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After Raqqa’s Liberation, ‘A Tough Fight Still Lies Ahead’ Against Isis

WEB Notes: So even though they have been telling us ISIS is defeated, ISIS is really not defeated. Well who would have guessed that one?

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This Is What Victory Over ISIS Looks Like

Kobani Syria After ISIS Invasion - New York Times

Kobani Syria After ISIS Invasion – New York Times

WEB Notes: If you have been a reader of a site for awhile you have seen the articles, videos and photos of the damage in Syria and the Middle East caused by the war against “terrorists“. Of course, this is a manufactured war and the terrorists are really paid mercenaries. But the results are the same…

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ISIS In Afghanistan Is US Tool To Cause Trouble In Whole Region – Ex-Afghan President Karzai

WEB Notes: Everyone seems to understand ISIS is a tool of the US, except for Americans themselves. How many leaders now have come forward on this?

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‘Severe Threat’: Isis & Al-Qaeda Planning 9/11-Style ‘Big Explosion,’ Us Security Chief Warns

WEB Notes: I cannot count the amount of times I have heard this since 911. Different terrorists,  same plot. They used to talk a lot about “suitcase nukes“. Apparently they decided to let that one die on the vine.

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ISIS Caliphate ‘Capital’ In Raqqa Falls After Last Jihadists Surrender

WEB Notes: The United Nations said the city is in complete ruins. Of course this has been the entire goal of “ISIS,” to help the globalists destroy Syria which stands in the way of globalism.

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Two US Partners Fighting ISIS Are Now Fighting Each Other

Iraqi Security Forces staged an assault on the oil-rich city of Kirkuk on Monday morning, forcing Kurdish Peshmerga forces to withdraw from the area.

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US Strikes Kill ‘Dozens’ At ISIS Training Camps In Yemen

WEB Notes: The US should say ISIS has invaded North Korea, then they would be able to attack them without any concern from the world.

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US Destroying Syrian Cities Liberated From ISIS To Obstruct Pro-Assad Forces

WEB Notes: Reports continue to come in that ISIS has instantly and miraculously collapsed. They now hold onto just 8% of Syria. Meanwhile, the US continues to bomb Syrian cities. This article makes it sound like that is some new news event, but we know this has been going on for years now.

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Once Promised Paradise, ISIS Fighters End Up In Mass Graves

The Islamic State group once drew recruits from near and far with promises of paradise but now bodies of jihadists lie in mass graves or at the mercy of wild dogs as its “caliphate” collapses.

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ISIS Now Controls Less Than 8% Of Syrian Territory – Russian General Staff

WEB Notes: It will be very interesting to see where this goes from here.

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Syrian Army Destroys ISIS Mortar Shell Plant in Deir ez-Zor Province

WEB Notes: The US did not know about this plant how? Despite a global network of satellites and drones, they could not find it? Sure. I believe that one!

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ISIS Fighters, Having Pledged to Fight or Die, Surrender en Masse

WEB Notes: One sub-set of the group. Yet, we hear about them attacking Europe regularly. If the governments and mainstream media are going to continue this talk about ISIS winding down, then something else is headed our way. It could be the Iran conflict, time will tell, in the mean time keep your eyes open and keep studying the Word.

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