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Russia vows to shoot down all ‘flying objects’ in Syria after US guns down first regime warplane

WEB Notes: This is laughable and continued drama for the world to witness. We have heard numerous reports over the years that Russia and China would become military active against the US, if the US invaded Syria. Hollow words as the US has been bombing Syria for years now. Russia, China and the US are all a part of the same global system. A snake does not attack itself, a snake attacks its prey (enemy).

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US-led coalition’s downing of Syrian plane ‘act of aggression’ & ‘support for terrorists’ – Moscow

WEB Notes: Even Russia’s Foreign Minister is able to see if the US is attacking Syria who is attacking the terrorists, then the US is helping the terrorists. Of course they are and no one should be surprised by that. Russia is also saying they are going to halt coordination with the US concerning the skies of Syria. How many times have we heard that before? As a matter of fact, Russia knew the US was going to take out the Syrian plane, they were advised of that.

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Russia Just Killed ISIS Leader Baghdadi … for at Least the 4th Time

WEB Notes: I recall them “killing” another “terrorist leader” over and over again years ago as well.

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Russia Says It May Have Killed Islamic State Leader in Syria

WEB Notes: The best part about this article is paragraph three. The guy is replaceable as ISIS is “a cell-generating network”. All cells are always contained within something when we think about the definition of a cell. In this case that would be the Global Powers who control ISIS. We are creating some additional documentation for our readers per a request that document who ISIS is and the agenda behind it. We have an enormous amount of this data already available on the site, but much is being consolidated into a single post. We hope to have that available early to mid next week.

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Putin: Russians do not see America as enemy

President Putin has said Russia does not consider the US to be an enemy as the two countries were allies in two world wars. Putin was speaking at his annual Q&A, where a self-described pro-Russian American asked how he could convince his fellow Americans that Moscow was not an enemy.

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Senate passes Russia sanctions package

The Republican-led Senate voted decisively to punish Moscow for interfering in the 2016 election by approving a wide-ranging sanctions package that targets key sectors of Russia’s economy and individuals who carried out cyber attacks.

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US nurtured Al-Qaeda & supported terrorists in Chechnya – Putin

WEB Notes: Putin has said this many times. But that has not stopped his military from dropping bombs on Syria either has it? He fully understands the US creates and supports the terrorists factions in the middle east. But does nothing to stop it. Why? He is a part of the same agenda, he just has a slightly different angle.

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5,000+ NATO troops to take part in ‘Iron Wolf’ drills in Lithuania

WEB Notes: These drills are designed to “deter Russian aggression.” In today’s world “deter aggression” means to help overthrow the government of Assad in Syria through a bombing campaign that has lasted years when we were told it would take Russia mere weeks to accomplish. Russia and the US are fighting the same cause, the cause of the children of Satan.

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Putin Warns ISIS Plans to Destabilize Southern Russia and Central Asia

WEB Notes: What did Putin say? He said,

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ISIS Proxy Army of the West Attacks Iran – Video

Who funds ISIS and why do they always attack the people when they are being attacked by the governments of the world? Why did ISIS attack the Iranian government instead of the people as they do in the West? Join us for this timely discussion of world events.

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Top-Secret NSA Report Details Russian Hacking Effort Days Before 2016 Election

WEB Notes: This is super-duper “top-secret,” “secret squirrel” stuff. The media is always kind enough to provide us with “top secret” intelligence.

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Russia scrambles jet fighter to intercept U.S. bomber over Baltic Sea

A Russian Su-27 jet fighter intercepted a U.S. B-52 strategic bomber on Russia’s border over the Baltic Sea on Tuesday, Russian news agencies quoted Russia’s Defence Ministry as saying.

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