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ISIS has ‘people in place’ to conduct ‘steady’ attacks

WEB Notes: None of the greatest military powers on earth can take down ISIS. This is a first in history. It is worth repeating if the mainstream media keeps repeating the lie. I know there are plenty of people out there who believe ISIS is grass roots when it is not. It is a proxy army, funded by Global Powers.

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Iraq announces operation launch to retake half of Mosul from Islamic State

WEB Notes: The bigger the lie, the easier it is to swallow by the people. In previous reports we have been told ISIS consists of 25,000-35,000 troops and a lot of them died last summer. Not only are we told that ISIS is striking out across the globe, but now we are told that small number of troops has locked down a city in Iraq with 750,000 citizens. This article states there are “several thousand” fighters keeping these 750,000 people contained. Sure they are. Who is providing ISIS with arms, ammunition, food, water, etc to contain all of these people AND strike out across the globe. We answered that question in this video.

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Russian strategic bombers hit ISIS in Raqqa in coordination with Pentagon via ‘deconfliction line’ – Video

WEB Notes: The article goes on to say Russia and the US have been coordinating actions in Syria since 2015 as we have discussed on this site.

It also says the Russian bombers hit the terrorist’s bases and training camps as well as a command center of one of Islamic State’s “large detachments,” adding that all objects were successfully destroyed. (RT)” If everything is destroyed then it means ISIS has no main base anymore or training camps. Of course this will not be the end of ISIS. They will continue to bomb and attack here and there because the media tells us they do and because they will continue to receive funds from Global Powers.

Russian Tu-95 bombers have struck Islamic State (IS, former ISIS/ISIL) targets in Syria’s Raqqa region using X-101 cruise missiles, the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement, adding that it informed the US about the operation.

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Islamic State claims responsibility for blast that kills more than 70 at Sufi shrine in Pakistan

WEB Notes: ISIS is spread all over the globe and their headquarters is in Syria in a secret location of Raqqa and no one seems to be able to bomb it for some unknown reason. Do you ever just stop to try and logically think through a problem in life or news? It just does not add up.

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Cost Of War Against ISIS Reaches $11 Billion

WEB Notes: $11 billion American tax dollars spent fighting ISIS and ISIS is stronger than ever. The wool is being pulled over your eyes Mr and Mrs America. Imagine what $11 billon dollars would have done to repair US infrastructure or the tax cuts we could have received.

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Islamic State recruiting child refugees as they head to Europe 

WEB Notes: Sure ISIS is. They also run a multi-million dollar oil network in Syria, it’s true honest the government told us so. Yet, the government does not know where ISIS pumps the oil out of the ground or where and how ISIS transports the raw oil to their refineries. Nor does the government know how ISIS manages to truck it into Europe and get this. The government does not know which banks are making the transfers or who the buyers of the oil are! Yet, the NSA is listening in on your supposed private cell phone call to make sure your not planning jihad.

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Ryan Doesn’t Rule Out Troops in Syria to Fight Islamic State

WEB Notes: Later this month the Pentagon will release a plan that may include US ground troops in Syria and of course the republicrats are on board. With Iran now in the news, we can see we are making the shift to the next level.

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Syrian militias get more U.S. support for ISIS fight, plan new phase

WEB Notes: More US support for the “moderate” terrorists in Syria. Yet, we know there are no moderate terrorists. In fact this will be in ISIS hands and used against the Syrian government. The terrorists groups in the Middle East are proxies fronts for the West to overthrow the Syrian Government.

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Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard: America Is Financing Terrorists in Syria

WEB Notes: Tulsi does a fantastic job of stating the facts and staying focused while doing so.

Mattis Celebrates First Day By Blowing Up ISIS 31 Times

WEB Notes: The “conservative” base will be in joyful applause at this news. Yet, the new boss is the same as the old boss. Mattis did not suddenly develop a new attack strategy. He was handed the playbook and he is continuing to execute it just as the former administration did. ISIS is a terrorist proxy created by Global Powers that is assisting in destroying the nations who fail to go along with the global agenda. Notice ISIS has never attacked Israel, don’t you find that odd…

Global Powers have been fighting ISIS for years now. The greatest super powers on earth cannot seem to destroy a couple Toyota pickup trucks. Yet, they somehow manage to continually destroy the infrastructure of Syria.

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Russian long-range bombers target ISIS positions in Deir ez-Zor Governorate, Syria – Video

WEB Notes: Yesterday it was the US bombing Syria, today it is Russia.

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Trump: “We Have To Get Rid Of ISIS”

WEB Notes: ISIS is a creation of the Global Powers we spoke about in Chapter 2 of The Timeline of the Tribulation and trump is documenting with his own mouth that he is a part of this agenda. In our 2015 Signs and Seasons study we documented how global leaders have called “terrorism the common enemy of mankind” and how the world must unite to fight it.

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