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Ireland Votes To Legalize Abortion: ‘A Tragedy Of Historic Proportions’

WEB Notes: The last sentence of this piece below sums it up. “However, a wrong does not become right simply because a majority support it.” Everyone better remember that. People can pass all the bills they want, all the laws they want. Yet, that does not make those bills and laws just in the Eyes of the Lord.

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Antibiotics in Meat Could Be Damaging Our Guts

WEB Notes: This is a very interesting topic. The food industry has been flipped on its head from years past. Pumping animals with antobotics basically cuts their time to market in half. How healthy is that for you? A lot of times we do not know as no research was done. In that case, why does the process exist? When we start playing with nature we need to understand what we are doing and the long term affects of those decisions.

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Hawaii Street Swallowed By ‘Lava Tide’ As Many More Homes Burn

A tide of molten rock turned a Hawaii street into a volcanic wasteland on Friday as the number of homes destroyed by the erupting Kilauea volcano soared and authorities told residents to flee a surge of lava heading towards them.

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Mortgage Rates Have Been Rising At A Pace Not Seen In Almost 50 Years

Mortgage rates continued their upward march this week, extending the most prolonged increase in rates in 46 years.

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Blocking 500 Million Users Easier Than Complying With GDPR

WEB Notes: GDPR is a new law in the European Union that grants users of websites certain privacy rights. However, when 500 million people are shut out, something tells me this may not benefit the user and may be more of a guise than anything else…

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5-Year-Olds To Get LGBTQ+ Sex Education In Wales

WEB Notes: This is a complete brainwashing of the public. The more these types of programs are offered, the more the public will be conditioned to it. Some will say,

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Trump Cancels Singapore Nuclear Summit With North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un

WEB Notes: Sounds like a cop out to me. We all watched Kim Jung Un hold hands with the South Korean leader. Kim even had the South Korean leader walk on the Northern side of the border. Now we hear of hostile words from Kim?…

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With Death Rate Up, Us Life Expectancy Is Likely Down Again

WEB Notes: Despite all the “healthy” fast food and “healthy” vaccinations the people still seem to be unhealthy and continue to pass away at an earlier age.

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Facebook Accused Of Conducting Mass Surveillance Through Its Apps

Facebook used its apps to gather information about users and their friends, including some who had not signed up to the social network, reading their text messages, tracking their locations and accessing photos on their phones, a court case in California alleges.

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‘We Have Devalued Life’: Texas Lieutenant Governor Calls Out ‘Culture of Violence’ Following Santa Fe High School Massacre

WEB Notes: The issue is big and vast. Removing God from our nation is certainly the core and main element. When you remove God, you allow in all of the other things the lieutenant governor pointed out. Then it creates this snowball effect until you have the country we have today. A country where anything and everything goes. We certainly reap what we sow.

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Just When You Thought Things Couldn’t Get Worse, Boy Scouts Announce Plans to Pass Out Condoms at World Jamboree

WEB Notes: Can you believe this? Of course you can. At this point the only thing hard to believe is why Christians still support this group. We do not send our children to Boy Scouts to learn about homosexuality or receive free condoms.

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Amazon Urged Not To Sell Facial Recognition Tool To Police

WEB Notes: This is going too far with technology. Not everyone is a criminal. This is the police state gone wild. You should always seek your and respect others privacy.

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