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Reports: U.S. troops deploy along Syria-Turkish border

U.S. armored vehicles are deploying in areas in northern Syria along the tense border with Turkey, a few days after a Turkish airstrike that killed 20 U.S.-backed Kurdish fighters, a Syrian war monitor and Kurdish activists said Friday.

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Johnson: Difficult to say ‘no’ to Syria strike

WEB Notes: These guys are blood thirsty and ready to take the next step in Syria.

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Israel Attacks Damascus Syria Hitting “Iran-Supplied Arms Depot”

WEB Notes: These guys will come up with any reason to attack Syria. Syria is literally burning right now and you certainly want to remember Isaiah 17:1. Many nations are taking part in the destruction of Damascus and blaming it on terrorists who in reality are paid mercenaries.

Flip this around. What if Iran attacked an “arms depot” in Israel or the US? It would be an act of war. Iran and Syria are allies so this certainly fits that qualification if Iran was even providing arms to begin with.

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Trump sanctions Syria, says United Nations needs to do more

WEB Notes: Nearing only 100 days in office Trump has exposed himself as a complete fraud. He told Obama not to go to war, but here we are bombing Syria and continuing aerial bombardments of it. The funding of terrorists in Syria continues, on and on it goes.

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U.S. Sec. Of Defense Mattis Claims Syria Still Has Chemical Weapons; Laying The Groundwork For A New False Flag?

WEB Notes: In 2013 the UN itself went into Syria and worked with them to remove all of their chemical weapons and the other Global Powers; Russia and the US were a part of this as well. They not only removed the chemical weapons, but decommissioned the supposed facilities in Syria. The short memories we have.

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Israel says Assad’s forces still have several tonnes of chemical weapons

WEB Notes: Israel will say whatever they can to try and justify regime change in Syria and Iran. Israel is a part of the global system just as the US is, a part of the Global Powers we discussed in Chapter 2.

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Syria Urges UN to Act Against U.S. and Others It Accuses of Supporting Terrorists

WEB Notes: At least he understands in part who is at war with him. The UN is not going to help him though.

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Death toll from Aleppo bus convoy bomb attack at least 126 – Observatory

The death toll from a bomb attack on a crowded bus convoy outside Aleppo has reached at least 126 in the deadliest such incident in Syria in almost a year, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group said on Sunday.
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Top ten reasons to doubt official story on Assad poison-gas attack

The sarin-gas attack story prompted the US missile strike on a Syrian runway. Here are the top ten reasons for doubting that story, and instead calling it a convenient pretext:

ONE: Photos show rescue workers treating/decontaminating people injured or killed in the gas attack. The workers aren’t wearing gloves or protective gear. Only the clueless or crazy would expose themselves to sarin residue, which can be fatal.

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Trump: I Give The Military Total Authorization, Considers Sending Ground Troops To Syria

WEB Notes: We discussed this recently that trump gave authority to the military to take action. This whole thing is a big mess. The office of the president has been completely destroyed during the course of the last several presidents and now it just flounders. No one even knows what the word “law” means anymore.

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U.S. Drops Largest Non-Nuclear ‘Mother Of All Bombs’ On ISIS Network Of Caves In Afghanistan

WEB Notes: So now ISIS operates out of caves folks! They have special networks of tunnels like Osama Bin Laden, maybe Osama is still alive and he is showing them how to navigate these tunnels of terror. ISIS somehow manages to operate a global terror ring and war in several nations from a cave with no power or ties to the communication grid. They also operate a oil network among arms sales from it as well. If you buy all of that I have some property to sell you.

This was the first time the US has used the MOAB bomb and this was a test run for one or all of the many conflicts the US finds itself in.

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Russia Says Evidence Growing Syria Chemical Attack Was Staged

WEB Notes: They continue to pay good cop bad cop, but the results are the same. Assad continues to be attacked. Theresa May of Britain says, “Syria ‘highly likely’ behind attack”.

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