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Trump Will Rally World To Confront Iran, N. Korea In First UN Address

WEB Notes: It will be interesting to see how much support his message receives at the United Nations today.

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Survey: Half of Millennials Would Give Up Voting Rights to Pay Off Student Debt

WEB Notes: Kiddos, do not be foolish and sign everything on the dotted line without reading the details. You say the amount, you saw the interest rate and the terms…

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U.S. Jets Drop Bombs in ‘Show of Force’ Against North Korea

U.S. jets, along with aircraft from Japan and South Korea, dropped live ammunition in the Korean Peninsula as part of a show of force against North Korea Sunday in response to North Korea’s missile launch over Japan last week.

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Food Stamp Usage Has Fallen Every Month of Trump Presidency

WEB Notes: Breitbart is certainly a Trump outlet, the headline tells you that. Then in their own article they attribute it to the states, not the federal government…

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Retired Appeals Court Judge: ‘I Pay Very Little Attention To Legal Rules, Statutes, Constitutional Provisions’

WEB Notes: Can you imagine if you told your boss, ‘yeah I never payed attention to the rule book, I just do what I want‘? No doubt you would have been fired long ago. Not in this country. We let idiots and traders reign supreme…

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U.S. Senate Betrays Constitution, Fails To Stop Perpetual War Policy

WEB Notes: They have been betraying the Constitution for longer than I have been alive. Unfortunately, it becomes worse by the day and very few care and even less are aware.

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Dallas Removes Statue Of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee From Park

WEB Notes: More historical monuments coming down and why?…

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2nd Night Of Violence In St. Louis After Ex-Cop Acquitted

Protests near St. Louis turned violent for the second night Saturday in reaction to the acquittal of a white former police officer in the fatal shooting of a black man, as a small group of demonstrators refused to disperse, breaking windows at dozens of businesses and throwing objects at police, who moved in with hundreds of officers in riot gear to make arrests.

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Trump Supports Bill To Protect Illegal Immigrant ‘Dreamers’

WEB Notes: We had amnesty under a Republican President in the 80s and it looks like we are going to have it again. Trump told you pre-election he would build a wall day one and boot out the illegals, but of course he lied to you. You owe it to yourself to read this article about our nation and the ballot box which was written in October of last year

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California Sanctuary State Bill: Lawmakers Just Voted to Protect Illegal Immigrants, Headed For Governor’s Desk

WEB Notes: California how stupid you are. Such a beautiful state full of sights to see, but destroyed by the fascists in office.

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New Documents Show Pentagon Is Shipping Billions Worth Of Weapons To Terrorists In Syria, Trying To Cover Its Tracks

WEB Notes: You mean to tell me Trump lied? Of course he did, but I bet you Republicrats would still give the guy a hug and a high five to boot…

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Trump Extends Post-9/11 State of Emergency

WEB Notes: Why would he do this? It grands him a lot of power to bypass the laws of this land. Of course that “power” is null and void from a Constitutional perspective.

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