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UN Calls For Global Solidarity Ahead Of Pledging Conference On Rohingya Refugee Crisis

Senior United Nations officials are urging the international community to come together in support of a 23 October pledging conference to “send a strong message to Rohingya refugees and their generous hosts in Bangladesh that the world is there for them in their greatest time of need.”

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US To Withdraw From UNESCO To Save Money, Protest Anti-Israel Bias

Russia, U.S. To Create New Space Station In Moon’s Orbit

WEB Notes: Working together, just like one big globalist family.

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Statement by Syria’s Deputy Prime Minister H.E. Walid Al-Moualem at the UN General Assembly

WEB Notes: This is a fantastic speech by the Syrian government that you all need to take the time to read. This is a first hand account of what has really been transpiring in Syria.

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‘Shameless, Ignorant, New Hitler’: Iran & Venezuela Fire Back After Trump Criticism At U.N.

Two of the most prominent targets of Donald Trump’s maiden UN speech, Iran and Venezuela, have responded to the US president’s condemnations with some of their own, arguing that Washington continues to be a destabilizing influence.

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UN Nuclear Watchdog Defends Iran Deal

WEB Notes: Make note of this. Iran is compliant with the nuclear deal. Though next month Trump may cancel the agreement calling Iran “non-compliant“…

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At The UN, Israel Sets Red Lines For Iran

WEB Notes: Another red line? Bibi should bring out his bomb board again with the red line on it. Talk about a comedy show. All Bibi is doing is waiting for the United States to respond for him. Israel will not take the lead on any of this. Why? They do not have the ability to fight Iran without the help of the US. I hope you realize the United States provides Israel with $3 billon dollars in aid every single year. They need that assistance from the US or they would cease to exist. What else did Bibi have to say and what does the Bible say?…

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Over 50 Countries Sign Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty At UN

WEB Notes: Of course the US, UK, France, Russia and China all said they will not sign this document. We reported on this a few months ago as well. The world is trying to come together, but the nations who lead the world today will have some difficulty aligning with lower nations. This is one of the reasons why the current global structure will come to an end, it will make way for the Ten Clay Kings.

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World Leaders Sounding Like Trump At The UN

WEB Notes: They are all going to echo the statement of destroying Iran and North Korea, they are all a part of the same club. When you are in the same club you agree with your club buddies. This is not that difficult to figure out folks. Here are some other headlines of interest…
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Trump’s United Nations Speech: ‘Totally Destroy North Korea’, Iran Is ‘Murderous Regime’

WEB Notes: By far Trump called for the most murder and death himself. In fact everything Trump accused Iran of doing the United States is doing or has done. Trump accused Iran of supporting terrorism, which we know the United States has done for years. He accused Iran of killing innocent people and destroying nations. I do not know which version of reality this guy watches, but I have seen with my own eyes the United States remove leaders of sovereign nations for years and years. I have seen the U.S. kill innocent people. I have never seen Iran take down another country, neither have I seen North Korea do that…

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Trump Will Rally World To Confront Iran, N. Korea In First UN Address

WEB Notes: It will be interesting to see how much support his message receives at the United Nations today.

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Turkey Signs Russian Missile Deal, Pivoting From NATO

WEB Notes: Contrary to popular belief they are all controlled by the same Four Horns of power.

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