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U.S. B-1B Bombers Fly Over S. Korea To Participate In Seoul Air Show

WEB Notes: All of this is being done in a show of force for North Korea, call it a show, military drill whatever. Just remember who has been doing the drills and “shows” off whose coast. The US off North Korea’s. I have yet to read a report of a North Korean ship off the coast of the United States.

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After Raqqa’s Liberation, ‘A Tough Fight Still Lies Ahead’ Against Isis

WEB Notes: So even though they have been telling us ISIS is defeated, ISIS is really not defeated. Well who would have guessed that one?

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This Is What Victory Over ISIS Looks Like

Kobani Syria After ISIS Invasion - New York Times

Kobani Syria After ISIS Invasion – New York Times

WEB Notes: If you have been a reader of a site for awhile you have seen the articles, videos and photos of the damage in Syria and the Middle East caused by the war against “terrorists“. Of course, this is a manufactured war and the terrorists are really paid mercenaries. But the results are the same…

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ISIS In Afghanistan Is US Tool To Cause Trouble In Whole Region – Ex-Afghan President Karzai

WEB Notes: Everyone seems to understand ISIS is a tool of the US, except for Americans themselves. How many leaders now have come forward on this?

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‘Severe Threat’: Isis & Al-Qaeda Planning 9/11-Style ‘Big Explosion,’ Us Security Chief Warns

WEB Notes: I cannot count the amount of times I have heard this since 911. Different terrorists,  same plot. They used to talk a lot about “suitcase nukes“. Apparently they decided to let that one die on the vine.

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Federal Court Rules World War I Memorial Cross Must Be Torn Down

WEB Notes: This is a bunch of trash. No one is stopping the atheists from their belief. To them a cross is just a piece of stone or wood as it is to us. It is simply symbology. To them it would be to a false god. How about these bums go into all the asian restaurants and demand all the Buddha statues be removed? Why don’t they demand all the Lenin statues removed in this nation? This makes me sick and backs up the point just made in this article. If it looks, acts or smells Christian it must be exterminated.

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Folsom School Staff Can’t Have Guns On Campus Due To New California Law

WEB Notes: Let’s just remove the last few pieces of common sense in this once great state. In the last couple weeks the state is now a sanctuary state, believes in a third gender oh and let’s not forget the new gas taxes and registration increases going into effect next month! It sounds like a nightmare does it not?

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ISIS Caliphate ‘Capital’ In Raqqa Falls After Last Jihadists Surrender

WEB Notes: The United Nations said the city is in complete ruins. Of course this has been the entire goal of “ISIS,” to help the globalists destroy Syria which stands in the way of globalism.

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61,000 Flee Kirkuk As Iraq Says Kurdish Independence ‘A Thing Of The Past’

Coming To Your Neighborhood: LAPD Drones

WEB Notes: Never fear folks, for now these drones will not be weaponized…

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Two US Partners Fighting ISIS Are Now Fighting Each Other

Iraqi Security Forces staged an assault on the oil-rich city of Kirkuk on Monday morning, forcing Kurdish Peshmerga forces to withdraw from the area.

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US Strikes Kill ‘Dozens’ At ISIS Training Camps In Yemen

WEB Notes: The US should say ISIS has invaded North Korea, then they would be able to attack them without any concern from the world.

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