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ISIS fighters to finally stop receiving Danish unemployment benefits

WEB Notes: You just cannot make this stuff up. If the Danish government has been paying ISIS then this makes them a part of the problem. None of this is a mistake, it is by design and what are the people saying about it? Nothing.

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ISIS Releases Video Showing Toddler Executing Prisoner in Children’s Ball Pit

WEB Notes: Yet another “ISIS Production”. How on earth can anyone buy this crap. This is not the work or thought process of a real terrorist group. Using a child in a ball pit that has broken balls? Really? Listen to the music and scene fades, this is a professional style edited video for effects and shock factor. This is not the working of desert terrorists.

Question everything and question why the camera moves away for the kill shot. The purpose of the video is to strike fear into your heart so why not show the blood and guts come spilling out of the victim? Because there was no blood and guts. Hoax, hoax, hoax.

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US conducts rare ground raid against ISIS in Syria

WEB Notes: There no longer remains any sovereignty for Syria as Global Powers have all but destroyed it. Can you imagine if Mexico launched a “rare ground raid” in the United States? Think about it for a minute. War would break out the next day.

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Turkey Continues To Accuse The U.S. Of Supporting ISIS

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the leader of a NATO ally, has repeatedly accused the United States of supporting the Islamic State.Erdogan previously has said United States of supports terror, but in that context it was regarding the U.S. arming Syrian Kurds.

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Ben Wallace MP warns ISIS is plotting ‘mass casualty’ chemical attack on Britain

WEB Notes: Ahh yes, ISIS now has the ability to create their own weapons of mass destruction, but wait. No one knows where the facilities are located. If some major attack does take place on Britain that will surely kick the war in Syria into high gear.

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ISIS battle for Mosul Dam that would send 45-foot tidal wave hundreds of miles and kill 1.5MILLION people if it breaches

Allied troops and ISIS are set to battle for a collapsing dam that would spew nearly 600 times the water of the River Thames onto Mosul if it breaches.Engineers from an Italian company have been tasked with fixing the Mosul Dam’s foundations to stop more than 11 trillion litres of water (11.11billion cubic metres) from flooding Mosul.

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US Commander: Two More Years to Clear Daesh from Mosul, Raqqa

WEB Notes: The greatest military on the face of the earth along with many allies cannot destroy a small group of terrorists in the middle east? This is a horrible fictional story being peddled for truth. Learn who created ISIS.

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ISIL issues hit list of U.S. churches for holiday attacks

WEB Notes: To everyone’s “surprise” ISIS still has not invaded Israel who is supposed to be the enemy of every Arab. Why is that? Why is it that no synagogues are on this list and it is only churches? Think long and hard.

This list of churches to be attacked will keep the Christian in a state of fear, a state of mind that enables them to continue on with the notion that somehow ISIS is a grassroots terrorist organization when that notion is an utter lie.

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U.S. Destroys 14 Tanks at ISIS-Held Base in Syria

WEB Notes: They cannot “risk” ISIS using Syrian tanks, but they do not mind funding them and providing them with their own military hardware. The point here is more of Syria’s infrastructure and military hardware was just destroyed. This did not hurt ISIS.

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U.S. to Send 200 More Troops to Syria in ISIS Fight

WEB Notes: Let us all use common sense. The only force that is loosing men and power is Syria. Look at the article and video we posted yesterday from Aleppo, Syria. Does that look like the US or anyone else for that matter is fighting against ISIS? It looks like the terrorists and governments involved are fighting against Syria’s infrastructure.

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Islamic State fighters re-enter ancient Palmyra in Syria

Islamic State group fighters have re-entered Palmyra, nine months after losing the ancient Syrian desert city.

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Islamic State ‘has lost 50,000 fighters’ over two years

WEB Notes: We were told just a year ago ISIS had only 33,000 fighters. So how did they lose 50,000? The math does not work unless they have been recruiting and even then their numbers would have surpassed 33,000 to keep the troops fresh so once again the mainstream media’s news makes no sense. This makes it sound like as if global forces fighting against terrorism are succeeding when in reality the global powers are funding them to begin with. This is called a proxy war my friends and obama just removed the last bit of tape blocking support for these terrorists.

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Spain to send more soldiers to help Iraq forces combat ISIS

Spain says it plans to send an additional 150 soldiers and police to Iraq to help train Iraqi security forces combatting ISIS.

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IDF strikes ISIS compound in Syria after militants’ 1st cross-border attack

The IDF ordered an airstrike on Islamic State’s facility in the south of the Syrian Golan Heights after militants opened small arms and mortar fire on an Israeli patrol on Sunday. Local media said it was the first encounter between the two sides.

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Duterte says if Islamic State comes to Philippines, forget human rights

WEB Notes: This translates into a loss of their freedom and I think we are going to see the same thing in this nation. The people will embrace the loss of their rights all in the name of security just as they did under the Bush Administration. It is amazing how a simple “R” by someones name will cause people to forget who actually runs the show.

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Rudy Giuliani Says Defeating ISIS to Be Early Focus of Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said Monday that President-elect Donald Trump would likely focus much of his initial foreign-policy strategy on destroying Islamic State, setting aside more vexing problems in the Middle East and elsewhere.

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Iraqi army finds ISIS with U.S. missiles

Has the United States been arming the Islamic State? Is that why President Obama has been slow to attempt to defeat them? Enquiring minds want to know. The Iraqi army, during its advance on Mosul, has found multiple U.S. made TOW anti-tank weapons in ISIS weapons depots.

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Battle for Mosul begins with gunfire and car bombs

WEB Notes: US troops will not only engage in this war, but they will engage on the front lines no less. We are told nearly 100,000 coalition forces plus aerial support will be fighting against an ISIS army of 5,000 – 7,000. Who is buying that? The odds certainly are not with “ISIS”. This whole war on terrorism has turned into a huge nightmare, one Americans should wake up too and demand their government send their men and woman back to their families.

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