could Be Announced After Trump-Putin Meeting Friday

Washington and Moscow are pushing closer to an agreement for a way forward in Syria as Daesh is routed in the war-torn nation.

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Putin Visits Iran to Discuss Oil, Middle East, Syrian Reconstruction with Rouhani

Russian President Vladimir Putin was en route to Tehran for meetings with President Hassan Rouhani and Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Wednesday. According to the Kremlin, “Syria-related issues will be on the agenda” for the bilateral talks.

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Russia Continues Acquiring Gold, Concludes Major Oil And Gas Contracts In Asia

WEB Notes: I have been reading about Russia trying to “bury” the dollar for at least ten years now and it still has not happened. The only thing I see with mine own eyes is them constantly working together. Whether it be against “ISIS” or Syria.

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‘We Gave You Uranium, You Repaid Us By Bombing Belgrade’: Putin Slams Us Over Nuclear Treaties

WEB Notes: Yes Putin, the US does away with International Law. Buddy this nation makes and supports International Law. We provide the UN with roughly a 1/3 of their income, same for NATO. Far more than any other nation. You just keep playing the role you are playing and all will be well for Russia.

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