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Man Jailed After Drywall Powder Mistaken For Cocaine

WEB Notes: This is not some “mistake,” they stole 3 months of this man’s life and why on earth did it take 3 months to get back lab results? Who is going to pay for his lost wages? Who is going to refund the tax payers for placing this man in a cell at tax payer expense? When it comes to the government, they never have to pay for “accidents” or “mistakes”. Very disturbing.

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Another Massive Ransomware Outbreak Is Going Global Fast

Ukraine’s government, National Bank, its transportation services and largest power companies are bearing the brunt of what appears to be a massive ransomware outbreak that’s fast spreading across the world and hitting a significant number of critical infrastructure providers.

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Now U.S. government threatens to take all your cash

WEB Notes: So what else is new? The government is constantly violating our Constitutional rights which most Americans do not even realize and then the other sect really does not care. If the bill passes is anyone going to say anything? Will anyone even notice? I doubt it. In the name of “fighting terrorism” this nation conned the people to an endless war with an endless supply of our money to fund it. All the while our men and woman come home dead or maimed. So if Americans are not going to complain about that, why would they be concerned about signing a form?

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US Identifies Syrian Government Potential Preparations for Chemical Attack

WEB Notes: This is a load of you know what. How can the people possibly go along with the lie? The last time they accused Assad of using chemical weapons against his own people it was proven a lie. Then Assad agreed to have the UN remove all chemical weapons and dismantle the facilities used to make chemical weapons. Does anyone not remember this?

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Supreme Court Sanctions Dictatorship: Reinstates Key Parts of Immigration Executive Order

WEB Notes: The Supreme Court has officially sanctioned the moves of the new US administration by “allowing” key parts of the “Executive Order” through. An Executive Order is not a law, it is an illegal action. How many offices of government do we have? Three: Legislative (makes the law), Executive (carries out the law), Judicial (evaluates the law). In today’s American the Executive branch that would be your President makes the laws and carries them out. This is not how it is supposed to work.

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California Democrats Violate Their Own ‘Travel Ban’ – for ‘Important’ Causes

WEB Notes: It is hard to believe these people were actually elected to office. They are going to the “National Assembly of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials“. Which country do we live in again? This is division right here between race and this is racist in of itself. You are dividing the people. Imagine if their was an Assembly of Caucasians. The country would be abhorred by it. This in of itself is disturbing which is not even mentioned in the article. What is, is California government officials desire to support illegal immigration and LGBT.

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Google Gets Record $2.7 Billion EU Fine for Skewing Searches

Google lost its biggest regulatory battle yet, getting a record 2.4 billion-euro ($2.7 billion) fine from European Union enforcers who say the search-engine giant skewed results to thwart smaller shopping search services.

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Pro-Family Groups Push Back After GuideStar Labels 46 American Organizations ‘Hate Groups’

WEB Notes: “Hate Group,” “Hate Speech” all phrases to control what you think. No one wants to be placed into those categories. It sounds negative and places you on the outside. As Sue said in the comments the other day, a separation is taking place. It will be on a grand scale when Satan is here, but the last year and a half to two years I have seen it start. It is not only a separation between government and groups, but Christian communities as well.

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German Authorities Raid Homes of 36 for Social Media ‘Hate Speech’

WEB Notes: Anything that does not agree with the globalist agenda is consider hate speech. No one has a right to tell you what to think.

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China’s Central Bank Has Begun Cautiously Testing a Digital Currency

WEB Notes: The same old tired excuse is given to move forward with a “digital currency”.

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The TSA is going to look through your books but promises not to notice what you’re reading

WEB Notes: If you have to fly, then bring extra Bibles for them to read. The invasiveness continues to increase. First it was a violation of our bodies, now a violation of our minds. The whole TSA process is very dehumanizing.

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How the Government Conditions Citizens to Obey

Can you count how many ways the government manipulates people to be the type of citizen they can easily control?

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