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“Daddy, Daddy, I’ve done a bad thing.” 5 Year Old Fined £150 For Lemonade Stand Without License

WEB Notes: We live in a world that has gone completely insane. How many of you had stands when you were a kid? I did many times and I recall selling other snacks as well. It was fun as a kid to go shopping and figure this is my cost, this is my mark up, this is my profit. Big brother really was not missing out on a lot. This poor girl might have made $5-20 bucks in one day. The best part is the “officers” had to turn “on their mobile camera and began reading from a big script explaining that she did not have a trading license.” Were these officers fresh meat? They couldn’t even get their lines right. B rated movie “stars” do better than this.

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Oregon Passes Resentment Tax: $15 Per Bicycle

Due to the perceived injustice inflicted on Oregon taxpayers last year, the state legislators evened the score last week when the members passed a bill taxing bicycles. The Democratically controlled legislature passed a bill in 2016 forcing drivers to pay 10 cents per gallon more for gasoline to fund road improvements. The cry then went up that bikers weren’t paying their fair share.

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Tens of Thousands March Over Corruption in Dominican Republic

Tens of thousands of protesters flooded the streets of the capital of the Dominican Republic on Sunday in the biggest demonstration of anger over corruption in decades following a landmark bribery case against top officials.

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Venezuela: Government Opened Fire On “Opposition Coalition” Killing 61 Year Old During Vote

Crowds gathered to vote in other former “Chavista” strongholds too, such as the poor slums of Caracas.

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Pentagon Secretly Tested Chemical Weapons On US Troops

WEB Notes: This is certainly not the first time this has been reported. There are numerous reports of this and admissions by the government as well. Most people probably will not care, which I find sad. Yet those same people are being rallied to oust Assad in Syria every time the US claims he is using chemical weapons on his own people. Of course none of the US claims have ever been proven true. But this article is true and how many will take note? How many will demand answers from their elected officials?

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Homeland Security says Americans who don’t want faces scanned leaving the country “shouldn’t travel”

WEB Notes: Do you see how this works? They pass a law that applies to others, in this case the migrants. Then overtime when everyone is acclimated to it, they change it to affect everyone. At that point there are very few who will complain or resist. With today’s world of “selfies” very few have a problem with a photo of them being taken. It is a conditioning to the mind to the every changing world and how your rights and freedoms are constantly being removed, no matter how small they may appear.

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Oregon Democrat Lawmakers Pass Bill to Give Free Abortions to Illegal Immigrants

WEB Notes: The writer of this one says, the “bill that would provide free abortions for all girls and women in the state“. The last time I checked only woman could have babies, but in the generation we find ourselves I suppose you need to be real specific. Of course this includes illegal immigrants you know.

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Germany approves bill to fine social media up to €50mn over online hate speech, fake news

WEB Notes: The thought police are rising. We are entering a new stage now with speech in general. Personally, I believe this is a well coordinated effort by the globalists. For years in the US we have heard our own government calling for bloggers to be shut down. Years later we have this. All the major social media outlets have all said they are working to lock down “hate speech” on their sites. “Hate speech” is anything that does not go along with the mainstream narrative.

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Man Jailed After Drywall Powder Mistaken For Cocaine

WEB Notes: This is not some “mistake,” they stole 3 months of this man’s life and why on earth did it take 3 months to get back lab results? Who is going to pay for his lost wages? Who is going to refund the tax payers for placing this man in a cell at tax payer expense? When it comes to the government, they never have to pay for “accidents” or “mistakes”. Very disturbing.

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Now U.S. government threatens to take all your cash

WEB Notes: So what else is new? The government is constantly violating our Constitutional rights which most Americans do not even realize and then the other sect really does not care. If the bill passes is anyone going to say anything? Will anyone even notice? I doubt it. In the name of “fighting terrorism” this nation conned the people to an endless war with an endless supply of our money to fund it. All the while our men and woman come home dead or maimed. So if Americans are not going to complain about that, why would they be concerned about signing a form?

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Supreme Court Sanctions Dictatorship: Reinstates Key Parts of Immigration Executive Order

WEB Notes: The Supreme Court has officially sanctioned the moves of the new US administration by “allowing” key parts of the “Executive Order” through. An Executive Order is not a law, it is an illegal action. How many offices of government do we have? Three: Legislative (makes the law), Executive (carries out the law), Judicial (evaluates the law). In today’s American the Executive branch that would be your President makes the laws and carries them out. This is not how it is supposed to work.

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California Democrats Violate Their Own ‘Travel Ban’ – for ‘Important’ Causes

WEB Notes: It is hard to believe these people were actually elected to office. They are going to the “National Assembly of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials“. Which country do we live in again? This is division right here between race and this is racist in of itself. You are dividing the people. Imagine if their was an Assembly of Caucasians. The country would be abhorred by it. This in of itself is disturbing which is not even mentioned in the article. What is, is California government officials desire to support illegal immigration and LGBT.

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