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US military helping US backed forces in fight for Tabqa Dam in Syria

WEB Notes: They have now given the “good terrorists” an official name, a couple of names from reading this. Yet none of these terrorists are truly organized enough to meet Assad in order to negotiate a new Syrian Constitution. Why negotiate when the proxy armies of the West are closing in on victory…

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West Mosul displacement surges 22% amid ongoing coalition offensive – UN

The total number of displaced civilians in the western part of the Iraqi city of Mosul has increased 22 percent week-on-week as Iraqi forces keep battling Islamic State militants, the United Nations says.

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U.S. Launches Over 7,000 Airstrikes In Iraq, Syria In Past Two Months

With the fighting against ISIS increasingly confined to densely populated cities like Mosul and Raqqa, the US air war against them continues to escalate precipitously, with record numbers of airstrikes in recent months, and the coalition dropping over 7,000 munitions on Iraq and Syria in just the last two months.

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Syrian force a ‘few weeks’ from Raqqa, U.S. Marines deployed

WEB Notes: Everyone is closing in on “ISIS” capital of Raqqa in Syria and they expect within a few weeks there will be a siege of the city. Obvious, normal Syrians live here and it has and will continue to be bloody. If the thought is to kill the idea of ISIS it will be replaced with something else. Syria has not been handed over to the globalists just yet, though they are very close. I do not think it would be surprising to see ISIS disappear at some point and there be a “peace” meeting between the “moderate rebels” and Syria’s government to negotiate changes that will benefit the globalists. I think many of us are baffled how the lie of ISIS has drug on for so long already.

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Marines arrive in Syria in support of fight for Raqqa, defense official says – Video

WEB Notes: This report is stating this is in addition to US Special Forces that were just deployed. Listen to the acting the president does on TV. It sounds like a speech out of a Hollywood drama.

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U.S. weighs deploying up to 1,000 ‘reserve’ troops in Kuwait for ISIS fight

WEB Notes: We have shifted into high gear and we are witnessing a dramatic escalation in world events. Keep your eyes open.

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US Ground Invasion of Syria Begins As 500 Special Forces Join Battle Against ISIS

WEB Notes: Syria is not being invaded because of ISIS. ISIS is a proxy army of Global Powers. The ISIS narrative is being used to provide the reason to invade and take over Syria in order to institute a government that will go along with the current global structure. This is all about global government and world leaders have said many times that terrorism is the common enemy of mankind so they must work together to fight it.

I would encourage everyone to watch a video we have on this subject titled, “ISIS News and World Leaders Calls for a United World Against Terrorism – Video” I would also reference readers to read a past Bible Q&A where we documented ISIS has been funded by the US.

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Red Cross says seven treated for exposure to toxic agents near Mosul

Five children and two women are receiving treatment for exposure to chemical agents near the Iraqi city of Mosul, where Islamic State is fighting U.S.-backed Iraqi forces, the International Committee of the Red Cross said on Friday.

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‘White Helmets helping rebrand terror groups to create Syrian no-fly zones’

WEB Notes: How many articles have we read about government funding of “rebels” which is code word for “terrorists” in Syria over the years? Numerous. They cannot figure out which terrorist groups are the good ones and which ones are the bad ones. This “saga” is really a bad script from a B rated movie. A terrorist is a terrorist plan and simply and they are all fighting against Syria’s government. Meanwhile the nations of the world are destroying the infrastructure of Syria in the name of fighting terrorism. How many drone footage clips have we seen over the years that document that? Numerous. Yet on and on it goes.

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With Pentagon Help, Iraqi Warplanes Bomb Syria

WEB Notes: Now Iraq is joining the aerial bombardment party in Syria, all to try and destroy ISIS the nemesis of the world. With as many nations involved in this “war on terror” you would have thought they were repelling alien invaders. That’s only in the movies, in “real life” it takes years and billions of dollars and all the super powers of the world to attack a terrorist group with Toyota pickups.

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U.S. Air Force Seeks Israeli Technology To Destroy ISIS Drones

WEB Notes: Israel has been involved in the war at very, very low levels. They have attacked Syria at least a dozen times over the last 3-4 years alone. Now they will assist with drone capabilities as ISIS now has “drones”. Yet, no one can figure out where they are or how to stop them. Everything that goes on in the world is like one big awfully scripted television show. I have watched B rated movies with a better script than this.

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US to send F-35s to MidEast to fight ISIS in ‘not too distant future’

WEB Notes: Do you realize each one of these planes costs on average of $180 million dollars? Billions of dollars have been spent “fighting” ISIS and yet, ISIS grows stronger. Common sense would tell us more is going on here than what we are being told. We will talk more about this proxy army ISIS in a future Bible Q&A.

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