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Trump On Afghanistan: ‘We Are Not Nation Building Again; We Are Killing Terrorists’

Donald Trump Pointing

WEB Notes: You know I am really glad Trump cleared this up for me when he said, ‘We Are Not Nation Building Again; We Are Killing Terrorists‘. You know there for 15 years I thought we were nation building. I mean we have been killing terrorists for years and years and they just keep coming back. They are like those worms you can cut in half. “Kill” one and then you have two. What else can the US do, but send more and more of our men and woman off to die and kill more people in other nations? Are you disgusted yet? You should be. You have been had by a con man

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Trump to Pakistan: ‘No Partnership Can Survive a Country’s Harboring of Militants and Terrorists Who Target US’

WEB Notes: We had a post back in June about the US sending 4,000 more troops to fight the Taliban who took over Osama Bin Laden’s former caves. The caves of doom! Doom! Let us not forget the US has supported the Taliban in the past including Mr. Osama. I wonder why Trump failed to bring that up?..

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U.S. Vandals Destroy Monuments Because They Hate America

WEB Notes: The source has several images of statues and monuments that have been destroyed or defaced.

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31 Pictures That Prove Yemen Has Turned Into Hell on Earth

WEB Notes: Plenty of very graphic photos at the source. Be warned. Maybe someone can explain how blowing up a nation is protecting our freedom over here. Does anyone really fall for that garbage anymore? No, the people just do not care and very few even know what is transpiring anymore. Very sad times, very sad.

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No Role For West & Allies In Syria Until They Cut Support To Terrorists – Assad 

WEB Notes: Regardless if the West stopped supporting terrorists or not, why on earth would you work with them? They have nearly brought your nation to the grave. Assad still has not quite figured it all out.

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North Korea Warns Of ‘Merciless Strike’ Ahead Of US, South Korea Drills

WEB Notes: You notice how these wild outbursts are never backed up by anything but words? I am not talking about North Korea’s so called threats. I am talking about documented proof that North Korea said anything at all. Watch the video from the source. You will hear plenty of blabbing from the US Mainstream media, you will hear some blabber from South Korea as well. But for such a mighty threat, not one video clip was displayed of North Korea saying anything. I always find that interesting.

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Trump Has Made Afghanistan Decision After ‘Rigorous’ U.S. Review

WEB Notes: There has been no official announcement made either way, Trump wants to do those honors himself. It is noted they may send in 3,000 to 5,000 additional troops. The article concludes stating the Taliban has never been stronger than it is today. That all seems to indicated the war of 15 years will march on. There are still poppy fields to protect you know.

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Tech Censorship of White Supremacists Draws Criticism From Within Industry

WEB Notes: It better draw criticism and if you think that website is the only racists website on the internet I have some ocean front property to sell you. There are hatful websites all over the internet, pick your flavor of race or topic and there will be a fool who fits that bill. Free speech is just that, free speech. Some people think the Bible is hateful, should we ban that too? Of course not.

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CNN: Statues Of Washington, Jefferson, And Robert E. Lee ‘All Need To Come Down’

George Washington Statue On Horse

George Washington Statue – WikiCommons

WEB Notes: Everyone has a script and a part in what is going on. The brainwashing has kicked into overdrive. The crybabies and those causing the division are the ones talking about racism and removing our historical icons. Did these clowns seriously forget we just had a black President for 8 years? Did they forget how over 50-60% of whites voted for Obama?…

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ISIS Barcelona Attack Killed 13 And Injured Over 100

WEB Notes: In a separate “attack” a house blew up over 100 miles from this location. At this moment I cannot find any good video footage of this vehicle assault. I do see a vehicle towed away with a tarp over it and I always have to question the point of that. Is something being hidden from the public?…

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Brzezinski: We’re at a ‘Low Point’ American History, Possibly as Bad as Civil War or Great Depression

WEB Notes: Like we said yesterday, “they” control both sides of the argument. That is how you heat up the debate and fuel the fire. It works perfect and the people fall for it every time. To compare what has happened to the Civil War or Great Depression is foolishness…

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Oregon Governor Signs Gun Confiscation Bill Into Law

WEB Notes: While the Confederate Monument saga steams forward, Oregon signed more fascist laws.

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