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California Creates Travel Ban Keeping Students From Traveling To ‘Anti-LGBT’ States

WEB Notes: Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, but when you start telling people what to do and making laws to impose your beliefs on them. That is wrong. Further, this is action by the government itself. This is right out of the movie 1984. Controlling the people on a scale many thought would not be possible. We are only seeing a glimpse of what it will be like in the future. The silence of the people and the failure of them to make a stand leads to their bondage.

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With new anti-ISIS plan due next week, Pentagon considering U.S. troops in Syria

WEB Notes: Ahh yes. This new “plan” will also target “transnational terrorist groups beyond just Syria and Iraq“. Of course, because terrorism exists anywhere nations do not conform to the global agenda.

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Travelers Alarmed as Federal Agents Check IDs After Domestic Flight Lands

WEB Notes: This is what I am talking about. The government has no right to check your ID. It is impossible for them to suspected every one of a crime. How many Americans actually know they do not have to submit their ID to law enforcement? Probably very few. This is not about being rude to law enforcement, you should treat them with respect as long as they do the same. However, you do not allow them to break the law and your rights. You can politely remind them of the law, apparently they have “forgotten” as well.

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Robots ‘could replace 250,000 UK public sector workers’

WEB Notes: We all know the jokes about government workers. Apparently their jobs are easily automatable and will be automated like many in lower end areas of the private sector. Automation is becoming extremely powerful and will continue in the years ahead. Doctors and nurses are already being automated to a degree. There are now robots that come to the bedsides in hospitals to consult you depending on your illness. These robots have a screen and a doctor is on the other end. However, instead of a hospital having to have a doctor on staff, they simply outsource to the “robot firm” where these type of positions are consolidated.

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Iraq carries out airstrikes against ISIS targets in Syria – PM statement

The Iraqi prime minister said he had directed the military to conduct airstrikes against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) targets in Syrian territory. The strikes come in response to recent bombings in Baghdad, he added.

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Social Media Is Driving Americans Insane

WEB Notes: It feels so much better to turn off un-needed accounts and alerts and learn to put your phone somewhere else when you get home. All that checking your phone removes those little moments with your family over what? A status update? What Jesse and Sally just posted which means nothing. But time with your family grows and builds. The moments stuck looking at the screen on your phone keep you from coming up with ideas and so many other truly useful things.

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Danish man who videoed himself burning the Quran charged with blasphemy

WEB Notes: Blasphemy? They do not even know what that means. So what if the guy burns a quran or Bible. Let people think for themselves. No one should be sent to prison for burning a book. If someone burned a Bible I would say they are a fool, but it certainly is not worth sending them to prison over. More and more freedom is being removed from the people.

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UMich students demand no-whites-allowed space to plot ‘social justice’ activism

WEB Notes: The title of this article is contradictory. No whites allowed so social justice can work. What a joke! Talk about racism, this is racism. If it divides the people then it is not considered “hate speech”. A divided people cannot work and think together.

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Google Launches Robo-Tool To Flag ‘Hate Speech’ Online

WEB Notes: Hate speech is code for controlled speech. It is a way to control speech without most people know what is actually happening.

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McCain makes secret trip to Syria to meet US military, Kurds

WEB Notes: McCain wants to destroy ISIS and Assad and so does the US. The obama administration told us as much. The new trump admin has not been as vocal, but the actions remain the same with more military personal being sent to Syria.

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MSNBC Brzezinski: ‘Our Job’ Is to Control ‘Exactly What People Think’ – Video

WEB Notes: Of course that is the media’s job and anything that comes out from the mainstream is taken as truth and Gospel by most of the world. Critical thinking is lacking in these end times.

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CIA Arms for Syrian Rebels Frozen Amid Infighting

WEB Notes: You mean to tell me the CIA is giving our tax dollars in the form of weapons to terrorists in the middle east? Of course, this is why we call the terrorists a proxy army. They fight in place of Global Powers against Syria. This has been going on for years and will until Syria is dissolved.

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