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Hillary Emails Reveal NATO Killed Gaddafi to Stop Libyan Creation of Gold-Backed Currency

WEB Notes: We have talked about this subject many times. This is not just Clinton, she is small potatoes. This is about globalism and its war against the non-globalized world.

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UN: ‘Staggering loss of civilian life’ during US-backed siege of Raqqa

WEB Notes: In the tweet below you will note it says, US-led coalition airstrikes against “pro-Damascus fighters”. This is code speech for Iran. It is Iran who is the alley of Syria. The proxy war with Iran is being fought in Syria at this time and has been raging for sometime now.

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5,000+ NATO troops to take part in ‘Iron Wolf’ drills in Lithuania

WEB Notes: These drills are designed to “deter Russian aggression.” In today’s world “deter aggression” means to help overthrow the government of Assad in Syria through a bombing campaign that has lasted years when we were told it would take Russia mere weeks to accomplish. Russia and the US are fighting the same cause, the cause of the children of Satan.

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U.S. poised to warn U.N. rights forum of possible withdrawal

WEB Notes: It would not surprise me in the least. As we have outlined in “The Timeline of the Tribulation” (Chapter 2, 3) the current global structure must fail in order to bring about a new global government.

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NATO mulls sending thousands more troops to Afghanistan

UN Joins Beijing to Advance Globalism With “One Belt, One Road”

The United Nations and its top leaders have openly embraced the Communist Chinese dictatorship’s widely criticized “One Belt, One Road” (OBOR) initiative, which analysts have warned is an effort to further expand Beijing’s totalitarian influence far outside of China’s borders. Other globalist organizations such as the International Monetary Fund and World Bank praised the scheme, too. Brutal dictatorships and tyrants around the world are also lining up to join the party. And unfortunately for opponents of communism, globalism, and tyranny, even some Western governments and companies are hopping on the OBOR bandwagon. But the truth is trickling out.

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NATO returning to ‘historic role as war fighting command’ to counter Russia – top US general

WEB Notes: These are crazy people. Men who love war and live in fantasy land. Russia and the United States have been working together for years in Syria. We have documented that over and over on this site. Just yesterday we posted an article where the US and Russia agreed to work together on North Korea. You have to see the works of someone in order to understand what their true agenda is. Do you see war between these two nations? No. You see agreements and them working closely to re-shape the global order.

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UN Security Council to Hold Ministerial Meeting on North Korea on Friday

The meeting comes at the request of the US mission to the UN and is expected to be attended by ministers and officials from nine other nations: Russia, China, Japan, the United Kingdom, Senegal, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, Sweden and Italy.

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Tillerson Calls on U.N. Member States to ‘Suspend or Downgrade Diplomatic Relations with North Korea’

WEB Notes: This is how you play the game. Make the other guy look really bad and keep pointing it out and then call on the other people to join in your efforts to demonize them.

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All 100 US senators to UN: End ‘unacceptable’ anti-Israel bias

WEB Notes: Are these people crazy? Exactly what bias? Ol Trumpie said he was going to stamp out “anti-Israel bias” this must be a part of what he is talking about. This nations should be ashamed of itself, cowering down to another nation and for what? To shield the people from truth.

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UN: Repealing ObamaCare Violates “International Law”

WEB Notes: Ol Trump just may keep it around now and so far it looks to be that way. NAFTA, flip, NATO, flip and those were just in the last few weeks.

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In Bizarre Reversal, Trump Seeks to Empower UN

Despite regularly ridiculing the United Nations and repeatedly proposing a scaled-back U.S. role in it, President Donald Trump struck a very different tone this week, calling for empowering the controversial UN dictators club to somehow “solve” the North Korea issue, Syria, and other problems.

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