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After Raqqa’s Liberation, ‘A Tough Fight Still Lies Ahead’ Against Isis

WEB Notes: So even though they have been telling us ISIS is defeated, ISIS is really not defeated. Well who would have guessed that one?

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This Is What Victory Over ISIS Looks Like

Kobani Syria After ISIS Invasion - New York Times

Kobani Syria After ISIS Invasion – New York Times

WEB Notes: If you have been a reader of a site for awhile you have seen the articles, videos and photos of the damage in Syria and the Middle East caused by the war against “terrorists“. Of course, this is a manufactured war and the terrorists are really paid mercenaries. But the results are the same…

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ISIS Caliphate ‘Capital’ In Raqqa Falls After Last Jihadists Surrender

WEB Notes: The United Nations said the city is in complete ruins. Of course this has been the entire goal of “ISIS,” to help the globalists destroy Syria which stands in the way of globalism.

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US Destroying Syrian Cities Liberated From ISIS To Obstruct Pro-Assad Forces

WEB Notes: Reports continue to come in that ISIS has instantly and miraculously collapsed. They now hold onto just 8% of Syria. Meanwhile, the US continues to bomb Syrian cities. This article makes it sound like that is some new news event, but we know this has been going on for years now.

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Israeli Jets ‘Hit Syrian Anti-Aircraft Battery’ After Alleged Attack – Idf

WEB Notes: How many times have we been told over the years that the Russians have provided Syria with sophisticated anti-air batteries? I do not believe I have ever heard of anyone of these ever knocking a plane out of the sky. We have heard the same reports with respect to Iran as well. If the Russians really sold Syria and Iran anything it was a bill of goods not received.

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ISIS Now Controls Less Than 8% Of Syrian Territory – Russian General Staff

WEB Notes: It will be very interesting to see where this goes from here.

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Turkish Military Crosses The Border Into Syria’s Idlib To Start Expeditionary Activities

Turkish military units have started expeditionary activities in Idlib, Syria, in line with the de-escalation zone deal that emerged from talks in Astana, Kazakhstan, the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) said in a statement Monday.

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Syrian Army Destroys ISIS Mortar Shell Plant in Deir ez-Zor Province

WEB Notes: The US did not know about this plant how? Despite a global network of satellites and drones, they could not find it? Sure. I believe that one!

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Deadly Bombing Hits Damascus Police Station

More than 10 people have been killed in apparently coordinated blasts in the capital of Syria, Damascus, according to several sources.

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Syria Has Deadliest Month This Year: 3,300 Killed Including 995 Civilians, 70% Killed By Governments

WEB Notes: 3,300 people were killed in Syria during the month of September, a record for the year in a war that is supposedly about over. 995 of this total, nearly a third were innocent civilians. That is far too much collateral damage. Of course all of these deaths were from government forces, whether Russian, Syrian or “Coalition Forces”.

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Russian Air Strikes Kill 2,000+ ISIS Terrorists In Syria In 11 Days

WEB Notes: As many reports as we have read like this over the years, enough ISIS guys have died to be resurrected and killed over and over again. They are like zombies, you “kill” them and they just keep coming back for more. Learn more about ISIS.

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Israel Is Going to War in Syria to Fight Iran

Israeli officials believe that Iran is winning its bid for dominance in the Middle East, and they are mobilizing to counter the regional realignment that threatens to follow. The focus of Israel’s military and diplomatic campaign is Syria. Israeli jets have struck Hezbollah and Syrian regime facilities and convoys dozens of times during Syria’s civil war, with the goal of preventing the transfer of weapons systems from Iran to Hezbollah. In an apparent broadening of the scope of this air campaign, on Sept. 7 Israeli jets struck a Syrian weapons facility near Masyaf responsible for the production of chemical weapons and the storing of surface-to-surface missiles.

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