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U.S. Vandals Destroy Monuments Because They Hate America

WEB Notes: The source has several images of statues and monuments that have been destroyed or defaced.

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Brzezinski: We’re at a ‘Low Point’ American History, Possibly as Bad as Civil War or Great Depression

WEB Notes: Like we said yesterday, “they” control both sides of the argument. That is how you heat up the debate and fuel the fire. It works perfect and the people fall for it every time. To compare what has happened to the Civil War or Great Depression is foolishness…

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The Division Of A Nation Escalates

asphalt crack fissure divide

Without a doubt, we have an enormous and escalated agenda taking place in our nation. We touched on it two days ago in this post. I know nothing about the Daily Stormer and never heard of them until a few days ago.

Yet, that site has been banned by Facebook, Twitter, GoDaddy, Google and now Cloudflare who once said they will defend anyone. You better wake up people. The hour is growing very late. This is not about so called “white power“…

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Why Was This ‘Crowd Hire’ Company Recruiting $25 An Hour ‘Political Activists’ In Charlotte Last Week?

WEB Notes: The listing was still up at the time of this posting and it shows it was posted 10 days ago.

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White Nationalist Groups Plan Rally In Lexington To Oppose Moving Statues

WEB Notes: Is it really a white nationalist group or propaganda? No one will probably ever know for sure. We do know they have made it public they are going to show up. Depending on what commentary one provides on issues like this can paint them into the racist corner. On one hand we see “white nationalists” defending the history of this country. So if you go out there and say hey these guys are doing a good thing, then the media and everyone else can say hey look that person is a racist, there backing those racists guys over there. Double edged sword. That is alright, our Father has one of those and boy is He going to whip it out on the fools of the world.

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Chaos in Charlottesville: No One Gave Peace a Chance, Including the Police

WEB Notes: This is a good piece. The fact remains law enforcement allowed this to happen. Any other time we hear about permits that must be issued for protests which is illegal in of itself as it defies the Constitution. The point is, all the governments self imposed rules went out the window and they sat by and watched and what happened? It brought an uproar to the entire nation, that was not an accident.

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Durham County Sheriff Mike Andrews Pursuing Felony Charges In Toppling Of Confederate Soldier Statue Monday 

WEB Notes: A day late boys. Such tough guys, you are busting them now. Where were you yesterday? A nearly 100 year old statue was destroyed, but hey, now you are going to arrest someone. You people make me sick. If it was some Christian on the street corner with a bull horn he would have been in hand cuffs before he could say, “Jesus Chri….”

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Trump Defiant On Charlottesville Unrest: ‘Blame On Both Sides’

WEB Notes: When Trump slips up, we certainly point that out so you can understand what laws are being broken. However, this thing has turned into chaos. The media and so called citizens are upset because he said there is blame on both sides? The guy is right, of course there is blame on both sides. How does the old saying go? “It takes two to tango”. There were fools on both sides of the isle and now the fools are tearing up historical monuments in our nation…

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Charlottesville Police Face Critics As A Tense City Tries To Regroup From Deadly Weekend

WEB Notes: It does not take much for people to turn into a bunch of foolish animals does it? Oh how the children of Satan love to watch the people fight amongst themselves.

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Sabatoged Rally? What Started As A Free Speech Protest To Protect Confederate Statues Turns Into Nightmare

WEB Notes: No one will know for sure. But we do know this is right out of the play book of Saul Alinsky. If you do not like a certain event or political rally, you show up acting as a supporter of it and then you go crazy and ruin the whole thing making the group look like the cause of it. So what could have started out as an honest protest turned into a nightmare due to saboteurs. This it is why it is so difficult to get any true movement going, you get these other groups and organizations attaching themselves to it and then it becomes corrupted.

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Venezuela Quells Attack On Military Base, Two Killed

Venezuela Military Base Attacked As Video Shows Men In Uniform Claiming Start Of Coup

A video has emerged showing a group of men in military uniform saying they were launching an uprising against unpopular President Nicolas Maduro to restore democracy in Venezuela.

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